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A Rational look at Vaccines


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AAP=American Academy of Pediatricians

ACIP=  Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice, is US, with CDC

AMA =American Medical Ass.
CPS= Canadian Pediatric Society

CDC= Am referring to the US Centre for Disease Control
HC= Health Canada

VICP= Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the US

NACI= National Advisory Committee on Immunization.

    With Health Canada(NACI and ACIP are the people who

    decide what vaccines your child gets.)

Note: The drop down menu's or tabs above are lettered and I will 

          reference these occasionally.


-Every fact I put down here is backed up with one or more good sources, don't believe me, look at the links and decide for yourself. 



Vaccines have helped rid us of infectious diseases. Polio, smallpox, diphtheria, all gone.  But at what cost?  Why would you think we get a "free ride" with vaccination?  We don’t with any other medical intervention.

“Vaccines are our greatest achievement”.  “Vaccines have damaged a generation of children”.  What's the truth?
Is it somewhere in the middle?  It is a not black or white, all or nothing issue like so many make out.

I am going to look at:
      -Mandatory vaccination.
      -Are there too many vaccines now? In 1983 your kid was vaccinated for 7 diseases, today he is vaccinated for 16, add in all the boosters and your kid has over 25 injections by the time he is 5. How many is too many?
      -Should we be getting them one at a time, delaying 'some' and skipping others?
      -And the big one, try to nail down exactly how safe or dangerous vaccines are. Do vaccines contribute to the fact that
over 40% of our kids have at least one chronic health condition?

      -And much more.

 This color text is for all the bumper sticker slogans media quotes all the time and are not true. Here is the first one:

 "The science is settled, vaccines are safe and effective".  This is not true.

The "science is not settled", and I prove it here, at the start. Because if you firmly believe this, you will not read any further. 


#1.-  Quote from 2nd paragraph: "Despite their success, one of the great ironies of vaccinology is that the vast majority of vaccines have been developed empirically, with little or no understanding of the immunological mechanisms by which they induce protective immunity".  They did not know what they were doing or if vaccines were causing damage or long term problems, we were just glad to have them.

This from the CDC shows that science is not much better today.  Read carefully.

People say there are hundreds of studies saying vaccines are safe, well the IOM looked at all those studies to make this report, and found many of them inadequate, below is a summary of what they came up with.

#2. This here is cut and pasted from this CDC web page.  This is what they say about vaccine safety science, Quote:​

  The NCVIA established a committee from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to review the literature on vaccine reactions. This group concluded that there are “limitations” in our knowledge of the risks associated with vaccines.  The group looked at 76 health problems to see if they were caused by vaccines. Of those, 50 (66%) had no or inadequate research to form a conclusion.  Specifically, the IOM identified the following problems:

1. Limited understanding of the biological processes that underlie adverse events. 

2. Incomplete and inconsistent information from the individual reports. 

3. Poorly contracted research studies (not enough people enrolled).

4. Inadequate systems to track vaccine side effects.

5. Few experimental studies were published in the medical literature.

This shows the scientific studies we badly need, are not being done.  This also shows that the people who say "the science is settled" on vaccines are wrong.  Much of the science that exists is "tobacco science".(See link #3a below.)  The evidence for vaccine safety claims simply do NOT exist.

Full IOM report heresee appendix D2012 IOM report here.  And page 5 in this government report says the same and "there is scarcity of knowledge about vaccine safety".

-This shows vaccine development, and here.  The 2nd link shows that the 10 years of testing is all done by the manufacturer, the one who will profit. They decide what data they will show to the regulators. And here.

#2a.  Read this amazing study done in 2015 by Nine CDC and Kaiser Permanent doctors.

 Read the 2nd sentence of this. Says In addition to antigens, vaccines contain small amounts of preservatives, adjuvants, and residual substances from the manufacturing process. Some parents have concerns about the safety of these ingredients, yet no large epidemiological studies have specifically examined associations between health outcomes and vaccine ingredients, other than thimerosal”.

   SAYS, "NO STUDIES HAVE BEEN DONE LOOKING AT HEALTH OUTCOMES AND VACCINE INGREDIENTS except thimerosal"!!  What about the other ingredients  and, in vaccines like: Aluminum, Neomycin, Phenoxyethanol and MRC-5 cells to name a few.  THE SCIENCE IS NOT SETTLED!

   They say the VSD data could be used to study this, but did not actually do it. And they still have not!

Read this 2017 article, shows they still have no idea how vaccines really work in the body, say's it is a black box, and want to do more studies.

-This6938 CDC IOM article says "studies designed to examine the long-term effects of the cumulative number of vaccines or other aspects of the immunization schedule have not been conducted".

-This from the Cochrane Collaboration says "The design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, both pre‐ and post‐marketing, are largely inadequate"!!!! Does that sound like the science is settled?


We know that vaccine safety science is inadequate.  Then you may say "well we track side effects carefully so we would know is there is a problem". WRONG!

-The next links show how bad the reporting of adverse events from vaccines are in the US and Canada.  THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANY ADVERSE EVENTS HAPPEN!

#2b.  See here Page 6. This HHS(US dept of Health and Human Services.) funded study, says "adverse events are Common, and fewer than 1% of Vaccine Adverse events are reported in the U.S". 

   Also says 2.6% or 1 in 39 had a re-portable reaction. Page 15 here says only a fraction of serious adverse events reported, and says is a conflict when those that push vaccines also look at safety.

The CDC says "VAERS only receives a small fraction of adverse events". Much under-reporting.


     Less than 1% get reported!!  So how do they know how many side effects there are from vaccines, how do they know they are safe? This also says "lack of clinician awareness" is part of the problem. This backs up what I say about doctors at TAB K. Doctors and nurses are taught vaccines have no serious side effects, and do not know how to recognize them.

 An automatic reporting system was tried and worked. Top of page 6 describes how when electronic reporting was tried, there were 35,000 reactions or 2.6% of recipients had a reportable reaction, that's 1 in 39!! Maybe that is why the CDC scrapped it, says the CDC suddenly quit working with them after this.  This on page 1708 says Britain has 90 to 99% under-reporting of drug reactions. This is 1995.

#2c.  (Click tab on rite for report)Same report, says less than 1% of adverse events get reported. (Easier read) Note that VAERS is run by both the FDA and CDC together.

#2d.  This shows that 96% of serious adverse events do not get reported in Canada.  HC will tell you all about their wonderful vaccine adverse event tracking programs, but the fact is no one reports!  This from the BC Medical Journal says only 5% of all adverse drug reactions are reported.

-This from the CMJ says 96% of serious drug reactions not reported.

    Note that it says 'drug reactions' under-reporting, vaccines have a different reporting system. True, but it is all the same doctors, are you going to tell me they do 95% under-reporting for drugs but the opposite for vaccine? I don't think so.

-This is procedure for doctors to report an adverse event in Canada. Few do it.

     I suggest that one way to see how many serious side effects there are is count all the anti-vaxers, most of them are parents with what they believe is a vaccine-damaged child.

-Is the large number of injections given to infants a reason why 40% of our kids now have a chronic health problem?  Many wonder if we have traded infectious disease for chronic disease.  Meaning vaccines have rid us of infectious disease, but may be causing long term chronic disease.

This Times article below shows how doctors are afraid to do any research that may show something negative about vaccines.  Good article but the title is hilarious, are these doctors afraid of an anti-vax mom and her injured child or the "might of pharma" coming down on them. Badly needed studies are not being done, there is no money in doing studies to look at vaccine safety. 

#3.-     The journalist who wrote this article, says, “When I tried to report on unexpected or controversial aspects of vaccine efficacy or safety, scientists often didn’t want to talk to me". When I get them on the phone, they are so terrified of the public vaccine hesitancy that they are censoring themselves, playing down negative findings and even avoiding doing studies that could show unwanted effects. "Those who break these unwritten rules are criticized.”


   Here is another article: CBS News  "independent scientists have said they've been subjected to orchestrated campaigns to discredit them when their research exposed vaccine safety issues".

.#3a.-   This from the BMJ,  Say’s “studies funded by drug companies are even less reliable than tobacco studies were, and suggest they should not even be published”.  Read first 2 paragraphs of this article. This includes two thirds of all clinical trials. Also says "prescription drugs are the 3rd leading cause of death".

   All those studies you hear about being done on vaccines are mostly paid for by pharma.

#4-.  This talks about whooping cough and the DTaP vaccine.  Quote: “This disease is back(pertussis) because we didn’t really understand how our immune defenses against whooping cough worked, and did not understand how the vaccines needed to work to prevent it,” said  associate professor of global health and lead author of the article. “Instead we layered assumptions upon assumptions, and now find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of admitting that we may have made some crucial errors.” 

 Does this sound like we know what we are doing with vaccines??  Is the science settled? No.


#5.- This 2015 study says “Limited data exists on the safety of the MMR vaccine in adults.  They say MMR safety is understudied. (This is 2013 and the MMR it is still Understudied!!)

#6.  This from “European vaccine safety surveillance project”,  says "the design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies are largely inadequate".  Also mentions some of the serious problems you can get from the vaccine. 

-#7.  Read this 2017 article from the FDA. Quote: “The present lack of knowledge in areas of mumps vaccine safety and efficacy is highlighted by the licensure of some mumps vaccines that have caused Aseptic Meningitis”.  Quote: “Problems with vaccine safety can be linked to an inadequate understanding of the infectious process”. The article says over and over how little they understand of how the live virus vaccine, like mumps in the MMR works.  Also says “new live mumps vaccines are coming and they do not know how to test if there safe and effective”.

-#8.  Read first two sentences. Says "whether DNA contaminants in vaccines causes tumors in humans has been discussed for 50 years without resolution"!!!!!(the science is not settled)     Says, all vaccines and biologics contain contaminants.(much more on contaminants in appendix)

-#9. This 2017 study done by 3 doctors including well respected Dr. Beniamino Palmieri needs, to be read completely as there is a lot here.   Vaccination and autoimmune disease, says certain people are more susceptible.    This also talks about controversies between different studies, who do you believe, which are tobacco science? Talks about problems with the flu shot.  Then goes on about many problems in the HPV vaccine.Read the Discussion section about vaccines and autoimmunity.  Read Tables 5 to 9, show an assessment of 5 vaccines and once again, like the IOM report above, this shows how bad our science is regarding vaccines causing serious disease.  There are no good studies.  You can’t get funding now to do them, you are a anti-vaxer if you try, as New York Times article, Link #27, shows below.  

- They were just glad to have vaccines back in the 1950's. But we did not know what we were doing. As we learned we just continued on with them with little good science.

-  If the above does not convince you that the science behind vaccines is poor, see Tab E "Science behind vaccines" for more.


A. The above New York Times article(link #3) shows us the first reason none is being done, "they're afraid to".(Non pharma scientists) Also see CBS News link under link #3 as well, says same thing 7 years earlier.

B. The second reason is that Pharma feels they don't need to.  It is mandatory to use vaccines to greater or lesser extents almost everywhere. So there is no business reason for pharma to improve vaccines, why spend the money, there mandatory, you have to use their product, no matter how bad it is.  They also are protected from liability because of VICP programs in most countries.  

Canada does not have a VICP program, but the judiciary still protects them.(to "protect the vaccination program") 


C. Because there is no money in it for Industry to do so, and the FDA is too Underfunded, and the CDC is conflicted, because Vaccine safety, and trying to increase vaccine uptake go against each other.  They don't want to know.   

-Next time Health Canada or the CDC says to you "there is no evidence that delaying vaccines or getting them one at a time is any safer"  or that "vaccines cause health problems".  You can say "yes and there is no evidence saying the opposite". There is no good data, as above links show.

       My common sense tells me that getting vaccines one at time is safer than getting 5 at once.  I don't need a scientific study to prove I should not touch a hot stove.  Actually there is data showing it is better to get vaccines one at a time.(Tab N Links 100a to 100g)

-Vaccines are by their very nature risky, that's why there is so much controversy over them.  This supreme court document says "vaccines are a unavoidably unsafe product".
#10-  Do a word search, says 5 times, "vaccines are unavoidably unsafe".  See
here, for much more on this.

-Are there too many vaccines? Is more better?  Your kid gets more than twice as many vaccines now as I did back in the 1983. See
here, click "past immunization schedules".  We are long past the original few infectious diseases.

In 1983 there was only the DTP, MMR and the Polio. See here. Now we have 16.

I believe kids under age two should get as few vaccines as possible.

-Even back in year 2000 there was only 10 vaccines for your child.  Today there is 16 vaccines for kids under 6 years old, and over 30 injections including all the boosters and flu shots.

   I mean really? Do we need all those, is it worth the risk?  Have we significantly increased the number of kids surviving from 2000 to 2018?  If your child just got the 10 vaccines they got in 2000, and got them one at a time,(some are 3 in 1 vaccines) I think he would do pretty good and maybe not have as many of those chronic diseases.(see below) Remember I just showed above there is little safety science about any of this. There is a huge amount of fear mongering from the CDC.

    See links #19 to 24 below, 40% of kids now have a chronic disease of some type. Why?

     The two links below show 13 to 16% of parents now follow an "alternate vaccine schedule", like getting them one at a time, delaying some, and skipping others. 
#11.  Under Results says  87% of pediatricians  now say they have had a parent refuse some vaccines,  and paediatricians  report 14% of parents refused one or more vaccines. Then says in 2013 16% of parents asked for a alternate vaccine schedule.

#12.​  This study in Pediatrics shows that 13% of parents now follow an alternate vaccine schedule, like delaying some vaccines and getting them one or two at a time.  This is not a few crazy people, 13% is a large number. This also shows 51% skip some vaccines. 

 This 2020 study says one third of kids are now delaying vaccines or using an alternate schedule.

Studies also show that these are the more highly educated people. Study here.

-Is skipping some vaccines really that shocking? Let's use common sense for a minute.

The US has more vaccines on your "child's" schedule than any other country and Canada is close behind.

 In Canada or the US, you dare to suggest "do we really need the Rotavirus vaccine, the Hep A(US only), or Chicken Pox vaccine, or the flu shot," you are flayed alive.(Some of these countries just added the rotavirus vaccine)

   Wait a minute!! France, Norway, Sweden and some other European countries do not even have these vaccines on the child's schedule and they are doing fine, actually better than us.  So why are you so upset at me for talking about it.  This all shows how everyone has been brain-washed and logical thought is gone. More on all this at Tab N "Alternate Vaccine Schedules" section.

#13.-  Use this link to get vaccination schedule European countries.   Notice, Denmark has 5 less vaccines than the US on Kids schedule, there doing fine.

Note: I never say don't vaccinate your kid. 


This covered in detail later.(See Tab J "How safe are Vaccines")

I will give you a peek at some data here.

 The CDC and HC, Health Canada, like to make out there is a one in a million chance of a serious adverse event from a vaccine, and that is what your doctor is taught.  If this were true, none of this would matter, but it's not true!!  I will prove it below.

  See next two links, I have much more on this in "How safe are vaccines" tab.


 Bottom of this article says: “Canadian Paediatric Society- CPS, estimates that of the 400,000 children immunized each year in Canada, 5 will suffer a "permanent" injury. So that is 1 in 80,000 will have a Permanent injury.  Later I will show 1 in 80,000 is way too low.(See Links #2b to 2d on under-reporting) 

#15.   This Canadian study, which 11 doctors signed, says "1 in 168 kids vaccinated at their 12 month doctor visit for the MMR vaccine will end up in the emergency room."  and this says 1 in 730 for 18 month old kids. 

So maybe we should delay this vaccine 6 months as Sweden does.  It should be safe now to do so, there is almost no measles now, thanks to the vaccine. And if a one in a million chance he got measles, so 99% of the time it is not serious, we are now in the same risk window as risk from the vaccine. Yes, it is safe to delay this vaccine 6 months, mumps and rubella as well.

Here is a US study that backs up the above study, it says 2% of kids get a serious adverse event from MMR vaccine, or 1 in 50.  Says 2.9% serious events for one type of GSK vaccine and 1.8% for the other one. This is serious, remember what the definition of a "serious" adverse event is.(see last sentence in 'Results')  

#15a.  First sentence of this study says MMR vaccine is known to cause serious adverse events, such as fever, rash, gland inflammation and neurologic disorders. Of course, pre 1963 before the vaccine, the disease was more dangerous than the vaccine. The disease is virtually gone now, so is the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease? Can we do anything to mitigate side effects? Delaying vaccine? Getting one at a time? Don't give the vaccine to susceptible individuals?  

     This vaccine is given in two doses, at 12 months and 5 years. CDC says the 2nd dose is to catch the 3 to 5% that don't respond to the first dose, it's not a booster.

We could just give one dose at 18 months and do a titer check and only give 2nd dose to those that actually need it.  Doing this would delay vaccine 6 months and give 95% of the kids only the one dose they need. Now that the vaccine has rid us of measles, it is safe to delay it. If there is a rare outbreak in your area, then don't delay it.  All this too inconvenient? Read next link, what I just said is actually law in New Jersey.

#15b.-   Read this about 'Holly’s law' or the "Antibody Titer law". It is actually law in New Jersey.  A child died from acute encephalitis after an unnecessary 2nd dose of MMR vaccine. (Notice this "government" document does not tell the sad story of Holly, guess they don't want to scare you. Actually you can't find the story anywhere in the mainstream media, see here and here for the story. This child also died from MMR shot.

-Or just goto "YouTube", type in "Vaccine Injured child", you get many sad stories.  The pro-vax crowd says the kid's injury is just a coincidence.  The mother says it's not, they took a perfectly healthy kid in for his vaccines and by the evening the kid is in the emergency room. 

 The flip side to all this is that if you don't get a measles vaccine for example, and get measles, there is 1 chance in 3000 of dying of measles.  But, flip it again, what is the chance of your kid getting measles today if you "delay" this vaccine one year?  Almost zero.  

By the way, measles is not a death sentence, we all use to get measles, very few got serious complications by the 1960's.  Measles vaccine invented 1963 and in general use by 1966-1969.

-Many times I hear, "you were not around in the "old days" when these diseases were a big problem, if you had been, you would not hesitate to vaccinate now".  First, saying that is making vaccination an 'all or nothing' issue again. Second, in the "old days" we only had 6 or 7 vaccines, not 16 like we have now for our kids. There is much more to be worried about now.

Third, what do they mean by vaccinate? Get all 16 of them?  Is getting 10 of them okay, 10 was okay back in 2000.  Can I delay some, or get them one at a time?

-All I am saying is there is too many vaccines given to our infants, we should get them one at a time, and delay 'some'. We can even safely skip 2 or 3 of them, like much of Europe does. And I want safer vaccines made.  Measles vaccine separated back out from the MMR, for those who want choice. 

And the responsibility for vaccine safety should be removed from HC and the CDC, as it is a conflict of interest to promote vaccines and monitor safety at the same time. A number of Senators in the US have been calling for this.(Tab Q) 

-This is what doctors are trained say when you ask if there are too many vaccines:

 "don't worry your kids immune system can handle 1000's of "anitgens", that is nonsense.  The statement itself is true, BUT that is a mis-direct, THE ANTIGENS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM.   The real problems are the Adjuvants and Preservatives and other nasty's in the vaccine, like aluminum.  It seems everyone but our doctors, know this.

"Doctors please quit saying that, it makes you look stupid".

      We started out with just a smallpox vaccine. That one is now gone, then we got Polio, the DTaP, then measles.  Then they start adding more and more, when is there too many?  Is more better? Too much of anything is bad for us.    

-More to think about:

The Industry, CDC and HC say "the amount of adjuvants and other nasty's in a vaccine are such tiny amounts, they can't do harm.  I read this all the time. "the dose makes the poison".  Wait!  That does not make sense!  I just showed you three examples above that vaccines do cause some harm,(links 14,15) and I show much more under Tab J.  It is just a question of how often.

ALSO a bee sting can kill an adult and is only 50micrograms, far less than 1 vaccine shot.  Which shows it does not take much if something is toxic.  Most vaccine shots are .5ml, a teaspoon is 5ml.  So small babies are getting about a 1/3 of a teaspoon of vaccine toxins from the 3 or more shots they get in one visit.  Then repeated again and again to get all shots and boosters.

     Remember most of these vaccines are going into 12 pound babies, not 160lb adults.

We know vaccines often cause persistent crying, fussiness and sometimes, seizures, so that "small amount" of toxin is obviously doing something to the body, every child is different.   The vaccine is also supposed to make the child immune to a disease for many years, so again, it is doing something.

     This is another example of bumper sticker slogans that get passed along but aren't true.  

      Then add the Rotavirus vaccine, it is oral, not injected. This is a 2ml dose, so kid gets 2.5ml of 3 to 5 vaccines injected and 2ml orally all in one go. That is not a small amount for a 2 month old infant.  

      This is why 13% of parents are now getting them one at a time.(links 11&12)  Our medical system does not like this. Because that's 5 separate visits to the doctor, that is expensive. They also worry you will not bother and forget some. CDC and HC spokesmen say silly things like "there is no evidence that getting vaccines one at a time is any safer". 

 Yes there is evidence,(Tab N links 100and on) and my common sense says it is safer as well.  It's up to you, what is most important to you. 

-You don't hear about vaccine injuries because it is considered not in the public interest to report them. "protect the vaccination program at all costs". The media will only report positive vaccine stories. You may read one negative story a year in the media.  And injuries are poorly tracked.(Links 16 & 17)  It is very rare to see anything negative reported about vaccines. 

I saw this new 2018 study come out, done by the long-respected Kaiser Permanente, that said, "the flu shot loses 16% effectiveness every 28 days". That’s big news.  Nothing in the mainstream media, not a peep.  I have seen this scenario over and over.  See this link for the study.

#15c.-   Yet the media will print endless fluff stories telling you to get a flu shot.


#16.-  Here is quote about 3 paragraphs from bottom, when Readers Digest asks US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebeliu, “What can be done about public mistrust of vaccines?”  She say’s Quote: 

  “We have reached out to media outlets to try to get them to not give the views of "these people" equal weight in their reporting".
    Is not that answer astonishing? The question was "what can be done about public mistrust?" Answer " play down the problems", don't tell them.

-Note, that the CDC and Health Canada will hide data, negative studies, and not track adverse events properly, to "protect the vaccination program", and have been doing that from the beginning of vaccines.

-Another bumper sticker statement. The CDC knows more than me and you. We should do as they say."  So your are saying I should go with the "truth of Authority" and ignore the science I see.  Our system resists change, is influenced by Industry, and will do what's most convenient for all rather than what's best for your individual child.  "Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth"  Einstein.

See Tab Q for many conflicts of interest and problems at the CDC, you can't trust them.

Your doctor must toe the "party line" he has to follow the prescribed practice, he cannot step outside the box or he will lose his license. He tells you what he has to tell you, not necessarily what he believes. He is also poorly trained on vaccines.(see Tab K, Your doctor is a "victim of his training")

Here is an example of our experts in action. Pretty sad.


 Says changing IV solution type will save 1 in a 100 patients. So will save over 50,000 lives a year, this is huge!  They knew this 20 years ago!
Then a doctor says "they have been saying this for 20 years". "It is pure inertia that prevents change".  This is the same with vaccines, they have rid us of diseases and now we are long overdue for a change. 

-The CDC says vaccines are rigorously tested for many years before they go to market. I read this all the time in the media, there totally safe.  What nobody says is, "its pharma doing all this testing, including the safety testing, the ones that will make the $Billions afterwards.

 Vaccines are tested for 10 years or so, but Pharma is doing "all" the designing and testing. Merck or GSK or whoever is making the vaccine. It is the fox who does the 10 years of testing. They can hide bad data, massage data, get everything just the way they need to.  $Billions are at stake. The next step is to present their massaged data to the FDA.  We know the record of the FDA and Pharma, remember all these coverups, Thalidomide, Vioxx, Fen-Phen, Bextra, Avandia, Seldane, baycol, Oxycontin, to name a few.  

    The under-funded FDA does monitor part of the process, but how well??   See next link for the process. At the end, it is the "manufacture rep" that gives the final presentation to the ACIP working committee. CDC also says it then does adverse event tracking with VAERS. Well we known that has 99% under reporting.(Link #2b above)

#18.​  This is  the vaccines approval process, note that this does not mention it is $pharma doing all the designing and testing, with the FDA  having a look once in a while. 

-Another bumper sticker slogan is "Vaccines are not profitable to pharma".  This is easily disproved.

   Vaccines have gone from money losers 20-25 years ago to Mega bucks today.(See Tab D for all the facts and links to show vaccines are now enormously profitable due to mandates and rapidly increasing prices.) Here is a example link.  Vaccines are now some of pharma's top money making products. 

    The other argument you hear now is "vaccines are 'off patent' and don't make money".  Dead wrong. Lets look at a old vaccine like the MMR.  Merck and GSK are the original makers of two versions of this vaccine.  Well guess who the US and Canada buy the MMR or MMRV from today?  Merck in the US and Merck and GSK in Canada, no one else. No generic makers of the measles vaccine, or any vaccines,  for many reasons.  This shows their latest profits for mmr.

This is also why there are no generic vaccines/makers. A vaccine is not just  one patent.

-Have we exchanged "infectious diseases" for "chronic diseases"? 

Vaccines do save lives and have helped rid us of infectious diseases, but are they causing chronic disease?  A two month old infant gets 5 shots in one sitting.(with some of the new combo vaccines it may be 3 shots), The big combo vaccines have more side effects. Can they 'all' handle that?


#19This says in 2011, 43% of US kids have at least 1 of 20 chronic health conditions, increasing to 54.1% when overweight, obesity, or being at risk for developmental delays are included. (read 4th paragraph under Results) This study is not interested in why, just if they have insurance. (Does the barrage of vaccines our kids get now play a part?)

This from the CDC says 6 in 10 adults have 1 chronic disease in America and 4 in 10 have 2 or more.


#20 Children with chronic conditions on the rise. (How much do vaccines contribute? Have we been trained to ignore the "elephant in the room" and look at everything but vaccines.) What is the most toxic thing that happens to your two month old infant?  Is it the 2 month immunization of 5 injections in a row from your doctor? Most can handle it, but maybe some can't. Maybe some seem to handle it, but have chronic health problems the rest of there childhood.


#21.  This says as of 2008, 1 in 6 kids have a developmental disability.  Increased to 17.1% from 1997 to 2008. That’s 10 years ago.  what is it now?  Vaccines have been proven to cause brain damage, how often?  And encephalitis is on the VICP vaccine injury table.   


#22.  This says there has been a 50% increase in food allergies in the last 15 year. Then comes up with some wild guesses that might be causing it.


#22a. This says, from 2012 to 2016 there has been a 55% increase in mental health problems in the US. Many kids having serious issues. Obviously many reasons for this. But how much does many injections of neuro-toxins in infancy have to do with it.(Aluminum is a known neurotoxin, see here, and here).  Over half the vaccines have aluminum in them.

This link here, shows the CDC research on the safety of aluminum, scroll down and click link, it shows one study from 2011, that's it!! One study, the old Mitkus study, that has been debunked many times, it just compares to old data, does not check for harm.  Goto the Aluminum section in the appendix of this site, there is 21 studies showing serious issues with aluminum in vaccines, and this is just a few of them. Again, the CDC only looks at studies that suite it's point of view.

#23.  This asks “why are asthma rates soaring”? This is true even in many poor countries. Studies now link vaccines to allergies and asthma.(DTaP Tab O)


-People who question vaccines get all their information from Celebrities, Facebook and 20 min research on anti-vax sites.  How many times have you heard that bumper sticker statement?  It is mainly the CDC and media that say it. That is just stupid, do I need to explain? 20 min? How about 1000's of hours.

Vaccines are now big business and some of Pharma's most profitable products. This may be the only business in the world where a product manufacture has no liability if said product injures the user.  Also the only product where the user is forced to use it through mandates. The perfect business model!

   And to make it even better, they do not have to improve the product as it is mandatory and they know you can't sue them, so why bother spending the money. 

     The VICP or Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was brought in in 1988  after Congress passed a law absolving vaccine makers from financial liability if they damage the user. This law was brought in because the manufacturers were getting sued so often that they threatened to stop making vaccines if congress did not do something, in other worlds blackmailed congress.(See Tab J for more on this)

The VICP program is because since you are forced to get the vaccines they will compensate you when the vaccine injures you. A .75 cent charge on every vaccine pays for it.

-If you have read everything here, you will see that the narrative being pitched to the public is totally at odds with the facts.  An objective person should see that things don't add up. 

All I am saying is there is too many vaccines given to our infants, we should get them one at a time, and delay 'some'.  We can even safely skip 3 or 4 of them, like much of Europe does. And we want free choice, no Mandatory.  And I want HC to admit there may be problems, until that happens we will not get safer vaccines made. And we want proper tracking of adverse events, and some proper "independent" science done on vaccine safety.  NACI also needs to make public their meetings.

-Please go through all the other drop-down tabs for much more.

See Appendix for great information on Vaccines and Aluminum,  Vaccines and Autism.  Information on Cancer, contaminants and retroviruses in Vaccines.

There are two things the powers that be could do to settle all vaccine controversy.

 1. Do a proper vaccinated versus unvaccinated study.

 2. Have an open debate with us on vaccine safety.

     They refuse to do either.  There excuse to not do the vaccinated versus unvaccinated is that it would be unethical to withhold a vaccine from a child.  I say baloney because there are thousands of parents out there that don't vaccinate their kids.  They could be used in the study. Private studies done show that the fully unvaccinated kids are far healthier and have few of the chronic diseases our kids have now. 

       They also will not debate us because they know the science is on our side. (You will have to read this whole site before you will agree with me, remember I am not against all vaccines.)  Debates have been set up several times, but the unwitting doctors who have agreed to debate us, get a phone call at the last minute by the AAP or other organizations and told quite firmly, don't do it,  their career is at stake.

     Ask yourself why people like RF Kennedy, Del Bigtree, and any other prominent vaccine-educated people, are not allowed to respond to any media attack against them. Because they respond with science and we can't have the public seeing that can we.


    Measles vaccine started 1963

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