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DTaP Vaccine and it's Many Issues

The DTP vaccine has been in use since at least 1950.  The Diphtheria, Tetanus, pertussis vaccine original form was the DTP or DTwP with the whole cell bacterium.  The DTP was used until the mid 1990"s in the US and Canada.
     Due to many serious side effects this vaccine was gradually phased out for the DTaP acellular vaccine, a weakened version.(See link below)

 Much of the third world is still being given the old more dangerous DTP vaccine, is it cheaper to make?

The US schedule for this vaccine is 2, 4, 6, and 15 months old and a 5th dose at 5 years old.  Most kids that die of whooping cough are under 6 months old, which is why they give it so young, and they do it over and over because it barely works in a infants developing immune system. And it's a crappy vaccine as you will see below.
About 1 in a 1000 kids who get whooping cough will die.




-This Health Canada link This shows how many cases of pertussis a year in Canada, we have always had 300 plus cases a year, now it is suddenly the anti-vaxers fault. Also shows that there is 1 to 4 deaths a year in Canada each year from pertussis, typically in infants to young to be immunized.  They say they want to immunize all pregnant women because of this, is 1 to 4 deaths worth the risk? 

      Risk assessment-- So there is an average of 2 deaths a year and not necessarily all are infants. The vaccine might save one.  Is that worth vaccinating every pregnant women with a vaccine we know is one of our most risky vaccines. 

-NEW STUDY says adults do not need the diphtheria and tetanus boosters. Actuall study here.  They found it makes no difference if adults got their boosters or not.  I would add pertussis to this as well. The pertussis vaccine only lasts 5 to 8 years, and most adults do not get their boosters, there is no herd immunity for this disease and NO big outbreaks of this disease. 

-This study says natural infection from pertussis last longer than they thought, may be 30 to 70 years.

The links below will show four problems with the DTaP vaccine.


1-It is becoming less and less effective, the bacterium is adapting.

2-We are getting a number of whooping cough or pertussis outbreaks around the country in fully vaccinated populations.

3-Studies are also showing that it is the vaccinated who are spreading whooping cough to the unvaccinated.(asymptomatic carriers)

4-Studies now show that the pertussis vaccine only protects the recipient. Does not protect those around them.  So this makes mandatory vaccination for this disease pointless.(Links 14 to 14c below)


5-The last group of links is studies showing all the Adverse Events from the vaccine.


-This 2020 article says "bacteria that cause whooping cough are becoming better at hiding and better at feeding – they're morphing into a superbug.  And says whooping cough bug can adapt to new vaccines. Then says "therefore possible for a vaccinated person to contract whooping cough bacteria without symptoms materializing. Says "another problem is immunity wans quickly".

Then says "We need more research to better understand the biology of the whooping cough bacteria".

-This from the CDC, see bottom, says cant attain herd immunity. Explains why, including that even vaccinated people spread the disease as asymptomatic carriers. more below on this. So making this vaccine is mandatory is silly and pointless.

#1-  This says "they changed the DTP to the DTaP in in the 1990’s because of side effects".  This is a gross under statement, there are tons of serious side effects, as you will see going through my links. This article does admit more further down.
   This also says, "people vaccinated with the DTaP are the ones that spread whooping cough to the unvaccinated".(so keep your newborn infant aways from vaccinated kids the first 2 months until vaccinated or 6 months if you delay vaccine, as most deaths are in kids under 6 months)
  Then article says "this newer vaccine is losing effectiveness after 5 years and they are getting many more whooping cough outbreaks now."  (Some studies are now showing it does not even last 5 years.)
Then article then says "the surge in whooping cough cases is to do with the flaws in the current vaccine, not parents resisting vaccination.

#2- Some serious issues with the DTaP vaccine.  Says Pertussis virus mutating because of vaccine.  Vaccine not working well. 

    This new 2019 study says  "that suboptimal vaccine effectiveness played a major role in recent pertussis epidemics".  Also shows that of the 738 pertussis cases 515 were fully vaccinated.  Then listen to video portion after min 2.30 is more honest.  Says vaccine waning is the biggest problem.  

   This CNN article talks about above new study. Says alot, including "for example, a 5-year-old child who hasn't yet gotten their fifth dose. That child, who received their last shot more than three years ago, would be five times more likely to contract whooping cough than one who just received a dose within the past year, the study found".  Then says "most of the children who had pertussis in our outbreaks were fully vaccinated."

#3.-  New 2016 study shows DTaP vaccine barely working anymore. Fully vaccinated kids are getting it. Last page says “pertussis organism is adapting to vaccine induced immunity”.  2nd page gives example of a vaccinated older sibling giving pertussis to a 1 month old baby.

#4. This LA Times article says: 

  "50 new cases of pertussis, for a total of 90 cases, and all the kids who got pertussis at this school were vaccinated.

Then further down says, Eighteen students there have not been vaccinated against pertussis, but none of them has caught the illness”. 

-This article says school closes because of pertussis and 100% were vaccinated. Same story here.

-And here in China 2018, most vaccinated.

#5.-  Says Tdap or DTaP vaccine is 53 to 62% effective.


 DTaP vaccine failing. "The vaccine antigen is evolving and has serious consequences for the vaccine to continue to control pertussis." There was 10,000 lab confirmed cases of pertussis in 2012 in UK and 14 infant deaths. 


#7.-  Start watching this video at minute 14:30 Is about pertussis vaccine, good info. Talks about the TV commercial by GSK that says you should not allow people to visit your child who have not had a DTaP vaccine. Total nonsense. As links here show, it is the vaccinated who are spreading pertussis to the unvaccinated, because they can carry pertussis with no symptoms, where as a unvaccinated person will have symptoms, know they are sick, and stay away from the child. 
Then watch next part of video starting about Min 35:00 Is about vaccines causing some diseases to mutate and become worse. Make sure you watch minutes 43:00 to min 46:00 really scary if she is correct. 

#8.-  This article shows how poorly the pertussis vaccine works, wears off vary quickly.  Article says we need a new vaccine, but no one is working on it.(why would pharma bother, it is mandatory to take, even though it barley works.)
  So nothing is being done about problem, they just want to give us more shots of the same thing.

-#8a.This8610 also says we need a new vaccine and says "they do not prevent infection and transmission of pertussis".  You can get pertussis, you just dont show symptoms and get sick.

#9.- Do not go near an infant if you received the pertussis vaccine recently.  Read point 4 in first paragraph, the vaccinated spreading the disease.  See next link.

#10- This talks a bit about the poor pertussis vaccine. 5th paragraph under whooping cough section Says those vaccinated may not get symptoms of disease but can still get infected and infect others including infants.
Says the mumps vaccine kids get, has mostly worn off by college years. This 2018 article from the FDA, shows that getting a 3rd dose of the mumps vaccine only lasts a few months.   So to those who are pushing a 3rd dose of mmr vaccine on us, this says there is no point, won't work. They are trying to find a better vaccine. 


#11-  This CDC study also says vaccinated children maybe asymptomatic carriers of pertussis infection. And the Conclusion, third line says vaccinated children could be spreading pertussis to unvaccinated kids.  So has the CDC been lying to us for the last 8 years? We need a new vaccine!! Is any one working on it? No.
    The CDC wants everyone to get a booster Tdap every 10 years, but few do, so Most of North America(everyone over 25) is now unvaccinated for pertussis and diphtheria, they only lasts 10 years.  There is no "herd immunity".
     Why is there no huge outbreaks, where are all the deaths? 

#12.-  This shows how some vaccines are becoming ineffective because they are causing the pathogens to evolve.  See the section on the pertussis pathogen here and the "science studies it links to". This vaccine is causing the pertussis pathogen to evolve.

#13-   This article talks about some of the shoddy studies done when we were switching from the wP to aP pertussis vaccine.
   Read conclusion of this article. Says pertussis vaccine "Epidemiologically offers minimal or no herd effect".  So why is it mandatory in many US states?
    Links 87a and 87b say the same thing. vaccine protects user not those around them.  See next link for more on this.


#14.- Says Pertussis vaccine protects person from the disease, but fails to prevent infection and transmission of disease in primate study.( So much for 'herd immunity' theory for this disease) See next link.


#14a. This from FDA says the same as link #87a,  pertussis vaccine not protect those around you, only yourself

     So why do they make it mandatory in some states?? Is it $$ for pharma?
#14b.- This is the same info from FDA, but a backup source.

#14c. This study5080, also says vaccinating for pertussis does not give herd immunity to kids to young to be vaccinated. Says "There was no evidence of a herd immunity sufficient to protect infants below age for vaccination."  Also says "the DTP vaccine can be more dangerous than the disease"  And gives some of the problems this caused back in 1970's in Britian.

   This5512 study says DTP vaccine can cause serious neurological illness.

#14d.  Says whooping cough is increasing despite high vaccine coverage. Whooping cough is caused by B pertussis and B parapertussis In addition, the data indicate that the B. pertussis vaccine is not protective against disease induced by B. parapertussis.

#14e-.  This also shows we have never really understood how the DTP vaccine works.  Quote: “This disease is back(pertussis) because we didn’t really understand how our immune defenses against whooping cough worked, and did not understand how the vaccines needed to work to prevent it,” said associate professor of global health and lead author of the article. “Instead we layered assumptions upon assumptions, and now find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of admitting that we may made some crucial errors.”  Does this sound like we know what we are doing with vaccines?? 
This also says "Experimental and immunologic data has shown that aP(DTaP) vaccines DO NOT PROVIDE HERD  IMMUNITY, while mathematical models imply otherwise."  So why is this vaccine mandatory, it only protects the user, not others. (note the FDA Infanrix package at bottom says they not know what there doing as well)

#15.- Good article show DTaP problems and says that we need a new vaccine.

-This study /article while it pushes hard for vaccination also says all the above points, the pertussis bacterium is adapting or changing, the vaccine has poor efficacy, the vaccinated can spread pertussis to the unvaccinated and the vaccine only protects the user and not prevent the spread of pertussis.

-This new  2019 government study shows Pertussis vaccine is very effective when infants, but not very effective as child gets to 12 to 14 years and says is why there is outbreaks.( this study done by CIRN which is 50% pharma funded)


-The DTaP has many serious issues and the newer Pentavalent vaccines have even more side effects. This one has 1200 micrograms of aluminum. 

-  This is a good article on history of the DTP vaccine, Canada and the US switched from DTP to DTaP in 1995/96.  The DTP vaccine worked inconsistently, sometimes was effective and sometimes very poor.  Difficult to manufacture consistently.  Also other sources have said some batches of this vaccine were much more dangerous that others.

xxxxxx   xxxxxx  


Back when we used the old vaccine, the CDC and HC always maintained that there was no serious adverse events and if there was they were 1 in a million. We now know that was not true.(see below) "Don't scare them, maintain vaccination levels".

You have to ask yourself, why did they change vaccines?  The new one does not work as well.  It was because the old one was unsafe, and many doctors and patients were complaining about it.
The newer DTaP and versions of it still have more side effects than any other vaccine on the kids schedule. See here.
#16.- These are VICP injury cases.  There is over 500 injuries here, and this is a good real world look at vaccine injuries, not the filtered info from the CDC.
    70% of the injuries here are from the flu shot, including 5 deaths, largely because it is a yearly vaccine.  The next vaccine by far with the most serious adverse events, is the DTaP vaccine.

#17.- This link the CDC gives some of the serious side effects you can get from the different vaccines. For most of the vaccines, says “risk of serious harm or death is extremely small”. So, yes, you can die from a vaccine.  Then goes on to give to give more info on each vaccine. Example, the DTaP, moderate problems are vomiting, seizures, and high fever.  And serious problems like allergic reaction, long-term seizures or coma, and Permanent Brain Damage. Says are extremely rare, but when you start reading all the science you see adverse events are not as rare as they say.
    "Rare" is a relative term, what's rare?  The CDC always understates problems. "protect the vaccination program".

-This new 2018 study says kids who get seizures are at increased risk of developing a broad range of psychiatric disorders in later life.

-*  Says delaying the DTaP makes for less eczema.


-A look at the Old DTP vaccine(which some doctors, including Australia want to bring back).  The old DTP vaccine also used aluminum.

  This article8110 is about when Sweden stopped using the DTP vaccine back in 1979(due to so any serious side effects).  Shows over a period of 3 years they only had 3 child deaths and 2 of them had serious health issues. The vaccine was more dangerous than the disease it appears.

    This article9991 is about Japan, they stopped using the DTP in 1970's and then invented the DTaP vaccine and started using it after cases and deaths from pertussis increased. The US and Canada took another 10 to 15 years before they got rid of the DTP and changed to the DTaP.

This study0441 says the new DTaP is 10 times less toxic than the old one, Japan started using new vaccine in 1981 this says.

-This Package insert for Pediarix DTP vaccine on page 8, lines 207/208 says "by chance some cases of SIDS can be expected to follow receipt of pertussis-containing vaccines". it trys to expain away the sids cases.

-  This new 2019 study is frightening and shows how little they know.  Says "Because of the small number of antigens (3-5 in DTaP vaccines vs >3000 in DTwP vaccines), linked-epitope suppression occurs. Because of linked-epitope suppression, all children who were primed by DTaP vaccines will be more susceptible to pertussis throughout their lifetimes, and there is no easy way to decrease this increased lifetime susceptibility.  See link #4 above, LA Times article, about unvaccinated did not get pertussis.  Also says "Since 1997, the DTaP vaccination policy has created a cohort of people (the number of which is expanding yearly) who are more susceptible to repeated clinical illness with B pertussis infection".  (This is study author Bio)

Original source and study here9449 is from Journal of "Pediatric Infectious Diseases"  This has a long write up on pro's and con's of DTaP and DTwP, vaccines, he wants to go back to the old but modified DTP vaccine, he never mentions the Dr. Peter Aby studies.  

This study also gives bit of a history of this vaccine and how much less effective it is. 

      Now read this article in "THE HILL" news, says "Officials deny lack of vaccinations caused whooping cough outbreak in Los Angeles".  Then says "Engelberg also told reporters that only 18 of Harvard-Westlake's roughly 1,600 students have medical exemptions allowing them to opt out of immunizations. He added that none of those students have contracted the disease."

     So perhaps the above study is correct, the DTaP vaccine makes you more susceptible to pertussis.

This is the LA Times article, The Hill article refers to.  It says "The DTaP booster shot protects 70% of people from whooping cough in the first year after receiving it and 40% four years after receiving it, according to the CDC".  LA Times also said "98% were vaccinated."  As my other links here show most of those getting pertussis are vaccinated.


-This0072 new 2000 study says "odds of having a history of asthma was twice as great among vaccinated subjects than among unvaccinated subjects". Also says "DTP or tetanus vaccination appears to increase the risk of allergies and related respiratory symptoms in children and adolescents".

-This1599 2020 study from Japan says vaccination causes more asthma and eczema.

-*  Says delaying DTP vaccine 2 months or more makes kid less likely to get asthma.


-*  The odds of having asthma or allergies is twice as likely if vaccinated with DTP.  This study also says vaccination may cause allergic disease and asthma.


-*  Vaccinated children were more likely to have asthma or allergies.  This study0764 says rubella portion of DTP can cause chronic arthritis.

-This 1958 study from Pediatrics and AAP says "No child with atopic eczema or other skin disorder should be vaccinated."Eczema vaccinatum (EV) is a complication of smallpox vaccination that can occur in persons with eczema/atopic dermatitis . Must stay away from vaccinated kids if have eczema.

-  Title says "How aluminum adjuvants could promote and enhance non-target IgE synthesis in a genetically-vulnerable sub-population.

-   Title says "Effect of endotoxin and alum adjuvant vaccine on peanut allergy.

-  First sentence here says "As food allergy has increased, so has the number of immunizations containing alum given to children. Knowing that alum contributes to the stimulation of IgE in mice, we question the impact of alum adjuvant on IgE production in children.


-   By Vinu Arumugham,  vaccines can cause food allergies.  

This says same, by Vinu, and says aluminum adjuvants are not safe and debunks Mitkus study.  Says what food proteins are found in the vaccines and become allergies. 

-*  Children vaccinated with DTP had 23% more asthma and 30% more allergic illness.  The children with no DTP and had no asthma.  Though this is a small study.

-   says alum containing vaccines may have caused these two kids allergies.

-  This says the DTaP vaccine may be responsible for the increase in food allergies.  So they are going to do a study and give 3000 kids the old DTP vaccine. You would never get away with that here, only in Australia would they let you give a much more dangerous vaccine to a baby.

See here as well.

-This 2018 study, says aluminum adjuvants can cause food allergies like peanut allergies, the DTaP has aluminum in it.

-This new 2022 CDC/ Kaiser study says aluminum in vaccines can cause asthma. Article on this.

- This article is on old DTP vaccine, read righthand side. Says Sweden after several studies found that the proved risk of brain damage from this vaccine was 1 in 50,000 and then a later study said risk of gross destructive encephalopathy was 1 in 170,000, and brain damage less than destructive was 1 in 34,000. Sweden then stopped using this vaccine in 1978, earlier than Canada and the US.

     They also said no matter how careful you were making the vaccine, toxic products somehow got included in vaccine and also said it was impossible to guarantee uniformity of dosage as some time the bacterium clumped and some people got more than others.  (This is still a problem with some of todays vaccines.)

- This 2016 systemic review says getting the DTP vaccine may be associated with an increased risk of all cause mortality.

- This study looked at what happened when they introduced the DTP vaccine to an area in Guinea Bissau in 1980's. Then looked back.  Kids were 5 times more likely to have died if vaccinated with the DTP than the unvaccinated kids. 

-  This is brand new 2018 study, an update on Dr. Aaby Guinea Bissau study.  Says older kids are twice as likely to die if got a DTP shot as those not vaccinated. And Conclusion says all studies show the same. And here8123, and.

 Note, that they are not dying from the vaccine, but from other causes, the vaccine does something to their immune system.

   Note that you can find a number of different Dr Abby studies done over the years in Pubmed, all saying the DTP is dangerous long term.  This study0246, also says if get the newer DTaP IPV, Hib vaccine after mmr or as last vaccine you are more likely end up in the hospital than if had no vaccine.

-See this YouTube video of Dr Aaby giving talk on his finding, DTP and malaria vaccine are killing children.  Here is a transcript of video, note, I have not verified it. 

-This is another expert criticizing the WHO on the DTP vaccine problems. This7834 backs up Dr. Abby.


-  Then the WHO requested this study. No Dr. Aaby this time. they found the DTP vaccine caused up to 4 times more deaths.  But instead of saying stop, they say "strongly recommend further study, but keep giving out the vaccine!  So the kid is safer without this vaccine, but they wont stop using it.

-Here and here is more from the past head of Cochran Collaboration on Aaby studies and WHO interference.  Says must stop using DTP vaccine.

-- This 1974 article from the BMJ is “A house of commons debate" on vaccination(pre-internet) of children. Said that “probably 1000 to 2000 kids had developed permanent brain damage because of whooping cough vaccine. A medical survey had shown that the vaccine was of limited effectiveness today; the city of Hamburg had dropped it over 10 years ago, and there was no more cases of whooping cough in Hamburg than anywhere else. 
The doctor here also say any family with a kid who has a neural development defect, a recent infection, fits or convulsions should not get vaccinated.
Further down says some of the risks could be avoided by recognizing contraindications.

- 1974 This also shows DTP should not be given to kids with certain health problems, same as above link.

- This 1969 news article shows family winning court case after kid became mental retarded from DTP/polio vaccine.  This is part of what lead up the the 1986 law protecting vaccine manufactures and VICP.

-This new9915 study from Canada year 2018, shows Infanrix Hexa vaccine has a serious risk of large local reactions.  Do not get this vaccine.  This vaccine is a combination DTaP, HB, Hib, IPV.   

  This is the Canadian package insert. 

And this is the Australian package insert for same vaccine, notice differences, is more honest about ingredients and aluminum amounts. Also says this vaccine wans after 7 to 8 years(page 5)  Side effects are serious and in the 1000 to 10,000 per person range.(page 10-11)

This study says, "Booster doses of DTaP vaccines can cause entire limb swelling, for about 2%.  Seems it is the 3rd or 4th dose does it. 

-This is the package insert for the old DTP vaccine from the WHO.  click the PDF link at right, in comes up in several languages, English comes up if you fiddle and wait. Has 1.5mg of aluminum phosphate and .05mg of thimerosal.(thats 1500ug of aluminum and 50ug of mercury no wonder it is so dangerous) Only the 3rd world is stuck with this vaccine. See studies below. 

-This is the package insert for Infanrix the standard DTaP vaccine. Notice on page 11 they used the old DTP vaccine as a comparator, rather than a placebo, was done in Italy as not legal here.  Table 4 shows a number of kids got fevers over 104' or over which can cause brain damage.

     On page 12 you see that SIDS is one of the post marketing side effects.  As you look through the clinical trials page 5 and on, you see they only monitored kid for 4 days for each trial, that is not nearly long enough.

     Notice lots of grade 3 reactions(grade 3 definition-Severe but not life threatening; hospitalization required; limitation of patient's ability to care for him/herself) No trials use a true placebo, always compare to another vaccine.


This next study shows once again how they lied about how safe the old DTP vaccine was.

.  This Canadian study says febrile seizures went down 79% when changed from DTP to DTaP in 1996.  And also says there HHE"s dropped 63% with the new vaccine. (HHE is Hypnotic Hyperesponsive episode See link just below) Also says Risk of HHE's was 1 in a 1000 to 1 in 6000 doses for DTP.

The new DTaP still has safety issues and the pertussis or whooping cough part of vaccine has serious effectiveness issues.  The science is definitely not settled.  Dr Nicole leSaux is one of the authors, she is the one who says vaccine side effects are a coincidence. Ask her "how changing a vaccine can cause coincidence's to drop 79%"?

Also says "Concerns about the safety of whole-cell pertussis vaccine prompted the development of acellular vaccines. Risk estimates of adverse effects from prelicensure trials of acellular vaccines were encouraging but derived from studies of carefully selected healthy infants".

 NOTE, that the whole time we were getting all these adverse events from the old DTP, our officials repeatedly denied it, and kept saying it is "safe and effective".

-This new 2019 study says getting Febrile seizures is not safe for kid.  Also Tab J, heading "febrile seizures".

-This link defines HHS and says they occur in 1 in 1400 to 4700 people for DTwP vaccine and 1 in 2700 to 14200 doses of DTaP vaccine.  And sidebar of link says those who experience a HHE may avoid further pertussis vaccines.  Note HHS is a "serious Adverse event" kid is usually taken to emergency dept. Note that 1 in 7000 is not one a million. This says HHE is a serious event.

-This article says "encephalopathy was a risk of 0 to 10.5 per million doses for DTP. Using Canada's IMPACT.  This also confirms the above on HHE's and seizures.

-This article from the Guardian, says child got the Pentavalent 5 in pertussis shot and suffered a HHE, and package insert said they could happen from 1 int a 1000 to one in 10,000.

-This says "the most carefully conducted study says the risk of a previously normal infant for the onset of an illness leading to encephalopathy with permanent subsequent disability was 4.2 times greater during the first 72 hours following DPT vaccination than in controls".

Note that this video was deleted and censored by YouTube, Is now on Rumble.

  Is early 1980’s NBC news story done by Dateline on DTP shot. Some Doctors saying the shot is worse than the disease.  This was only aired once and then forced of the air.

-  This is "Association for Vaccine Damaged Children Ontario Press Conference Queen's Park 1986"  1 hour video on all the damage the old DTP caused and ignored by the system to protect vaccines.

-  This article on the old and new DTP vaccine admits a little bit how dangerous the old DTP vaccine was. But still not admitting the whole truth.

-- This 2016 study say pertussis vaccine and pertussis causing auto-immune and multiple sclerosis?  Hard to understand his one.

This study5859, shows old DTP vaccine causing SIDS.


-Here is a great 2018 article with supporting science on all the problems of the pertussis vaccine. 

-.  This is the package insert for Infanrix, approved in 1997 and is a commonly used child DTaP vaccine. Read page 1 under "Contraindications", which is when a vaccine should not be given.  Shows "If you have had encephalopathy or neurologic disorders from a 'previous dose' of this vaccine", do not get it.  
Then see page 12. Which is "post marketing side effects".
Don't believe the nonsense you have read from industry shills on the internet about post-marketing. They try to dismiss post-marketing as anything that happens to kid.
Notice there is no diarrhea, eczema, no kids choking to death or car accidents in this list, all things that happen to infants. The adverse events listed here are from the vaccine. The most serious listed here is encephalopathy(brain damage) and SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome.
(encephalopathy is on the VICP injury table.)

 Read first sentence at top of page 15 says “the role of the different components produced by B pertussis is not well understood”!!! They still don’t know what they are doing or if there will be long term problems. Note that the 2017 article at link 14e above says the same.

-This new 2020 study says there are ways to make the DTaP vaccine safer, but they can't be bothered in the current regulatory climate.

-This is State of Maine 2018 pertussis report.  Page 2 on left side of table says "78% of pertussis cases were fully up to date on vaccinations" and "12% were unvaccinated", and in 2015 For Maine, this shows 70% of pertussis cases were fully vaccinated for school-age kids.

-This Kaiser Permanente study says of 738 cases of pertussis looked at, 603 were fully vaccinated. And says the vaccines effectiveness wanes rapidly.

-This is 2019 update on DTP vaccine by Peter Goetzsche and others. The WHO is ignoring science.

-This5328 2016 study says DtaP "its effectiveness wanes to less than 9 percent after four years among teenagers".  Then says "Despite Tdap coverage of more than 90 percent in adolescents, they had the highest incidence of pertussis of any age group in 2014. Routine vaccination at ages 11 to 12 did not prevent the epidemic". Show above link to Natasha Crowcroft of Ontario health, in this link she says "pertussis is a vaccine preventable disease", and she says "pertussis is more widespread than they thought", also says "deaths are rare from pertussis".

-This2312 2015 study says "asymptomatic transmission is the most parsimonious explanation for many of the observations surrounding the resurgence of B. pertussis in the US and UK".  Vaccinated people are the main reason pertussis is spreading. If your not vaccinated and you have symptoms, so you will still away from small kids. But vaccinated people get the disease and show no symptoms. PMC4482312.

-This new 2020 study  says we need a new pertussis, the bug is adapting, also says vaccine does not last very long. Is the main reason we have a resurgence of whooping cough.

-This from Wikipedia is good for those who do not read studies. Says "while acellular pertussis vaccines are effective at preventing the disease, they have a limited impact on infection and transmission, meaning that vaccinated people could spread the disease even though they may have only mild symptoms or none at all".

-This CDC  2014 study IOM report page ES13 says the evidence is inadequated to accept or reject that the DTaP containing vaccines causes Autism, Sids, ADEM, Tranverse myelitis and more.

-This 2019 study says the DtaP or accelular version of this vaccine does not stop infection or transmission.  Word search “avoid infection” to find. And says natural immunity is much better.  Also says the vax does not give any herd immunity effect. Word search “herd immunity” Note, Kathryn Edwards is one of the authors of Vaccines, she and Paul Offit and Stan Plotkin.

-This NewYork Times article is about the 1986 act here, and about 12 paragraphs down says there was lots of law suits  against manufactures not just one.  This is an old link from 1986 that shows how dangerous the DTP was, read 1st few pages




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