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Vaccines and Autism



You may have noticed I have not mentioned autism anywhere

until now on this site. There is so much nonsense out there on

both sides of this issue that I only wanted to deal with it in one

place. So here we go, Vaccines and autism,  Don't freak out on me. 


Do vaccines contribute to autism? You decide for yourself,

read "everything" here first before you decide.  




-I challenge you to show me a single study that says "Vaccines do not cause autism".

       You are thinking that should be easy, right, the media keeps saying "the science has proven over and over that vaccines do not cause autism, well show me this science, FIND ME one of these studies.  If you fine one please email it to me.

   Remember this news story that came in last year and was in every media outlet.  Example, in 2019, the headline of this article: says "A new study proves once again: Nope, vaccines do not cause autism".  But then when you get into the article it says, "the mmr vaccine does not cause autism".  This is actual study, is funded by industry, read comments at bottom.

Or this article from 2015, says "vaccines do not cause autism" and quotes new study.  But read the last sentence of article, says the study was on MMR.

They ignore the other 14 vaccines, the ones with aluminum in them.

   There are only about 12 studies saying the MMR does not cause autism, most of them very iffy studies, they use no control group.

   That's your science people, that's all they have. Go ahead, prove me wrong. 

-The media seems fixated with autism when we talk about vaccines. It is the only thing they will talk about, and they ignore all the other problems vaccines cause like auto-immune diseases, neurological, encephalopathy and encephalitis or brain damage, developmental disorders, allergies, asthma, SID's and long term problems, caused by vaccines. 

The standard format for media is Quote: "a fake study by Dr. Wakefield connecting vaccines to autism was published in 1998 which has since been discredited, which started the anti-vaccine movement, and started the vaccines  and autism debate, causing many to refuse vaccines." 

    How many times have you read the above or a variation of it.   (Learn about Wakefield in Appendix B) 

STOPThink, why does it matter if this Wakefield study was fraudulent or not, It was a TINY case study of 12 kids, how could it prove anything one way or another?  AND if it was fraudulent, then why would you pay attention to it, it should not even be part of the conversation.

    You see, the media is being led around by the nose.  This is the Infamous Wakefield study, read it, 12 kids, that's it, and it does Not say mmr causes autism.


-How many times have you heard the media say Wakefield started the vaccines autism connection.  Well, they got that one wrong as well, see here:

This study shows people were worried about the smallpox vaccine and autism back in 1976.  Says "Vaccination is recognized to have a starter function for the onset of autism".  

This was 1976!! Wakefield is 1998. It is only Wakefield that suggested the MMR might contribute to autism.  He did not look at the other vaccines.  This 1991 IOM report also talks about DTP vaccine and autism. It says they could not determine if the DTP caused autism or not.  So the concept of vaccines and autism was around long before Wakefield.

-There is more than one cause of autism, many things contribute to it, genetics have a role, the environment, This study  in BMJ says pesticides contribute to autism. ​Aren't vaccines a chemical or environmental exposure?

Autism is a behavior, we know vaccines can cause encephalitis, encephalopathy, and the like because those injuries are on the VICP table.  And they may cause autism and a host of other developmental disorders. 


-The  CDC says vaccines don't cause autism, and mentions all the studies. See here. Actually read the links to the studies they give.   When you look at them all, including the Taylor study, you see they ONLY talk about the mmr vaccine or thimerosal.  They mention no studies looking at the other 15 vaccines, or aluminum in vaccines, or taking 5 of them at once like a 2 month old kids get. 

SO THE CDC CANNOT SAY VACCINES DONT CAUSE AUTISM, THEY CAN ONLY SAY THE MMR VACCINE DOES NOT CAUSE AUTISM, or thimerosal vaccines do not cause autism, we have not used thimerosal since 2003.

-Here is the 2014 Taylor study often quoted.  This is the full study, as just reading the abstract gives you the idea they looked at all vaccines.

   Also this is not a study, it is just a meta analysis, looking at other studies.   Notice how it was done.  They looked at 10 studies(see under Results) and then you see 9 of those studies are to do with the MMR vaccine and/or thimerosal. One of the 10 studies(Andrew study) looked at the DTP, but only at the thimerosal in it.  

    Also note that when Luke Taylor did this study he was not even a doctor, was working on his masters. So we still have no studies looking at the other 15 vaccines, or aluminum. 

(This is a review of Taylor study by an anti-vax site, believe it or not.)

This 2013 study Done by the CDC and Frank DeStefano is a joke. They compare antigens, one group gets the whole cell old DTP vaccine with 3000 antigens and a hi antigen typhoid shot, and another group gets the regular DTaP with only a few antigens and not typhoid shot, and found neither group had any more autism than the other, and they ignore the fact both groups are vaccinated and both get the same amount of aluminum.  You will also notice they excluded from the study anyone who might be at risk of any kind of illness, so anyone who might get autism.(Read under Methods) A typical goofy CDC study.

  IS THAT IT??  WHERE ARE THE 100's STUDIES SHOWING VACCINES DONT CAUSE AUTISM??  There are none!  All they can maybe say is the MMR vaccine does not cause autism. Not vaccines dont cause autism.

As you read thru this, you will see that while there is little evidence saying vaccines dont cause autism, there is lots of evidence that says the opposite.

-New:  See this video.  Starts at minute 28:30, it verify's all I said above.  This is about the anti-vax organization, "ICAN", that asked the CDC for all it's science showing the DTaP vaccine and all the other vaccines given in the first six months of life, do not cause autism. Note that the MMR is not given until kid is 12 months old in Canada and US.

  The CDC refused and the ICAN took them to court and won, so then the CDC had to send them all they had.  Which was a list of just 20 studies, basically all the ones above I already showed you, they are all about the mmr or thimerosal, and one on the DTP and antigens.  Watch the video.  So the corporate media is wrong, it has Not been proven over and over that vaccines dont cause autism.   There is just a few studies on the mmr vaccine.  Thanks to the lawsuit we now know this for a fact.

THERE IS MORE!!  The above CDC link in the 1st paragraph references the "IOM" report.  The CDC deliberately misinterprets this IOM report, saying vaccines dont cause autism, read the report linked here, it does not say that, and they dont TELL you what the IOM report actually says, but I do, see below. (See pages 545-546) Download report here.  Or get report directly here. or here.

    Don't listen to me, read it yourself!!

    This is what the 2012 IOM report says about the DTaP vaccine.  "Conclusion 10.1: The evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between diphtheria toxoid–, tetanus toxoid–, or acellular pertussis–containing vaccine(DTaP) and AUTISM".  

Notice how short this section is, that's because there are no studies.  SO THEY DO NOT KNOW IF THE DTAP VACCINE CAN CAUSE AUTISM. This is 2019, why are there no studies? Is it because they already know the answer?  Because they know vaccines do cause autism, and they have painted themselves into a corner, they cant admit they were wrong. Think of the lawsuits.

   Anybody who tries to study this is "Wakefielded"(see Home page of this site). 

YOU can see from everything written above, when the CDC says "vaccines dont cause autism", they are ignoring their own data.  All they can say is the mmr does not cause autism.

-The DTP vaccine has always been the most likely vaccine to contribute to autism.  Goto my DTaP section on this site and see all the science. It caused lots of seizures and HHE's and some encephalitis, which is one step from autism I think, see below.   This was the vaccine that heralded the VICP program in the US. 


Even some of the package inserts for the DTaP have autism as a possible side effect.

-This at source used by professionals and last reviewed 2018, lists Autism and SIDS as possible side effects for Tripedia DtaP.(word search 'autism')  or here.

This FDA package insert on page 11 for DAPTACEL vaccine, shows Autism as a possible side effect.   How much more proof do you need?

The manufacture does not put something there for no reason.

-This from back in 1977 on Page 5, last paragraph says CDC says DTP vaccine can cause mental retardation in .006 per 1000. Retardation, is that the old word for autism?

The IOM report also says the same for the following scary diseases: 

Encephalitis and Encephalopathy, Seizures, Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), Transverse myelitis, Multiple sclerosis (MS) in adults, GBS, Bells palsy, Fibromyalgia, and SIDS.  "The evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between the above diseases and DTaP vaccine."  (pages 525 to 600) 


This 2001-IOM report on page 20 confirms Wakefield's study did Not say "MMR vaccine can cause autism".  Then Page 21 at bottom says "There is a biological possibly MMR can cause autism".   Page 46 says that while there is no evidence mmr causes autism, the next paragraph says they can not exclude the possibility the vaccine can cause autism in some children. 

     There are many studies that show "Vaccines may cause autism". Just goto the links I present in last section here to find some.  We have been duped on this topic for years.

-Read Appendix A on Aluminum and vaccines, has autism data as well. See "Vaccine" link.  


-  This shows that you will get compensated by the government as long as you call your kids developmental problems, brain damage or encephalopathy, if you call it autism you are screwed, no compensation for you.

 Read 3rd paragraph from the bottom of this article, they are saying encephalopathy includes autism.  We know vaccines can cause encephalopathy, it is a table injury in the VICP program. Look up the definition of encephalopathy and it sure sounds like autism is a subset of this, as it covers a broad spectrum of mental diseases. Read last 3 paragraphs, does the government make sense?

-  encephalopathy and ASD or Autism spectrum disorder, are basically the same thing according to this? There is still much they don't know.  This3490 is about autism and auto-immunity, related, and says autism is a neuro-developmental disability.

-  New 2018. See this TV News show "Full Measure" with 4 time Emmy award winning, Sharyl Attkisson on vaccines and autism.  Government expert came forward and signed an affidavit saying that vaccines can sometimes cause autism. This is the sworn affidavit of Dr. Zimmerman.

    This story also talks about how pharma has shut down all debate on vaccine safety in the government. This is Snopes trying its best to deny this fact, shows they are pro-industry, and this is a rebuttal of Snopes.

-More on Zimmerman affidavit here.



-New here, CDC now says rate of autism is now 1 in 44 as of 2021

-Below I show better diagnosing is not the only reason there is more and more autism.


-  This shows the new rates of autism in the US, also shows past rates.  It has jumped from 1 in 68 in 2012 to 1 in 59 in 2014.(in 2002 it was 1 in 150).  The standard response each year, is "it must be better reporting". 
It can’t be just better diagnosing(they say that every 2 years, each time the new rates come out), because teachers are actually seeing more handicapped kids in their class rooms. And, see next link which is an interview with one of the doctors who did this study.

    Can click link in first paragraph "read article" at above link for CDC study, or see here. And note that Dr Zahorodny is one of the authors.  His interview below.

-  Interview with Dr. Walter Zahorodny who was part of above CDC study on autism increasing. See next link as well same doctor. I don't know who "safeminds" is but it does not matter, what matters is what Dr Zahorondy says.

Watch video in this link of interview. Minute 6:10 says "better diagnosing or more awareness is not the reason for the increase in autism rates, they have been doing study exactly the same for 14 years."  Also says we "are probably under estimating the amount of autism out there".  He says media keeps saying the autism increase could be because of better awareness etc,  doctor says that is only partly true.  

   At min 6:10 says for New Jersey where they do better monitoring, rates of autism is 1 in 22 for boys.   Minute 10:00 Doctor says rates of severe autism are also increasing steadily.

At min 12:00 says is disappointed that the media is not reporting the findings properly.  At min 14:30 says "teachers and clinicians are also seeing the increase in autism first hand", they don't need to see studies.

    Min 17: Doctor says CDC and media are not talking about or dealing with the problem.

(Note: I verified they are talking to the real Dr Zahorodny, you can find his picture on internet)  Autism rates increasing. Bottom of this article, the doctors who did study say better diagnosing is not the only reason autism is increasing.  This also says Dr Zahorodny is the lead researcher for New Jersey state. 

-This study here, supports the above, that autism rate is increasing much faster than improved diagnosing and other reasons.  And here9495, and.

-This study 2019 study says 25% of kids are diagnosed, so problem is worse than they thought.

-This shows the economic burden of autism in US. $238 billion and in 5 years a $trillion.

 They say they don’t know what causes autism, environmental factors is one guess.(See CTV news study below)  What environmental factors does your tiny infant come in contact between ages 0 and 2 years? The child is mostly drinking breast milk. He is mostly at home, not working in some job exposed to toxins like welding or factory work. The largest source of toxins he see’s is a barrage of vaccines in infancy. Doses of known neuro-toxins, aluminum, phenol, neomycin and many others, there is not a single good thing it a vaccine.  
   Are they really looking for the cause of autism? Do you know of any studies being done? They will look at anything but the elephant in the room-vaccines.

   Aluminum in breast milk is ingested, not injected, thus 99% excreted from the body, for those that like to throw in that silly argument.


   The CDC has painted itself into a corner, it cannot now come out and say it was wrong. the world would go nuts, it would endanger the "vaccination program", and imagine the lawsuties.

   We now know that aluminum in vaccines is dangerous, but the CDC does not know what to do about it, again they are cornered.  So they just lie. 

I don't think there is any one cause of autism, some are born with it. There is probably many contributing causes. Maybe sometimes a dose of several vaccines at 2 months old is the final straw to tip the infant who already has other problems, over the edge into autism??

-Also read the sections on Aluminum and vaccines and autism in Appendix A.


- First paragraph says "We now know that there is not one autism but many types, caused by different combinations of genetic and environmental influences.

-  This shows that most patient advocacy groups accept industry funding. Says "‘patient’ voice is speaking with a pharma accent.”

-  More here on what is autism.

-This article from CTV news quotes a new study that says "Autism may be linked to mother's chemical exposure".  Aren't there chemicals in vaccines that are injected over and over into infants?   This also says 1 in 66 are diagnosed with autism in Canada.

-This article about lawyers suing Tylenol for it causing autism to pregnant moms kids, so autism cant just be genetics.

Below is 5 YouTube videos with top pro-vax doctors saying "We still don't know if vaccines cause autism and or they do cause autism". 

1.- This is the infamous Dr. Paul Offit saying "You can't really say the mmr vaccine does not cause autism", then he goes on to say that "when you are in front of the media you better say that the mmr does not cause autism, as we don't want that door left open".

In other words he does not want us to know that they still do not know if it is true or not.  Below is two more links showing  Dr.Offit in action.

    - Dr. Paul Offit swears at vaxxed people when asked for a interview.

    -  This 30 second clip is the infamous Dr. Paul Offit saying “Vaccines are a violent act against child, we give them 5 shots at one time” and also says “vaccines are not understood all that well by physicians and we do a poor job of training them on what they are and how they work.

- Oct 25/18 Highwire episode. Debates Paul Offit. Offit says(min 08:20) "there are 17 studies done to prove mmr vaccines don’t cause autism".(does not the media say there are 100's?) 17 and what about the other vaccines and also combining them together, nothing.


2.-  At minute 1:10 we have an FDA doctor, Karen Midthun, saying to congressmen at a hearing, that "they do not know if vaccines cause autism or not".  Note, that she also confirms that the IOM study on whether vaccines cause autism said "there is not enough evidence to confirm or deny the connection".   The IOM 2011 report says the DTaP vaccine may or may not cause autism, and for the mmr says it does not, where as the 2004 report says the mmr may or may not cause autism. 

3.-  This is Doctor Julie Gerberding head of the CDC saying "kids with mitochondria disorders can get autism like symptoms from vaccine". What are "autism like symptoms"? Isn't that autism? Julie moved on to become head of Merck's vaccine division.

4.-  This video is 4 time Emmy award winner Sharly Atkinson interview of Doctor Bernadine Healy, former director of National Institute of Health, and former CEO of  American Red Cross.  She says the science is 'not' settled regarding vaccines and autism.

5.  This is Dr Stanley Plotkin himself in 2019, reading the IOM report that says the evidence is not in yet on whether vaccines cause autism.  Note that they are referring to the DTaP, not the mmr.  Maybe that’s why the CDC’s 17 studies are only on the mmr?(Plotkin has made more vaccines than anyone)

    People who say there is tons of studies saying vaccines are safe, don't understand that the IOM looked at all these studies and determined that there is not enough evidence to accept or reject a link between autism and DTaP vaccine.

Another CDC official Admits vaccines could cause autism. 2014.

Some studies that definitively say "vaccines don't cause autism", are all on mmr have problems. The study below is the most recent to have made big headlines in the media. It is full of problems and the media completely ignored them.  See here.


 This new JAMA study says no link between MMR and Autism.  Again, study just looked at MMR vaccine!!! No one looks at the other vaccines, especially the ones with aluminum. Why?
This is a problem study.  Goto bottom of this study, to "Article information." Then see"Corresponding Author" Says they work for Lewin group. Also see "conflicts of interest" lower down. Another works for Optum, see below. 

-  This says Washington post writes that the Lewin group that did another study, was accused of "manipulating data" by the New York attorney General and the AMA.  Lewin group and Optum are both owned by United Health Group,the largest private healthcare insurance company in the US.  Bias there?? Why would they even do this study?? 

- Optum company rebranded recently from Ingenix after paying out for a massive fraud case. 

 Another important point the media completely ignored is that this study 'only looked at the MMR vaccine' to see if vaccines cause autism, one of the few vaccines without aluminum.  Here is a good overall summary of Aluminum and autism, using many of the new studies now out, and showing how the CDC has not done proper research.  ICAN is a anti-vax site, but I believe this is good information, read it.

- Autism is a neurological disorder.

- Autism is a neurological and developmental disorder.

-  Could Autism be an Autoimmune disease?   We know vaccines can cause auto-immune and neurological diseases.

Good article on vaccines and autism from CBS news, and some CDC links on autism at bottom to see both sides of story.


--  Certain children may be more susceptible to vaccines and autism than others. Children with mild mitochondrial defects may be more susceptible to toxins like mercury. 



This is for those who say there is no evidence vaccines may contribut to autism.  This study found boy vaccinated at birth with Hep B had a 3 fold risk of autism compared to boys not vaccinated as neonates. Nonwhite boys bore greater risk.

-A few more studies.  Here4154, and here5534,  and here7042 and here7975, and here2010, and hereHolland, and here7751, and here0178-9, and here0077, and here7682,  and here1113, and here6155 says autism is a neuro developmental disorder. And here2227, and here4154 MMR and autism, and here8439, and here4648, and

This says Heb B vaccine and neurodevelopmental disorders and here as well.

This is a long list of studies someone put together that suggest links between vaccines and autism. This list seems to include some studies with no real link, but there are many good ones here.  I Have not looked at them all.

-The role of inflamation in autism, new science.  And we know vaccines cause inflamation. See here and here and here7209 autism a enviromental disorder and inflamation and pre-natal problems. This says mitocondrial problems and enviromental toxins contribute to autism.

-See next four links, some consider this next one an anti-vax site, I think their data is good, if you see a fact that is wrong please tell me.  

- Acetaminophen and autism. It should not be taken with vaccines.


-  This by Mary Holland lawyer and others. On the VICP program problems and autism, and other issues.  This as well by Mary Holland and others. See page 20 and 33. shows those compensated for encephalitis etc by VICP, many actually had autism, when the parents are phoned later and interviewed. 

    To get VICP compensation, the lawyers say the kid has encephalopathy from the vaccine rather than autism, the courts refuse to look at autism. 

--  Great article from Sheryl Atkinson on why people are still debating vaccines and don’t trust the system.   This link is CBS news and way down the article, says gov paid out to 1322 people for vaccine brain damage.  If you say your damage is brain damage, not autism then you get compensation.  Also says gov does not want to do vaccine safety studies, they are afraid of what they might find. 

-  Great article on vaccines and autism.(the system calls this an anti-vax site)


-  Says overuse of vaccines is causing autism.(read the last sentence of abstract)  2009 paper.  At bottom of this paper he says that "in developed countries, the risk of the vaccines may be greater than the disease". 

--  More on Aluminum and autism.  by Dr. Exely.  Also read section C above on aluminum.

- Human DNA in vaccines may be causing autism and autoimmune reaction.  Mid 1970’s started using aborted fetal cells. Also see "Contaminants" section in Appendix above.

-  Says a child getting a vaccination with a mitochondrial disorder could get autism.  See next link

-   Says most with autism have a mitochondrial disorder, also says autism is a neurodevelompental disorder.

-This study says taking acetaminophen with MMR vaccine can cause autism.

-  This is a anti-vax site but with good info.  This is good info on Hep B vaccine and autism.  If you don't want to believe site, then got to links provided for all the science studies and read them for yourself.


-  This anti-vax site has some good info on autism.  Autism is more likely in kids with a mitochondrial disorder, these kids should not be vaccinated. Good info here on court cases of autism and the VICP.

--   See under heading "Evaluating CDC's tracking System"  It says they are most likely not over-estimating the prevalence of ASD.  then goes on to say that they are actually underestimating.  

-This article from Salon shows how stupid the media can be, read this hilarious article.  First it says Wakefield is the start of the vaccine autism connection, as I showed at top this is not true, then point 4 in article goes on about vaccines dont cause autism while telling us about all the studies that only say MMR does not cause autism. This article goes with all the cliche's repeated over and over, sticking to the Industry script. 

-Another incredible lie from Mainstream media "Business Insider" magazine.  This says "The "Vaxxed" documentary aims to draw a link between vaccines and autism, but it relies on research from a discredited British doctor named Andrew Wakefield".  That is completely untrue, the whole video is actually about the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson and how they faked a vaccine autism study. the magazine article never once mentions that.

-This new study says autism may be an auto-immune disease.(first paragraph)  Then under "Objective" says "Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects 1 in 59 children yet, except for rare genetic causes, the etiology in most ASD remains unknown". 
So this says genetics has only a small role in autism.

-This article quotes study that says autism rates in Sout Korea are twice as high as the US.  Are they just doing a better job of tracking it? The study is linked to at bottom of story.

We know the CDC is trying to change how they count autistic kids to keep the rates down, see here minutes 30:10 to 1:19:15 some call this an anti-vax site but is good info I believe.

-Having read "all" the above, I believe vaccines play a roll in causing autism.

-This 2021 study says "gutbiome plays a role in autism.

-This 2021 study from the CDC says autism is now 1 in 44.

-This news article says there are 100's and 100s of studies saying vaccines dont cause autism, totally dumb article quoting doctors, as I showed above, there are no studies, find me one. This aticle just links to one study that says the MMR does not cause autism, the usual.

-This CDC site shows the steady increase in autism over the years, yearly increases.  This shows further increase in autism to 1 in 33.

-This article says autism rates have surged in the last 3 years to 1 in 30.

-This new study says Acetaminophen or Tylenol can cause developmental delays and autism.

-Good article that debunks some of the mmr/autism studies, and more.

-This article is about law suits and FDA warnings for Tylenol causing autism in newborns.  So Tylenol can cause autism but vaccine can't??

-This 2024 study says the covid vaccine can give rats autism like symptoms.

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