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Maybe those 13% of parents are correct and the ACIP is in the stone age.  Any time a pediatrician is quoted on this vaccines in the media, you get fear mongering. “Your risking the health of everyone!”  Nonsense!  The doctors in the media are paid industry spokesmen. Like this pediatrician.

-  Read second half of this article as this doctor promotes the flu shot. Notice Disclosure statement at bottom of article, “paid spokesman for Merck and Sanofi-Pasteur.  There are dozens of these doctors out there, I would not want one near my kid.

Or this doctor William Schaffner, another paid industry spokesman, maybe the most quoted doctor in the media.

--  Schaffner is a paid Merck consultant says.

--  William Schaffner paid $38,000 by Pfizer and Sanofi Pasteur.

-Another media darling is Dr. Peter Hotez.

-  Hotez works at Texas children hospital centre for “Vaccine Development”. and was president of Sabin vaccine institute.

-’nai-b’rith  These doctors make money off promoting vaccines, you can't trust them.

-Another industry spokes man is Dr.  Paul Offit, the co-inventer of the rotavirus vaccine, and comes out with a lot of twisted science to push vaccines.  This Newsweek article shows us how little you can trust Dr. Paul Offit. This is back in 2008, this would never be revealed today.

8 paragraphs down, this mentions Offit's 10,000 vaccines for one kid idiocy.(ignoring all the aluminum and other crap kid would get).  Then Offit goes on about "it was like winning the lottery) when his rota virus vaccine was recommended by ACIP, and he got $millions for it. 

    Then article says "And he has served as both a paid and unpaid member of a scientific advisory board at Merck, which makes RotaTeq.

    Almost any doctor quoted in the media is a industry spokesman or a HC or CDC rep who has to quote the party line.

- This is an example of Dr Hotez in action.  Again the media uses pharma reps  to try and push vaccines.  If the government wants us to take them serious, quite using Industry spokesman.  Also notice how it always autism they bring up instead of all the other problems vaccines cause.  And it is just measles that's a problem, and then they want to make them all mandatory.
  See links in this article they link to more articles quoting Hotez.


--   Merck backs off on extreme lobbying as parents start a backlash.  Merck is lobbying for forced HPV vaccination in all states, has already succeeded in several states like Texas and Rhode Island. People think if the government says take it, its good for you. They don’t realize the government is bought off and doing Merck’s bidding. HPV is one vaccine that should be canceled.(some say HPV stands for “Help Pay for Vioxx)

- This study shows the incredible lengths Merck went to push the HPV vaccine on the population.

Along with industry spokesmen we have the Industry shill sites like:
-Respectful Insolence with Orac
-Science based Medicine
-Skeptical Raptor -Example of facts missing here.
   There are a number of others.
You will come across these sites as you research vaccines, they trash anyone who questions vaccines in the slightest and are over the top in their zeal defending vaccines.
You can tell when you are on one of these sites usually by the amount of "trash talk" they do in between the biased science they quote.   Usually about a third of their verbage is trash talking anti-vaxers with no real facts.  These sites usually link to each other as proof of something.  Another clue is they are over the top in defending vaccines and never admit to a single problem with vaccines.  You may be fooled the first couple of times you read these sites, but it soon comes clear that they are mostly BS.



-Most of the anti-vax websites are started by a parent with a vaccine injured child.  The system tells the parent the kids injury is just a 'coincidence', vaccines don't harm kids. The parent is of course furious and starts researching.


-My thoughts on this. For a child to get neurological injury like GBS or transverse myelitis, or encephalopathy, something has to happen.  A child can get this from a severe fever, bad case of influenza, a virus(vaccines have virus in them), or other illness or, a vaccine.  But they never get any of these problems just walking down the street.  You are not walking down the street perfectly healthy and suddenly paralyzed or struck with brain damage.  You don't just suddenly get GBS for no reason.

     My point is, there has to be a trigger, this point doctors blindly ignore.  A parent has a perfectly healthy child, takes him in for his 6 month vaccines, gets his 5 doses of vaccines and then hours later child starts having seizures and, or fever or constant screaming. You go back and see doctor and  are told "that is normal" and he will be fine tomorrow.  The next day your kid has lost eye contact and over next few weeks regresses.

   The parent knows it is the vaccines, nothing else happened to the child. The system will deny it is vaccines to it's dying breath, it's a coincidence.   How do you prove it? 

 If the child had had a bad fever or infection before he regressed then I might believe the doctor, but if kid was perfectly healthy, got his vaccines and then regressed, its the vaccines.

    The above scenario plays out thousands of times every year. The doctor is just doing what he was taught to do.  The few 'lucky' parents get compensated with the VICP in the US.


-I believe that many anti-vax sites are approaching this whole issue wrong.  Only about 2% of the population is totally anti-vax, many with a vaccine damaged kid.  And about 18% are some what hesistant but will get most vaccines.   So telling 80% of the population that vaccines are dangerous and should be stopped, is not going to work, they will just look at you like your a nut.

Because these people see some good vaccines have done and are told over and over how fantastic they are and have never seen 'Chart 1' (Tab G), and rarely see the bad vaccines do and the media never reports it.

  I think that it is better to use the approach I have in on this site.  Remember that already about 48% of parents have questions about vaccines.  Help educate parents about delaying some vaccines, skipping others, getting them one at a time, quite the one size fits all approach.  Show them some of the science showing serious vaccine issues. This gets them thinking.  Once parents understand all this, then it will naturally evolve to where it should be. 
    Get rid of mandatory vaccination completely and if someone wants to vaccinate partly, completely, or not at all, that is their choice.  We will not have massive outbreaks any more, we will get a few deaths, but kids will be much healthier.
    I understand people who don't want any vaccines for their kids and think they should have that right. Maybe they are the ones that are correct.  I don't know, I don't have enough accurate information to fully go along with them myself, yet.

- This is one of the largest and more honest anti-vax sites, can get good stuff here.  This was started by a lady with a vaccine damaged kid. Occasionally I can find slight exaggerations or missing info on site.
- I think this is another good site.


There are a number of other good sites that try to stick to the facts.  There is also several really bad sites full of exaggerations and mis-truths.  When you see statements made that do not have supporting links to a reliable source or a scientific study, ignore the site. 


-Who is Andrew Wakefield? 


Dr. Wakefield was the British doctor who did a small case study looking at gastro intestinal problems in kids with autism, 8 of the parents said the kids problems started after the mmr vaccine. Wakefield and others did a study on this. His study found no connection, but he verbally suggested, at a press conference, people might want to go back to the single measles vaccine while this is studied. This caused a major media circus and the retraction of the study.

If anyone wants to show how stupid the media is, this is a good topic.  They never get anything correct about Wakefield.

-  Here is a typical news story that gets little correct, about Wakefield or Jenny McCarthy.  This article starts of by linking to a totally idiotic site, "Jenny Mcarthy body count" which makes no sense, and then accuses Jenny McCarthy of being the main person behind anti-vax movement. How can that be?  She never even started talking about vaccines until 2007.LOL.  And article also says nonsense about Wakefield.  No one would have ever heard of Wakefield if the media had not made a huge deal out of a tiny case study he did.
-  This article about Wakefield is even more silly, it is actually hilarious.  For ex. this article completely misquotes study(see next link). The author never read the study.

   Lets look at the facts.

- This is the full text of study.  Read under "Discussion" he says they found no connection between mmr vaccine and autism.  He says Another doctor had suggested an association, but Wakefield says he never found one.  Then last sentence says most symptoms appeared after the mmr vaccine. Link below is the Abstract of study.


-  This and above link is the infamous study that got Wakefield into so much trouble. Notice there are 12 other doctors signed off on this tiny study. Twelve doctors believed in this study, including Walker Smith, one of the top specialists in the country, that should tell you something.
   After the study was done, the hospital where Wakefield worked held a press conference about the study and Wakefield mentioned verbaly that it might be a good idea to stop using the mmr vaccine and go back to the single measles vaccine while they studied this further.(is that being anti-vax?)  That statement ended his life as he knew it.

Note, this study does not say "vaccines cause autism".  This is just a small case study done for some parents who's autistic kids had gastrointestinal problems and this was Wakefield's field of expertise. 
  The media often says Wakefield faked data to prove vaccines cause autism.  total nonsense, read the study again, you can't fake data that never existed.  There was no data about the mmr causing autism, only a commentary, as that was what the doctors and patients were wondering.
  Whether Wakefield did some bad things, I don't know, but it is obvious much of the case against him was fabricated by Deer. 

-Merck licensed the first MMR vaccine in 1979.​

-  This shows that one of the mmr vaccine was withdrawn in 1992 because it was causing aspect meningitis.  Then a couple of years later an improved version was back in use.

       So this would have already made the public gunshy of the MMR.

Then in 1997 GSK brought in a replacement MMR called Priorix just about when the Wakefield study came out in 1998

Well GSK did not need more MMR vaccine problems, as they bring a new MMR vaccine to market so Wakefield met his end.  (Notice Brian Deer never mentions the previous MMR problems in his documentary, and Wakefield did.)  The Reporter Brian Deer enters the picture and relentlessly goes after Wakefield.  Did GSK get there buddy Rupert Murdock to hire Deer to go after Wakefield?  Murdocks son gets onto GSK's board of directors a few years later.

   The media today say it was all Wakefields fault that there had been a large drop in measles vaccination around that time, and some big measles outbreaks.  But he was only partly to blame.  The previous MMR vaccine problems were partly to blame as well, and also Brian Deer.

   Remember it was Deer who was printing all the stories creating the uproar, not Wakefield. Deer is to blame.
    Even if this little study had been faked, why was there such a huge uproar, there are bad and faked studies done all the time. Even Vioxx where Merck faked data, never got this treatment and they killed 10's of thousands.

   I am not saying Wakefield was totally blameless on everything, I just don't know, but I do know he got screwed overall.  Experts can find faults in any study if it is examined closely enough. His little study got examined by everyone, every little think got nit picked.

   By the way, the Wakefield study that showed a link between gastronomical problems and autism and mmr vaccine component there, has since been proved over and over. See this link.

-’s-lancet-paper-vindicated-–-yet-again  and see next link for more proof.
-  (This is one of the better anti-vax sites) Here is some excerpts from Walker Smiths book "enduring Memories"  he wonders "why he is being pursued so viciously". "Who is behind it he wonders". You can buy the book to verify.


-This shows GSK’s  MMR vaccine was first licensed outside the US in 1997, just before the Wakefield incident, no wonder they were in a panic and destroyed Wakefield.


Deer made a documentary which aired on TV in England. This all happened in England by the way. See his documentary below.

   So it was actually Brian Deer who created the media frenzy over this, not Wakefield. Few would of ever heard of this study if not for Deer.

Everything bad said about Wakefield over the first few years, came from Deer, no one else had anything bad to say about Wakefield from what I can tell.

The complaint to the General Medical Counsel GMC that in the end pulled his license was also filed by Deer, no one else. The GMC bowed to the media.

Now watch the two video's below, they show both sides of the story, which do you believe?


-  This is the documentary made by Deer that was shown to the public and helped discredit Wakefield. Millions saw this video.

 Watch this first and then watch this next video where Wakefield defends himself goes over many of the points raised in Deer's video.(notice comments were disabled for Deer's video, what is he afraid of?)

Also note that Deer accuses Wakefield of trying to make a competing MMR vaccine. Deer's video is the only place you hear this. It was never picked up by the media because they new that was "over the top", and completely untrue.  See video below for the facts on that.  These guys were not vaccine makers and did not have the 100's of millions it takes to make a vaccine and compete with the big boys like Merck and GSK.  Do you seriously think they were going to compete with these guys? There was already single measles vaccine on market.

Between minutes 11:00 and 14:00 is quite funny as Deer tries to make something out of Wakefield and the hospitals patent applications. Why does Deer blur everything so you cant read them?   First Deer has Wakefield making a new MMR vaccine, then he is making a cure for inflamatory bowel disease,(how can Wakefield be doing both, just making a vaccine is a monumental 10 year, Billion$ commmitment).   Pause video at min 11:05 and you can just make out "Transfer factor" which is what he was actually making(more below on this).

      It is all very funny as Deer manufactures the narrative he wants. At min13:47 Deer shows some experts the patent applications and they say it not make sense, thats because he is not making a mmr vaccine. Where as back at min 11:40 a experts aid he was making a vacicine?? How can Wakefield get inverstors and make a vaccine if he does not know how to make one. Deer is very good at what he does.

Once you realize this whole thing about Wakefiled making a MMR vaccine is nonsense, then you got to wonder about the rest of the video. 
   IMPORTANT: Note that Deer's video never once shows you the actual patent applications, he blur's them and you only see a few words at a time, never complete sentences. Not once does Deer show you the full sheet of paper so you can read it. But you do see the patent application # GB2325856 and when you goto Wakefield's video(min 40:15 below), he shows the full patent page with this number and you can actually read it and see he is correct and Deer is wrong, which explains why Deer blurred it. And listen to Wakefields explanation as well.  He is not making a mmr vaccine, but exactly what the abstract of application says. A Transfer factor, something from the Colostrum of breast milk.


- This video is Wakefield defending himself with some supporting facts and documents. Read carefully the patent that shows he was not making a competing mmr vaccine(minute 40:10), and listen to his explanation, which makes sense.  See the words "Transfer factor"(made from the colostrum of breast milk) and the rest, you have to enlarge slightly to read it. This is the most compelling evidence to show that Deer is faking and twisting facts, and Wakefield is correct.

Up to this point in Wakefield's career, you can see he was never against vaccines.


-Note the 12 authors did not suddenly change there mind and retract the paper, that would be weird. I am sure they all felt like running for the hills after seeing what happened to Wakefield.  After years of controversy, 10 of them got together and wrote a letter saying that they stand by the study, but retract the comment that MMR is connected to autism.

- This is the retraction letter. (create free account)

This sums up what I have said. The actual study never said MMR causes autism.  It was Wakefield at a press conference that insinuated that there might be a link and that is when all hell broke loose.


-  This shows there were worries about vaccines and Autism long before Wakefield of 1998, this is a 1976 study.  Yet the media keeps saying it is all Wakefield's fault the vaccine autism link, totally untrue as you can see. 

Note: last sentence of this study says "Vaccination is recognized as having a starter function for the onset of autism.


Also minute 37 of above Wakefield video states that just before his study came out there had already been a  public scare about the mmr vaccine causing meningitis.(see next link)  This is true and vaccine was pulled for a couple years until they fixed the vaccine. So public was already worried about this vaccine. Proof in next link. Read 3rd paragraph here.  (So the last thing GSK and Merck wanted was another mmr scare, hence Brian Deer)

-  This 2006 study shows Wakefield study proved correct by US researchers. Says another study done in Dublin in 2001 also proved Wakefield correct, and since 2006 there has been a number of others. This article also quotes a study that shows Wakefield correct, 2002 article. I have not seen the study, dont know how good it is.


IMPORTANT: Read this court decision on Dr. Walker Smith. Remember Walker Smith and Wakefield were the two main authors of study.  The GMC or General Medical Counsel had revoked Walker Smith and Wakefields medical licenses.

- This is the court decision when Dr. Walker Smith got his medical license reinstated.  The judge  criticized the disciplinary panel's "inadequate and superficial reasoning and, in a number of instances, a wrong conclusion". 

 The GMC had bowed to media and Industry pressure to remove licenses rather than reason.  This should also all apply to Wakefield, but he could not get coverage to pay for the expensive court case. Note that this article said it took 217 days, one of the longest disciplinary hearing ever.
-  More on Walker Smith. Says the case against Walker Smith was "superficial and inadequate"

-   Rupert Murdocks son was on GSK's board of directors 2009 to 2012 and left in a scandal of phone hacking.
Watson of UK labour party says "Murdock must be the first mafia boss in history who did not know he was running a criminal enterprise."


-   See here for more facts on Wakefield and Deer.This is one reason why few doctors will do vaccine safety studies now.  They are afraid of getting "Wakefielded".

-Another article on the Wakefield mess, by "informed choice Washington".


-  This article is by Dr Wakefield himself and explains the whole fiasco in his words, all fully referenced at bottom. Make of it what you will.

Who is the Celebrity- Jenny McCarthy? 


-Remember, the CDC and media say that celebrities and anti-vax sites are misleading us. Jenny you are mis-leading me!  Although I am not sure how?


While doing this research, I would often see comments on vaccines like, "look at the science don't listen to Jenny McCarthy" JM.  Of course the person making the comment has never looked at any science and has no idea who JM is, their just quoting dogma heard over and over.  All I knew is she talks about vaccines and autism and she did a spread in Playboy.

     So I did what 99% of people do not do. I looked her up, did some research. Starting with Wikipedia, a source I use with caution. The tone of this wiki article is negative to her.

     Wiki says she got $20,000 for playboy and then $100,000 for playmate of the year, this also jump started a paying career in hosting and acting.  I say good for her. I would have done the same in her shoes. If men are stupid enough to pay big money to see some boobs, I say go for it.

   I am sure the puritans can't stand it. These are the same people who are happy to bomb innocent civilians in Iraq, yet condemn a person for showing a boob. I say make love, not war.

   Then I watched a few YouTube videos with her and read a few articles, and soon realized most of what I heard about her is nonsense. She is not anti-vax for starters. See this, hear it from her own mouth. Also see here.

-  She is saying the same as me, we have too many vaccines and not all kids can handle the current schedule, especially the crazy US schedule.  As video said, this is not a black and white issue.  She has a child with autism that she, like many other parents believe vaccines caused her kids autism.  I am not going to fault her for that.

 Now I read people are saying her kid never had autism, it was something else.   So blame it on the doctors who "misdiagnosed the child".  Anyways that just sounds like social media nonsense, the consensus is the kid had autism. Whatever, she feels the kid was damaged by vaccines, and she was rightfully upset about it.


She has her own radio talk show now and talks about a variety of topics, not sure if she talks about vaccines at all. Some of her shows are on YouTube.

    She is obviously a bright articulate person. You can't be dumb and run your own talk show.  You have to be quick and on the ball to handle everything people say while live on air.

 I admire her courage for putting up with all the crap she got for going public about vaccines and autism. She said what she believed in even though it damaged her career.

 After researching her, I must say, I like her, and believe she has got a raw deal from the corporate sponsored media who's biggest advertisers are pharma and the sheep that follow their lead.




- This shows vaccine schedules for past years, when new


-vaccines were added.

-  ADEM caused by and mmr and some other vaccines. 

-  Vaccines and autoimmune diseases in adults.

-  Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the hosts immune system by repeated immunization.

-  ADEM is usually precipitated by a viral infection or vaccination.


-  Autoimmunity caused by vaccines.


- Read this white paper on terrible vaccine safety and testing, ever fact is referenced to government sources.

Has both English and Italian report.
Italy army report on vaccines and adverse events. Starts page 117. read page 143, says multiple vaccines could be a problem, and should do individulized assessment.(everyone is different). Says should not give more than 5 monovalent vaccines at one time(these are full grown men, not 15lb infants. Page 144, says a man should not get more than 5 vaccines a in a single solution, like a pentavalent vaccine, or you get side effects. 
The US kids schedule has the 6 month old infant getting 5 vaccines.

Page 119 express concern about side effects and next paragraph about all the aluminum, and concerned about autoimmune diseases.  Page 127 and on shows the list of adverse events.

Read first paragraph of page 142, says particular vaccination practices can lead to arthritis, lupus and another 6 serious problems, this page has more vaccine problems, nhl.


-  Link below comes from here. read rest of the links here.  This is the 2017 cochrane report on the EMA European Medicines Agency was hiding safety data on the HPV vaccine. and the european Ombudsman supporting the EMA. 

-  This link talks about the Nature magazine trash article.(word search “letterhead” Cochran report also mentions how Japan uptake of HPV went from 80% to 1% and Denmark went from 74% to 31%, And in the US they want to make it mandatory, like Texas just did.

    This is a long damming report. The EMA director had a number of drug company patents.

Page 19 says they use a different type of aluminum in the HPV vaccine.  See bottom page 11 of this, says the same thing that happened to Vioxx is happening to HPV, same coverup. and next page says all studies are from the industry. Read page 12 “Are the Vaccines Safe” Wow scary. how they switched from a saline placebo to a aluminum placebo to hide bad side effects. Also shows how they hid the data like for Vioxx.

  UK Alzheimers society is funded by Eli lilly(page 15)

FDA is also accused of being completely corrupt.

HPV vaccine has made 25 Billion Euro’s so far(page 5)

Get page numbers of where they say are hiding adverse events and what they were.  Page 53 says FDA is corrupt and untrustworthy and Vioxx killed 120,000 people.  FDA commissioner who approved Vioxx then went to work for Merck, after $90,000 fine.

page 54 shows another example of how crooked the EMA is uses flu shot and narcolepsy in europe and how it covers it up.  Also says a culture has been established of where you cannot critize vaccines(page 54)

-  EMA puts industry before patients.

-  Here is Nature magazine defending the EMA Sounds like a Merck HPV commercial. Notice article only mentions DR Blinth, Nature article does not mention that there is 5 top doctors including 2 Cochrane report directors had signed the complaint against the EMA. 


-  This is court case verdict.  Courts says Infants vaccines contributed to kid dying of SIDS. read conclusion at end. 

- Aluminum and thimerosal in early life and developmental vulnerability.


-  This talks about how dangerous it is for a scientist to publish anything negative about vaccines.

-  Says vaccine maybe causing some diseases to evolve and become more dangerous.  Especially some of the new vaccines for malaria, HIV and anthrax "are designed such that they could encourage these pathogens to become more dangerous."

-  Says some vaccines could drive the evolution of more virulent pathogens. 
This is already happening with the pnumonoccal vaccine see Links 94 and 95.

This article from NBC news says Prevnar vaccine is boosting superbugs.

-  Can vaccination cause type one diabetes? Is there a link this wonders?

- This shows why paediatricians do not want parents who do not vaccinate in their practice.  And shows how much money they make in the US for vaccinated all their kids.


-   This is a huge work on all the problems of vaccines, over a thousand links here.  I have not gone through it all.  If you need more information, have a read of this.  This was done by a doctor.


- This 2018 article from the FDA, shows that getting a 3rd dose of the mumps vaccine only lasts a few months and should not be recommended.  Also says the mumps vaccine has mostly worn off by college years. So to those who are pushing a 3rd dose of mmr vaccine on us, this says there is no point, won't work. They are trying to find a better vaccine. 
    Then this talks a bit about the poor pertussis vaccine. 5th paragraph under whooping cough section Says those vaccinated may not get symptoms of disease but can still get infected and infect others including infants.

-  This 2016 study says 3rd dose of MMR vaccine not very effective, not worth while.  This8738  says the same.


-  Says "Our findings provide additional support to the hypothesis that infections by most common childhood pathogens may protect against HL or, at least, be correlated with some other early exposure, which may lower the risk of HL in adulthood. In addition, our study shows that measles may provide a protective effect against NHL.(NHL=Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma)

This study4437, says the same.  Getting infectious diseases protect against cancer.

Here is another study0323, says the same.

-This study8853, wonders about the fact that a significant number of the women who got carcinoma of the ovary had never had measles, mumps or rubela.

-This2188 study says getting measles and mumps makes you less likely to die of cardiovascular disease. 

 This3543 says vaccination can significantly increase risk for Lupus(SLE) and rheumatoid arthritis.  This5001 says "Measles infection may protect against allergic disease.

-This 2023 study says non-live vaccines causes a higher mortality rate than the targeted disease.

-  This study says "This nationwide cohort study provides no support of the proposed protective effect of childhood vaccination against childhood".  This is for those who try to say vaccination is protective(pharma studies?)

-This link, see page 15, shows that pediatricians get a $400 payout per child from the insurance company for each fully immunized child.  (These are illegal kick-back schemes)Notice there is 24 injections your kid must get by the age of two for your doctor to get his kickback.  This, page 4 shows your doctor gets a $50 payment for giving your kid a flu shot.

-This link shows MMR vaccine linked to type 1 diabetes.​ Vinu Arumugham

-This link shows WHO vaccines prices, minimum and maximum for 3rd world.

-This new study says BCG vaccine decreases risk of lung cancer, BUT the second sentence under Abstract says "Previous studies found increased rates of lymphoma and leukemia in BCG-vaccinated populations".

-This article says "Parents who don't vaccinate kids tend to be affluent, better educated, experts say". Then article goes on and ignores what it just said and talks about how stupid these parents are for not vaccinating. So it contradicts itself. The article never mentions all the serious problems with vaccines that the educated parents have discovered and everything else on this website.  Then article loses all credibility by quoting Dr. Peter Hotez, a well know industry spokesman, whom I discussed above on this page.

-   Here is a vaccine guide, package inserts, ingredients and much more.

-This links to a video from NIH in the US, is a debate about whether to stop vaccinating for smallpox, is and eyeopener about the disease.  Note  that with hindsight we now know the doctor who wanted to stop vaccinating for smallpox was correct.

-This CBC news story "says antidepressant use up 36% from 2012 to 2016 in kids under 18", are too many vaccines causing developmental problems in our kids?  How many can they take?

-This article in National Post says "about 70,000 patients a year experience preventable, serious injury as a result of treatments"  also says "as many as 23,000 Canadian adults die annually because of preventable “adverse events” in acute-care hospitals alone".
Also says there is alot of lying and a lot of coverup.

-This is package inserts for all Canadian vaccines.

-This shows that most epidemiology studies are junk science. And this. Says they are the worst form of study.

-This is good article on Non-specfice harms and benefits of vaccines. About Aaby and Christine Stabell Benn

-This article from the BMJ shows new malaria vaccine from GSK only 36% effective if get a 2nd dose and causes lots of meningitis and other serious side effects.

-This Canada link shows only 33% of adults have had a TDaP vaccine, where are the epidemics?

-This CDC link says Smallpox vaccine will kill 1 to 2 per million and 14 to 52 people in  a million will have a life threatening reaction.  1 in 1000 serious event and 1 in 3 to sick to go to work.

-This says GSK's only Vaccine manufacturing plant in Canada has a problem with bacterial contamination and must fix it.

-This says a "New Yale study links vaccines to mental disorders."  Then as usual they say the results are not definitive, so lets just ignore them.

-This shows SAR's vaccine dangerous and studies here8458 and here7688, back it up. And here6382,

-This from the BMJ says the new Malaria vaccine is doing clinical trials on un-suspecting people in Africa. And this is on 39% effective, vaccines causes twice as many deaths in females compared to those who get no vaccine, and a 10 times greater chance of getting meningitis, and a increased risk of cerebral malaria. See Pages 3 and 4 here to back above up(From GSK via WHO).

-This says "Alzheimers and dementia has tripled among adults aged 30 to 64".  Too many vaccines? Yearly flu shots?

-This0546 Says Japan has the least vaccines and live the longest and healthiest.

-This is vaccine uptake of kids in Canada 2017

-Corona virus vaccine, dont get it until much later, see here. Says rushing vaccine is risky, says "For instance, during tests of some earlier vaccines against SARS and MERS, which are similar to the recent coronavirus, some animals developed so-called immune enhancement, meaning they got sicker when exposed to the virus than unvaccinated animals". 

This also happened with new dengue vaccine. COV-19.

-This is the Kiggs study comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated.  They used only 94 people in vaccinated side and 17,500 on vaccinated side, and said found no difference. They also said were not sure how many of the 94 may have had some vaccines.  They also did not look at autoimmune or neurological diseases.

If you look at fig 3 under table 2 it looks like the vaccinated had more atopic disease, and more allergic rhinitis in Table 2.

-This article from the WHO on Hepatitis C says  "Around 30% (15–45%) of infected persons spontaneously clear the virus within 6 months of infection without any treatment.  So do we really need everyone risking the vaccine?

-This link is Stats Canada leading causes of death.

-This is 1991 IOM Report

-This is 2013 IOM Report  Says on page 11 "In addition, the conditions of concern to some stakeholders, such as immuno- logic, neurologic, and developmental problems, are illnesses and conditions for which etiologies, in general, are not well understood." 

read all of page 11, many concerns here. Entire vaccination schedule has not been evaluated properly.

-This link is to the movie Vaxxed2. 

-This says "vaccination errors occur in about 27-35% of all vaccinations, age errors and dosage errors are common. More here9495 Wrong vaccines given.

-This article explains that just because your body no longer has antibodies to a disease does not mean you are no longer immune.  Says body remembers how to make more antibodies if it is exposed to the disease again. 

-This says 1 in 3 pediatricians in the US dismiss unvaccinated kids from their practice.

-This says infant mortality way down during Covid19 in US. Because they are not getting all their vaccines like the insane Hep B at birth vaccine?? Less SIDS?  

-Links with Timothy Caulfield: Trust in science here, and here, and here and here shows he gets paid $5000 to speak.



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