This site is for: 

-Those “on the fence” about vaccines.


-Those wondering if there is too many vaccines or if we should get them one at a time or delay them etc.

-The growing number of “vaccine-hesitant” people(That is Health Canada’s Word, I dislike it)

-Those who want to know how safe vaccines are and much more.

-If you are a “pro-vaxer” who believes we should blindly do what Health Canada says, this site is not for you.


I have put a lot of information here and have been struggling to keep a balance between both sides of the vaccination issue.  It has been difficult.  When I go back and read through this site, it sounds a bit anti-vax, even though I am not.

I have done a lot of re-editing, and it still needs work.


I am sure there are mistakes, but I hope it gets people thinking. Vaccination is not a simple, all or nothing issue. Each vaccine is different, with it’s own pro’s and con’s.

There are so many “bumper sticker” phrases out there now. The media uses them in every article on vaccination. Most of them are wrong or partly wrong.  Things like. “The science is settled”,   “Vaccines are our greatest achievement”. I will be tackling these.

-I have written this site for Canadians and Americans, as we are so intertwined and refer to US and Canadian data throughout.

-Also will be looking at, are there too many vaccines, delaying 'some', getting them one at a time, and skipping some.  And push for new and safer vaccines.

-Is it a good thing that we have gone from giving 7 vaccines to our kids in 1985 to 16 different vaccines today and many boosters?  Is there too many now?

-Most people are blindly pro-vaccine, I say blindly because 95% of them know nothing about vaccines beyond the standard dogma they have learned in school. How many hundreds of hours have you researched vaccines?(and we are not talking about listening to celebrities or or a few media headlines.)  


Who am I? 

A retired technician who started off just looking if he should get a flu shot. That was in 2014. What a rabbit hole that turned into. This became an amazing project to keep the mind active. 

    As I researched the flu shot, I was constantly sidetracked by other vaccine controversy's, and fascinated by the incredible amount of nonsense spewed on both sides of this issue.  I finally decided to do a website on the whole vaccine issue, not just the flu shot.

    No one pays me to do this, I don't have ad's on the site. This website costs a small yearly fee to host which I pay out of my own pocket, it is a hobby.

    Mandatory vaccination is coming in everywhere.  This really concerns me. France and Italy just brought it in and the rest of Europe is looking at it as well.  

California and several other states have removed all exemptions except medical, you must get 10 vaccines. On the tail of California’s mandatory vaccination bill, several other states have tried, some succeeded and others failed, largely due to more organized resistance. 

    New Brunswick just tried to bring in full on mandatory vaccination and failed just barely with a government vote of 20 to 22 votes.Here.

 No matter how good vaccination is. It should never be mandatory.  That is part of the problem, and why we are NOT getting the major investments needed to improve our vaccines.  The only money being spent is on "more" vaccines.

  Most countries now have some kind of vaccine mandates.  If a vaccine is mandatory to use, why would pharma bother spending the money to fix them or improve them, there mandatory, you have to take them.  And once there mandatory they can just keep adding more and more to the list.

 I have put my years of research onto this site. I have read every study that I find that is not behind a "pay wall", I have read Health Canada and US CDC websites and most anti-vax sites to understand all sides of the issues.

Have a go. Start off with the "Home page" tab.

 Frank Parker toffles3344@outlook.com

Not my real name, am to afraid to give it.


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