Are Vaccines big Money now?



    See next link for vaccine price list. Several of the newer vaccines are well over $100 a shot and they only cost 1 to $4 to produce. 

#20.  Here is the price list for today’s vaccines. Chicken pox or Varicella vaccine $110,  HPV vaccine $160, Rotavirus vaccine $115, pneumococcal vaccine $130. How can something be a money loser that cost $4.00 to make and sells for $120.

     A couple of the oldest vaccines are around $13 to $20 for the CDC and $30 in the private sector.

    You may say "so what pharma has a right to make a profit". True, but this is to show these are not just profits, there 'massive' profits.  How many industries make over 50% profit? Vaccines are 200% to 1000% profit.  They will say and do anything to maintain these profits. Billions are at stake. They have the money to buy your legislators, CDC and control the media. The media makes more money off pharma advertising than any other source. The LA Times was recently bought by a pharma billionaire.

They spend more money lobbying governments than any other industry.  And here, shows pharma spends double what oil and gas spends on lobbying.



    This says: "today, it costs 68 times more to fully immunize a child than it did in 2001".  GSK has made $30 Billion since 2009 on the pneumococcal vaccine alone.($130 a child) 


#19.  This 2009 article says. flu shot costs $1 to make and has gone from $2 dollars a shot to $8(now $18, is a 2009 article) a shot, a healthy profit(See 5th paragraph under heading "How vaccines are sold and prices set"). 

Shows how vaccines have become big business and prices rising fast. Vaccines have gone from money losers 20 years ago and are now big money and have become top money makers for the few vaccine makers left. 

19a.  This 2018 report shows that 3 vaccines, Gardasil, MMRll and pneumovax 23, are the number 3rd, 5th and 8th top money making products for Merck.

19b- This shows the Global vaccine market has gone from 32 $Billion in 2014 to 49 Billion in 2018 and expected to be 60 $billion in 2020.   Don’t tell me vaccines are not profitable!


19c.  The Financial Times says "Vaccines are among pharma's biggest selling products. 

Phizer says the pneumonia, meningitis pneumococcus vaccine is it’s biggest money maker now, making $6.2 Billion last year at $115 a shot, and costs only a few dollars to make.  Also see link #49.



    This 2019 article says a Vaccine Prevnar 13 is Phizer's top money maker.  Since 2015 has made 23 Billion dollars. They raised the price 5 to 8% annually, faster than inflation.  This vaccine is more profitable than Viagra, another of their products. 

-This from Reuters news shows in 2019 for Merck, vaccines are driving it's profits. Is making even more money off HPV vaccine and the measles vaccine.

-This 2019 article says the Influenza vaccine was worth $3.96 Billion dollars in 2018 in expected to be a $6.2 Billion dollar market by 2026.

-To those who saw that ridiculous CBC Marketplace sitcom here, called "Anti-vaxxers exposed", where the producer says vaccines dont make much money because there Patents have expired should read this from the WHO about Patents. This explains why few make vaccines.  Read page 14, the biggest problem to making vaccines is lack of expertise. 

Also say's vaccine are protected by multiple patents.  A vaccine plant is also a huge investment.  There is good reason there are only a handful of manufactures in the first world.

    Ever notice that we do not buy any of our vaccines from China or India, two big vaccine makers. The reason is we don't trust them. Vaccines are incredibly complicated to make and to keep DNA contaminants out and other contaminates is very complicated.  China has had numerous scandals in its vaccine manufacturing,Google it.  You do not want a place where officials can be bought off making your vaccines for you children.

    All the vaccines your kid gets are made by GSK, Merck, Sanofi, Pfizer and Seqirus.  If the patents are off as the Marketplace producer said, where are the dozens of new companies making them??  You see, she if full of nonsense, like everything else they said in that video.


     I hear over and over "pharma does not make any money off vaccines".  Absolute nonsense!   Yes that was true 20-25 years ago.  Now vaccines are blockbuster money makers.

 It can cost anywhere from 300 million to 1.5 Billion to bring a new vaccine to market, that can be recouped in 6 months. 

    As you go through the links below, you will see that vaccines are now among pharma's top moneymakers now.  Phizer says the pneumococcus vaccine is it's biggest money maker now, making 6.2 $billion last year. ($115 a shot and costs 2 or 3 dollars to make.)