Covid-19 Vaccines


I will just discuss the Pfizer BioNTech mRNA vaccine-BNT162b2

as everything I say about this vaccine also applies to the Moderna

mRNA vaccine as well.


This is the phase 3 clinical trial for the Pfizer vaccine.

Note that the completion date is Jan 27, 2023!!

So they cut the clinical trial short by 2 years. Also, notice the Clinical

Trial says "No Results Posted" at the Results tab. How could they, the

trial was not completed. Same with Moderna vaccine.

The media and our health officials say there were no short cuts taken and everything done properly.


How can that be true? As I just showed, approval to use the vaccine was given 2 years before the trials were to be completed. The clinical trials for both vaccines also had weak endpoints. As this article in the British Medical Journal describes. Here, and here.

These vaccines only have "Emergency Authorization" use. This is the fact sheet for the recipient of the vaccine in the US. Page 3 Says "the Pfizer vaccine is an Unapproved vaccine", it only has Emergency Use. It also says "the duration of protection is unknown". Side effects are on page 3 and it shows what they dont know about the vaccine.

I do not want to take a rushed, unapproved vaccine for a disease that is highly unlikely to kill me. I will wait and see. Is that irrational?

Pages 5 and 6 explain "Emergency use" and that the product has NOT gone thru a proper review and is only for emergency use.


This is the Canadian package insert. Page 1 Says the product only has authorization under an "interim" order. Not approval. Page 13 shows the severe side effects, like some needing intravenous hydration after severe diarrhea. These vaccines have emergency approval only because we are in desperate need of something. The world's economy's are crashing and they are willing to try anything, "cross