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                  Covid-19 Vaccines

      Adding to this page as we get more info.



This is the phase 3 clinical trial for the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

Note that the completion date is Jan 27, 2023!!

So they cut the clinical trial short by 2 years. Also, notice the Clinical

Trial says "No Results Posted" at the Results tab. How could they, the

trial was not completed. Same with Moderna vaccine.

The media and our health officials say there were no short cuts taken and everything done properly.


How can that be true? As I just showed, approval to use the vaccine was given 2 years before the trials were to be completed. The clinical trials for both vaccines also had weak endpoints. As this article in the British Medical Journal describes. Here, and here.

These vaccines only have "Emergency Authorization" use. This is the fact sheet for the recipient of the vaccine in the US. Page 3 Says "the Pfizer vaccine is an Unapproved vaccine", it only has Emergency Use. It also says "the duration of protection is unknown". Side effects are on page 3 and it shows what they dont know about the vaccine.

I do not want to take a rushed, unapproved vaccine for a disease that is highly unlikely to kill me. I will wait and see. Is that irrational?

Pages 5 and 6 explain "Emergency use" and that the product has NOT gone thru a proper review and is only for emergency use.

-We need to know that these vaccines are effective for at least a year, do we need a booster, do they work on variants, how long does protection last, is vaccine-enhanced disease an issue,  any other long term safety issues, especially with boosters. Are they actually effective as the clinical trials say, do they work will in all age groups.


-None of the Covid vaccines are approved yet. The only have "Interim approval for emergency use", as this nicely shows.

    Health Canada officials and our media keep saying they are "approved" when they are not. Full approval is a year or two away when we know more about these shots.

- We cannot trust our media. The Canadian mainstream media is supporting Health Canada in there "selling" of the new Covid vaccines to us. Like Health Canada, they are reporting almost nothing about all the incredible amount of side effects from these new shot. See below for more on side effects.  

The Canadian media never mentions that the shots only have emergency authorization.  The rule is you only say good things about the shots so you do not frighten people.

The Canadian media rarely discusses the fact that 30 to 60% of the younger people do not want the shot right now.  Latest BC poll here Mar 8 2021. 63% said will get the shot.  This says 50 to 73% of firemen and police officers are refusing the Covid shots for now.


-This Health Canada site keeps a running total of the reported side effects, both serious and non-serious.  I believe there is huge under-reporting here. See next point.

-This is BC's reporting site, see page 30.  When this was first reported on Feb 4, BC had 55 serious adverse events and the Health Canada HC site above reported only 68 serious adverse events for all of Canada, obviously huge under-reporting. 

This CMAJ report says "extremely serious reactions are under-reported by s much as 96%

-This article reports as of Mar 2, 2021  Says there was 966 deaths from covid vaccine out of 42 million vaccinations.  We know that VAERS reports are not proven, but when the flu shot has 100 times less deaths, something is wrong!!

The influenza vaccine in 2019 had only 45 deaths out for 160 million vaccinations!!  The VAERS reports data you can check the data yourself if you dont believe the article. I checked VAERS myself a month or so earlier and there were already over 300 deaths reported. The flu shot death reports are correct as well, is similar to what I have seen previous year when I checked.

    So these rushed to market vaccines have more serious side effects than any other vaccine by far.

Note, this video shows how to use VAERS. This is not a great source for info, but he does do a good job of showing how to use VAERS.  HC and our media do not want you to know this.

BUT you can use this new site which transcribes all VAERS data to this site and it is much easier to read, you can also see all the individual reports. There has never been so many reports on a single vaccine before.

-This and This shows many deaths of seniors in Norway and Germany withing a few days of getting Covid shots. Is always hard to prove it and they always deny.  This was definitely a covid vaccine death in the US, yet the CDC still denys any deaths.

-This NEJM study shows .8% get large local  reactions to the shots and last 3 to 4 days. See pictures.

-Austria suspends Astra-Zeneca vaccine after a "bad batch" causes a death and 1 serious injury. Then other countries suspend this vaccine, here. More here and.

-This says Israel had 9535 side effects reported out of 4.7 million 1st doses and 153 were serious.   And there was 8743 out of 3.4 million 2nd doses of which 162 were serious. That is 1 serious event per 20,987 reported. How much under-reporting is there?

    Some of the serious events reported were "blurred vision, inflammation of the pulmonary pleura (that allow optimal expansion and contraction of the lung during breathing), inflammation of the heart, heart attack or even liver damage" and also says about 700 had neurological issues, 73 had Bells Palsy, 23 had convulsions, 14 had loss of consciousness.


-This says Astra-Zeneca vaccine causing much fever and side effects many workers booking off sick. The media always says your ok in 12 hours, but I read many stories of people being bed ridden for several days. Next link

-This has one lady in bed for 3 days from side effects. Article says Experts say "what happened to here is common". She says here vaccine symptoms were worse than getting Covid which she had.

-Can use this CDC site to compare the Pfizer and Moderna side effects.

-This is Dr. Bonnie Henry saying that out of 120,000 doses there were 10 anaphalaxis cases.  Or one in 12,000. You will see them later say anaphalaxis is only 4 in a million.  She also says "another 16 suffered allergic reactions and 1 bells palsy case".

-This CBC article Mar 9th describes 10 vaccinated residents and 2 staff got covid well after vaccination, several had there 2nd dose as well.  Dr Henry says shot not stop transmission.

-This says "Covid vaccine side effects up to 3 times more in those that covid before.  Also says maybe 2nd dose not necessary in those that had covid".

-This article says side effects can be similar to cancer, swollen lymph nodes for 2 to 4 weeks.

-There is also concern that the vaccine itself may trigger new variants as this says and this also says that a long delay between 1st and 2nd dose can trigger a variant. More here and here.

More on this here and here and here, from a world expert, PHD Geert Vinden Bossche, says we should stop vaccinating immediately, listen to him what do you think, says we should not be vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic, will create dangerous variants.

-When your Health Officials tell you that those who are incapacitated for 3 days right after their 2nd dose that that is you immune system responding, that is nonsense. This vaccine takes 2 weeks to build immunity.  It is the insult to your body that your system is fighting, the injection of polyethylene glycol, the lipid nano particles or the polysorbat 80 and ethanol, etc in the AZ shot. it is reacting to the foreign ingredients. 

-This CDC link allows you to compare the side effects between Pfizer and Moderna shots.

-We have all seen constant contradictory science on the pandemic and the vaccines, experts contradicting each other, you dont know what to beleive. Example, this Mar 10 article says the UK b117 variant is much more deadly and this large study says the b117 variant is not more dangerous at all, but is more contagious.

-SHOULD THEY be telling people to get vaccinated if they have already had Covid-19?

No they should not be!

-This shows only 1% are getting re-infected.  This also says it is very rare to get re-infected. 

Our officials say "well we dont know how long protection lasts",  true but we dont know how long protection lasts with the vaccine either. 

BUT we do know that natural protection always last as long as vaccine protection or longer, or much longer. Can you tell me one vaccine where that is not true?

So telling people who had covid to get vaccinated is ridiculous and maybe even unsafe if they still have covid and:

THIS says those that had covid have 3 times more chance of side effects from the vaccine.  And some small studies now say they should only get one dose as this says.

Same story here.



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