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Appendix  A.


    A- Contaminates, Retro-viruses,  Cancer, cell-lines in live vaccines
    B- Aluminum in Vaccines


"This is a work in progress"  

You will also notice a few references in this appendix to what some call "anti-vax sites.  But I only present the info backed with science, and considering that two third's of the so called peer reviewed studies out there are no better than tobacco science, don't complain, as this from the BMJ says, see here, read first two paragraphs.

-I hesitated putting out all the information below it is scary, and I don't want to frighten people from vaccinating, but we will never get safer vaccines made until we, the people, start pushing for them.  So you need to know this.



Doing this research I was stunned to find most of our vaccines have minute contaminants in them that are almost impossible to get rid of. 

Retro-viruses also contaminate some of our cell lines used to make vaccines, as in the Rotavirus vaccine.(links Below)  Some of these retroviruses cause cancer in animal studies.

As you read through this you realize how little they know about all this. Our science has not caught up yet.

Back in Tab E, I showed this link, a group of scientists want to try and figure had how vaccines really work.  They say "most of what happens in our body is a black box", there are reactions happening all over our body from vaccines.
Science still has a lot to learn about vaccines and the immune system.

   Last year I read the studies about how they have finally realized that growing the flu vaccine on eggs makes the flu vaccine mutate and become less effective.  My first thought was "they only discovered that now! This was 2017. And if they had known about it, why hadn't they done something about it years ago?  Eggs are cheap?
Shows how bad vaccine science is once again.

After reading the links below, you realize the jury is still out on whether some vaccines can cause cancer down the road.  You realize it is an incredibly complicated issue, the experts are still learning and the experts often disagree. 
We are giving vaccines to people without knowing exactly what we are doing, yes it prevents measles. I won't die of measles or polio, but will I die of cancer caused by the vaccine, or auto-immune disease?  This from the FDA shows they are worried about retro viruses in vaccines causing cancers.  Some of the cell lines they use to grow to make vaccines are  tumorigenic,  they form tumours when injected into rodents.(3rd Paragraph).  Says "the viruses could become active under vaccine manufacturing conditions". The MMR would be one of these vaccines to worry about.

-  This shows they have found retro viruses in MMR vaccine(3rd paragraph down) and yellow fever vaccine. Seems the testing they have is not good enough yet.  The MMR came out in mid 1980’s they did not have the same technology then. Have we caused any cancers?

-  Good writeup on vaccines and retro-viruses.

--  Says "all vaccines contain contaminating residual DNA". Further down says "whether this DNA can cause tumours in vaccine recipients has been debated for 50 years without resolution".   (I suspect it is true, I know the CDC and Industry would not want people to think vaccines can cause some cancers, that would do the unthinkable - Destroy the vaccination program, they must keep it quiet.  But until we talk about, it is not going to get fixed.  Should we go back to just the original 7 vaccines for now?)

-This also says DNA fragments in vaccines, but is harmless as cant combine. True?  Then this mentions study where they calculated risk of cancer from DNA fragments.  they say it is only 1 in a billion, but can we trust them to get the amounts correct?

-This is a package insert for Proquad MMRV vaccine. page 16 under Description says "residual components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and protein; 5mcg of neomycin, bovine serumalbumin(0.5mcg)", so vaccine does contain human DNA. There are still doctors out there that try to deny this, all the above links prove they are wrong.

-This says childhood cancer rates rising.  Leukemia up 35% and NHL up 34%

-Is this why many kids get Non HodgeKins Lympoma?  Vaccines are preventing our kids from getting measles etc, which makes them more prone to NHL, see these 3 studies.  Says "Our findings provide additional support to the hypothesis that infections by most common childhood pathogens may protect against HL or, at least, be correlated with some other early exposure, which may lower the risk of HL in adulthood. In addition, our study shows that measles may provide a protective effect against NHL.(NHL=Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma)

This study4437, says the same.  Getting infectious diseases protect against cancer.

-Here is another study0323, says the same, get less cancers.

-This4899 study says vaccinated people had more lymphosarcoma and Hodgkin's disease.

-This9946 says same, more Hodgkins Lymphoma in vaccinees. And here4598.

-This2188 says "Measles and mumps, especially in case of both infections, were associated with lower risks of mortality from cardiovasular disease".   Maybe if we just gave the measles vaccine and let kids get chickenpox and measles we would get alot less cancers?  Separate the measles vaccine out of the mmr like it use to be.

-This article titled "Plagued by Cures" wonders if doing nothing at all is better than preventing the disease because of down the road consequences.

-  Leukaemia in humans and other Cell lines from vaccines. Contaminants found.

They are worried about XMRV virus in some of the cell lines used to make vaccines like the VERO, HEK-293 and MRC-5 in mmr vaccine and others.  Shows there is little room for error, how often do then not manage to purify properly, very complicated. 

-   Talks about how difficult it is to keep contaminants out of vaccines.  (Shows you should get as few vaccines as possible, as you risk getting a contaminated vaccine, hard to control.)  

-=  This from CBS news shows new evidence and info regarding vaccines and autism.  Is human DNA used in many vaccines causing serious problems?  Also has some other links here.

   Also says "A number of independent scientists have said they've been subjected to orchestrated campaigns to discredit them when their research exposed vaccine safety issues, especially if it veered into the topic of autism".

-No vaccines have been evaluated for carcinogenicity.  This is stated in all the package inserts.  Here is an example for Infanrix DTaP vaccine.  See page 15 line 324.  I suspect there is a reason they do not evaluate for carcinogenicity.(because they know the answer?)


- Vero cell lines used in vaccines can cause tumours in mice, and newborn mice were much more prone to cancer. Much is still unknown.  Vero cells are in many vaccines.


-  Says, Childhood cancers on the rise, and the highest rise is in the youngest. A 54% increase in kids under age one.  Then says "no apparent explanation for this."


-  Cell associated Mumps Vaccine virus in chronic encephalitis.


-  Cell lines are easily contaminated and detection is difficult.(I keep wondering do they really know what they are doing? How much at risk are we?)


- Retrovirus contamination found in Measles Mumps vaccine and Yellow fever vaccine. Read first sentence.

Then says "low risk" of transmission of these viruses. (What is low?)


-  More on retroviruses and reverse transcriptase activity in live vaccines. Are we at the limit of our technology? Do we really know what we are doing? This link and others here make me wonder.

-  Influenza vaccine may be one of the causes of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

-   Says "Risk of childhood leukemia associated with vaccination, infection, and medication use in childhood".

-  This is list of vaccine ingredients. Goto Rotavirus Vaccine and you see this vaccine is contaminated with PCV1 and PCV2 Porcine Circo virus. They say it is safe, but is it, the fact is they know little about this, as the next link shows.

See this, are these virus's safe?

-  This shows problems with the PCV-1 virus that contaminants the Rotavirus vaccine.  Under "figure 1", this says PCV2 is associated with severe disease, it targets lymph nodes and causes immunosuppression in pigs. They say there is a vaccine or pigs that have the PCV-2 virus.  Further down this it mentions Rotavirus vaccine.

-  Simian virus can infect humans. "Since the emergence of pathogenic viruses upon cross-species infection is well documented for several retro-viruses, it is prudent to take precautions."  I hope they know what they are doing.


- This 2017 study used scanning electron microscopes and found most vaccines have minute contaminants in them.  This study says these contaminants could be the cause of many vaccine adverse events like SIDS and many immune diseases. Read "Discussion". These particles also cause continuous inflammation for long term problems. Is this another factor to add to the risk/benefit ratio of the flu shot? 

-.  Is in French, use Google translate. Read page 8, the Conclusion.  This French study finds contaminants in Vaccines, but says they are very small,(whats too small?) This study is from European medicine agency trying to discredit Gatti study above.(and they still found contaminants)
- He stands by his work.

-.  This is similar to above study, vaccine contaminants.

-  This stress’s how important it is to monitor the vaccine making process of cell lines because then have a potentially strong tumorigenic character.  Reading all this, I would not want to ever get a vaccine made in a country with corrupt quality control like India or China currently.  They both have had major vaccine manufacturing scandals lately.  This  New York Times article also says China cheated on quality control and also says is their 3rd vaccine scandal since 2010. And says there have been persistent safety problems.

-  This shows the MMR vaccine is also contaminated with  endogenous avian retrovirus. And here4852.

This also talks about this contaminant in measles vaccine and Rotavirus vaccine.   Also see here for more on this.  This also says many vaccines are contaminated, good article covering many of the contaminants, with references. This is a good article on the different cell lines and their ability to cause tumors.  And this, says vaccine technology and out pacing ability to predict adverse events.

This is a private website, with lots of info on this topic.  From the World Health Organization, Scary, First page says, "unexpected adventitious agents found in biologic products"(vaccines).  Second page says vaccines are contaminated.  Cell lines can become contaminated. Contaminants have been in vaccines for years, but could not detect with old technology.

About 9 pages in confirms that the SV40 Simian monkey virus had been in the polio vaccine.(contaminated millions)  Also says Rotavirus vaccine contaminated.(see next section on SV40)


Read this article for a good introduction to this issue, rather then me repeat. it.- Read all of this amazing article on SV40. This says from 1955 to 1963, 98 million Americans alone were probably exposed to SV40.  This also says a new report raises fears that hundreds of millions of Eastern Europeans, Asians and Africans may also have been exposed to SV40, and Soviet made polio vaccines and could have been contaminated until the 1980’s.  I would assume Canadians would have got this as well. 
May be causing brain cancers.

      Also says “despite 44 years of medical debate, studies have yet to establish conclusively if SV40 has, or has not caused cancers in people”.(2nd paragraph) (many scientists now seem to think it does.)

    Further down this says scientists were punished for bringing this up in the US.
Then read last paragraph, thought provoking.


-  Wiki says SV40 is a DNA virus that can cause tumours in animals and persists as a latent infection. Between 1955 and 1963 90% of children and 60% of adults in the US were inoculated with SV-40 contaminated polio vaccine.  it was difficult to test until they invented PVR. Also says they have seen SV40 in tumors in humans.


-  Read all of first paragraph. SV40 can cause brain cancer.  At bottom of this study, read reference 102 and others.

- Says "SV40 is significantly associated with some types of Non Hodgkins Lymphomas". 8 doctors signed this. Also says "These results add lymphomas to the type of human cancers associated with SV40."

-  Says SV-40 is causing cancers.

- SV40 causing cancer in mice.



  This site has a long list of studies that show risk of cancer from Cell lines and SV40.  Rather than me list them separately, they are here if you need more proof.

--  This shows that some oral poliovirus vaccines may still be contaminated with SV40 after 1961. Some manufactures are not doing a good job, and that there vaccines were given throughout the world.

--  By link 67 this says that Hepatitas A vaccine was also contaminated with SV40.  this also says in “conclusion” that IOM and others say that the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a casual relationship between SV40 and cancer, but then goes on to say SV40 could lead to cancer. then has many links to other studies.




-  Contaminants in the Hep B vaccine may be causing MS through molecular mimicry?
Some articles evidenced that minor Hepatitis B virus (HBV) polymerase proteins could be produced by alternative transcriptional or translational strategies. Their detection is very difficult because they are in minute concentration and probably enzymatically inactive, however, it was shown that they could be exposed on the outside of the virus particles and also be immunogenic.-

-  Conclusion of this says:


"The data indicate the systematic presence of partially particle-associated retroviral reverse transcriptase in attenuated live virus vaccines that are produced in chicken-derived cells. The identification and further characterization of these particles, as well as the elucidation of possible interactions with the human organism are imperative goals despite the fact that these vaccines have been safely used for many years."  

Last sentence says used "safely for many years", This sentence is just dogma, you don't want to be painted as an anti-vaxer.  Remember there are not studies looking at long term problems, and 50% of kids now have chronic health problems, and cancers.


- 2010 article. The novel human retrovirus xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) is arguably the most controversial virus of this moment.

We hypothesize that mouse cells or human cell lines used for vaccine production could have been contaminated with a replicating variant of the XMRV precursors encoded by the mouse genome.  This has been discovered in person with prostate cancer and in chronic fatigue syndrome.

  For more on XMRV, click some of the links on rite of this study.  There havew been since studies that deny XMRV in vaccines and say the the other studies had contimated results. So is it serious, are they just covering it up?  I dont know.


-   Here is a good primer on XMRV and retro-viruses. Nothing on vaccines here.

-This6779 study shows some pet vaccines contaminated with RD-114 retrovirus. Says "RD-114 virus may induce immunosuppression as well as proliferative diseases such as leukemia/lymphoma.



- Up until a few years ago there were no good studies of aluminum safety and vaccines, even thought it has been used in vaccines since before the 1960's.  The CDC refers to only one study on their website.(see first link below)   And the CDC's only other defence that it is safe is "aluminum has been used in vaccines for over 60 years.(no, it's been causing harm for 60 years, you know that if you have read this site.)

Aluminum is a neuro-toxin and should be removed from all vaccines.  Read below and you will see there is overwhelming evidence that it is dangerous at vaccine levels.

-Almost all studies on aluminum Adjuvants I find are on how they work, none on safety, that is always lowest priority.

-Aluminum is a known neurotoxin, see hereherehere and here    and here9161,  aluminum in neurological disease. Over half the kid's vaccines have aluminum in them.

-Aluminum phosphate,  aluminum hydroxide, aluminum sulphate are used in a number of vaccines given to infants. Including the Hep A and Hep B, all the DTaP containing vaccines, the Hib, the pnumonoccal, Men B vaccine, and the HPV vaccine given to teens.


-Before I show you a ton of science showing serious problems with Aluminum in vaccines, let's see what the CDC has to say, to be fair and balanced.


     This talks about aluminum and what vaccines you find it in.  Then it has a link called "research on aluminum exposure in vaccines". I clicked it expecting to find many studies.

 One, there is just one study!!!  The infamous old Mitkus study from  2011, that has been debunked over and over, read this study, it is poor, it also refers to the old "Keith" study, which only looked at 'ingested' aluminum.  This is how they decide aluminum is safe to inject in your newborn kid!  Here is 2 studies debunking the Mitkus and Keith studies, here3380 explains problems with aluminum and some studies. and here

 There is actually one other study the CDC could have put here and that is the new 2018 Korwowski study, it is pharma funded as well, and is linked and debunked below. Or maybe they did not use it because they know it is a bad study.

-  This is the WHO showing why they think Aluminum is safe.  They quote no studies, saying aluminum is safe, and debunk 2 other studies that say it is not. And quote some FDA limits.  That's it!!! This is the limit of their science saying aluminum is safe?

-This is What HEALTH CANADA says about aluminum,  see "Aluminum" heading, says "There is less aluminum in vaccines than the amount found in breast milk or infant formula".  So they do not know the difference between injected aluminum and ingested aluminum. 

    First there is very little aluminum in breast milk, but some infant formulas have lots of aluminum, see here, and you should stop using it immediately until you find a safe brand. 

    Tell me, how does it make sense to say "well its okay to get aluminum in vaccines because there is lots in infant formula?? It all adds up!! You want as little as possible, especially in a infant!!   This shows there is much more aluminum in formula than breast milk, thought it ignores the fact injecting and ingestion are totally different(because is Dr. Paul Offits site), see here   and see "Vaccine Papers" site below. 

-This shows too much aluminium in Infant formula.   This  2019 study says still nothing has been done about the dangerous amounts of aluminum in infant formula, then says it did find some high-end formula's with minimal aluminum showing it can be done. 

-This is what Immunize BC says about aluminum safety.  Shows they know little about the topic.  They ignore all the science and just show us "paid industry spokesman" Paul Offits nonsense on aluminum. 


-How Aluminum adjuvants work.

From what I have read, our experts still do not really know how aluminum adjuvants work.  Here is some of what I understand.

The antigen is absorbed onto the  aluminum adjuvant and keeps it working for a long time. 

Antigens adsorbed via ligand exchange mechanism are slowly released from the adjuvant following exposure to interstitial fluid after injection. It is actually all very complicated and alot is happening, read the articles I link to here.

-This1578 is an article in Nature on how aluminum adjuvants work and some problems.

-This7301 article also explains how aluminum adjuvants work. And here and here0406.

   Link 0406 under heading "Safety of aluminum containing adjuvants" Says "The data indicated that 17% of AH and 51% of AP was released into the blood circulation over a 28 day period".   This is for those that say the aluminum is gone from the body in a day or two, they are thinking of 'ingested' aluminum.

-Some of it may stay at the injection site and cause macrophagic myofasciitis. 

You may also say "well the vaccines are tested" Yes but those years of testing are all done by pharma, and we have 99% under-reporting of side effects.(Home page)  And no tracking of long term harm at all.

Now read the "real" science below.


-One silly statement you hear over and over is,  "Aluminum is safe because you get far more aluminum in your diet than you do from vaccines". That is true, but what they don't say, is that  when you eat or ingest aluminum, most of it excreted out of the body. When you get aluminum "injected", most of it stays in the body and aluminum can pass thru the blood brain barrier, especially with the help of polysorbat 80 also found in the vaccine.(science below)
   Also if your kid is getting lots of aluminum in his diet, and they say he is getting too much, why would you want to give him even more by injecting more into his bloodstream??

(Am finding there is much more to all this, read the VaccinePapers link below.)
-Another silly line you hear is "infant formula has more aluminum in it than vaccines". LOL. Then you should stop given your kid infant formula "immediately", and just breast feed. Anyways, that is ingested, not injected.  See here breast milk has far less aluminum.

-This5573 talks about aluminum and oil-based adjuvants. Under point 4, last paragraph it says:  "For example, aluminum or oil emulsions can form long-term tissue depots and this has been postulated to cause chronic toxic effects. However, detection of chronic toxicity and determination of any causal relationship can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, due to the long delays between disease onset and environmental exposure, e.g. immunization, which may have occurred decades later".


 Early child vaccines used thimerosal, or ethyl mercury.  Also before the 1980's, there was little controlled tracking of adverse events. The old DTP vaccines was famous for them.

Mercury was taken out of US child vaccines around 2001 except some some flu shots, but aluminum has always been used in some of the vaccines.  Both are neuro-toxins.

Note the mercury is still used in the production of some vaccines but is removed leaving allowable trace amounts, which are not that insignificant.


There is more science coming out now on dangers of aluminum in vaccines, read through the links below. The first two links below are doing a good job of getting all the science on this and explain it much better than I can, so read these sites.

- Aluminum adjuvants are used in vaccines because then they can use less of the antigen which is expensive, using an adjuvant to kick up your immune response is cheaper than adding more antigen. See here, this 1980 study also says " To date, the question of adjuvant safety has not been resolved and represents the major obstacle to the orderly development of adjuvanted vaccines", this is still true today.

-  This attempts to describe what happens to aluminum adjuvants when injected into body. It is Paul Offits site, and is all wrong. It is amazing what he gets away with. See my section above describing how alum adjuvant works.

- This shows the maximum amount of Aluminum recommended by the FDA for someone getting parental, meaning IV nutrition.  Is 25 micrograms per liter. (and should this be even less for an infant?) Then read toxic warning at bottom of this.

One vaccine has typically 125 to 1200 micrograms of aluminum depending on vaccine. If your in the US, your newborn baby gets a Hep B vaccine with 125 micrograms.   

     I don't care how many studies you show me, I think that is insane.

This is a must-read site.  This is much of the science is. Here is some scientists studying all the available science on aluminum adjuvants and vaccines. Very worrisome what they have found. See links, read the science rather than read me.
      This site also debunks the 2 or 3 silly studies the CDC and others quote.


-- Some good research on Aluminum and vaccines. Many studies here. May have some duplicates of the Vaccine Papers site.

This new 2018 Korwowski study is the only other studies that says aluminum is safe and jumped on by the Pro-vax bloggers. It is a pharma funded study as I show here. And it is debunked in the 

-  This 2018 study say's aluminum in vaccines is fine.  So I looked for the funding source of this study. (  Same study.)

Financial disclosure shows study got funding* from the Gerber Foundation.  Who is Gerber foundation?(caution this is study is pharma funded.) See next two links.

-    See third paragraph: "The company merged with Sandoz Ltd in 1997 and its name changed to Gerber Foundation".  So who is Sandoz Ltd. See next link

 -  A Novartis Division- is a division of Novartis Group a “global leader in generic pharmaceuticals. Sandoz is one of the largest makers of injectable products.(They do not want aluminum to be a problem)

All large companies do charity work, even Monsanto and Merck. This is an example of how pharma hides funding, doctors will be fooled who read this study.

-  Read comments at bottom of this piece. Vaccine Papers debunks the above alum study. 

      *Also note that some funding of above aluminum study also comes from the Agency of Toxic Substances and Diseases or ATSDR. Scroll way in this link to "Quality of Work" heading. Says has been investigated by congress several times. "Time and time again ATSDR appears to avoid confronting the most obvious toxic culprits that harm the health of local communities throughout the nation. Instead, they deny, delay, minimize, trivialize or ignore legitimate concerns". There main problem is they are hugely under-funded and under-staffed. (Are they just a token presence and there to give study legitimacy?)



  Here is a new 2018 study showing that infants under 6 months are receiving far more "injected" aluminum than the FDA recommends. (Another reason to delay as many vaccines as you can.(Americans, never Heb B at birth)  

Says aluminum levels in vaccine is based on immune efficacy and ignore body weight for safety. And other critical mistakes have been made in dosing levels.  

 Says "Our calculations show that the levels of aluminum suggested by the currently used limits place infants at risk of acute, repeated, and possibly chronic exposures of toxic levels of aluminum in modern vaccine schedules". 

 -Studies are now showing that certain products like polysorbat 80 found in the same aluminum containing vaccine, binds with the aluminum to help it cross the BBBarrier.   Note that some cancer drugs use polysorbat 80 for this reason, see here under table 1, and here.


- Aluminum adjuvants is associated with social impairment in mice.  Shaw study

-  This was written in 2017 and shows we really have no knowledge on how safe aluminum adjuvants are.  There is little data available on all the problems this neurotoxin is causing around the body.

   How many long term problems are we causing?

Remember 50% of our kids now have at least one chronic problem.(Home page)

- This shows the  smallest amounts of aluminum can cause developmental problems.  Says "of all the metal sulfates analyzed, aluminum sulfate showed by far the greatest ability to induce intracellular ROS"

- Watch this video from minute 32:00.  This is an interview of Dr, Chris Exley a world expert on aluminum.  After 30 years of studying aluminum, his career drifted to aluminum in vaccines research and he brings up an important point.  You can get no research money if you are looking at vaccine safety of any kind, so have to rely on organizations like CMRSI for funding, linked just above.(Children Medical Research Safety Institute)

    All the studies out there saying vaccines are great, have been funded by industry one way or another.  The FDA, CDC and ACIP all get there science from the industry, so their decisions are based on slanted science.


-  This is from the FDA.  This is about limiting the amount of aluminum injected in or kids from parenteral nutrition packs to 25 micrograms, due to Morbidity and mortality among patients(Page 1).  “Parental” means “given other than oraly”, like injected or like an IV.

    There is 250 micrograms of aluminum in the Hep B vaccine injected at birth in American infants!!  DTaP vaccine has 625 micrograms of aluminum given to infant at 2,4 and 6 months old, and Hep A has 225micrograms of aluminum.

     This is far beyond FDA limits and given all at once, not over a period of time. And what if kid is also getting the treatment this treatment described in this FDA article at the same time!!


 Bottom of Page 2 says when medication with aluminum is given “orally”, the gastrointestinal tract acts as an efficient barrier to the absorption of aluminum, and little aluminum reaches body tissues, however when parenterally administered, which is injected, the aluminum circulates and is deposited in human tissues.”  Page 3 says they want to limit therapy products to 25micrograms of aluminum per litre.  And that includes solutions and sterile water for “Injection”

Page 12 says a warning should be put on box,  “daily parental intake(parental intake is by injection or IV) of greater than 5 micrograms of aluminum has been associated with nervous system and bone toxicity”. Page 11 suggests limiting aluminum to 5 micrograms a day, but say can’t do that because manufactures could not do this. (so lets give you kid 25 micrograms a litre and hope for the best!!)  The Hep B vaccine that the US gives to new born infants is 250 micrograms of aluminum.  For a 8 lb baby! Then at his 2 month he get about 700 to 1200micrograms of aluminum, all at once, in 3 different vaccines.  Many can handle it, how many can’t?

- This is 2017. Cochrane doing a study on aluminum adjuvants. Read last paragraph of first section called “Background”  talks about some serious adverse events.

   Then gives a good explanation of aluminum adjuvants and different types. scary.

Under heading “How intervention might work”  says recent data shows aluminum can cross the blood-brain barrier.  As you read through all this you realize how complicated it is and how little our experts know.

    It also says there are no studies that adequately address safety of aluminum.(last paragraph under "Why it is Important to do this review")

-  Read comments at end of the study.


This is about aluminum adjuvants and Autism and the CDC. Some call this an Anti-vax site.

-- This says aluminum adjuvant has been used for decades, but there is little understanding of the mechanism of action. They don't know how it works,  or if there is long term damage. 

This is also about the new adjuvant CpG adjuvant 1018

-- Aluminum and vaccines causes autoimmune diseases.


This 2018 Mold and Exely study shows aluminum linked to autism.

- Aluminum Adjuvant linked to gulf war illness.

-  Aluminum is a neurotoxin and can alter the function of the blood brain barrier.

-.  Says aluminum is a neuro toxin.
-$=activity Aluminum in vaccines causing Crohn's disease?


-  Says aluminum adjuvants can collect in lymph nodes and brain, crosses blood brain barrier. Other worrisome issues here as well. 5 authors.

 HERE ARE 18 MORE STUDIES showing serious problems with aluminum adjuvants and vaccines.(and showing last 4 numbers of Pubmed Link)

-Here 4667, and here 5051, and here 4437, and here4564 and here 5795, and here 8645, and here1899 and here4811 and  here 8400 says no good science on aluminum safety. 

 -This study0089 shows how Aluminum salts stay under skin and cause long term problems.  And here1090 is 2019 study serious problems, by Gherardi and others.

    And here is some more.  Here7010, and here2584, and here6821, and here8630,  and here11-79 and  here5784 too much aluminum from James lyon Weiler.

-This 2019 study9838 says "Myalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome following immunization: macrophagic myofasciitis and animal studies support linkage to aluminum adjuvant".  Also says  " Instead of being rapidly solubilized in the extracellular space, injected aluminum particles are quickly captured by immune cells and transported to distant organs and the brain where they elicit an inflammatory response and exert selective low dose long-term neurotoxicity."   They did a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study with gulf war soldiers to prove the above.  

Note that there are more studies on serious problems with aluminum in vaccines than I have shown on this site.

This study2615,  shows can get persistent itching nodules after aluminum containing vaccines and can last up to 5 years, also get contact allergy to aluminum. It does not start immediatly so is probably not recognized as a vaccine reaction by most.

This8884 says aluminum adjuvants are responsible for vaccine-enhanced severe RSV disease. 

-This 2018 study says "vaccine adjuvants, such as aluminum, can promote allergies in genetically predisposed populations".   Note that I have more studies linking the aluminum containing DTaP vaccine to allergies and asthma as well under the DTaP tab.

-These next 3 studies/ articles, are about how aluminum caused "Dialysis associated encephalopathy.  They have since fixed this problem by removing the aluminum, but this also shows what aluminum does to the brain. See herehere, and here.

-This article talks about how 95% of baby foods are contaminated with heavy metals like lead, cadium, arsenic and mercury.  Then says "even the trace amounts of heavy metals found in baby food can “alter the developing brain and erode a child’s IQ".  What!! so metals in baby is baby, but "injected" aluminum in vaccines is perfectly fine???

-More on this here


- This is really scary. It says “Parental feeding(feeding intravenously)of 4 or 5ug of aluminum has been shown to "Result in Neurodevelopmental Delay" in preterm infants, however an infant at the 2 month checkup receives multiple aluminum containing vaccines as high a s 1225ug, this is much higher aluminum dose than the safely recommend intravenous aluminum dose.”    

   So this says intravenous feeding of 4 or 5 ug/kg/d of aluminum causes developmental delays.  And are concerned that an infant gets 1225ug of aluminum all at once in a vaccine. 

   So they do this stupid study, looking at only the infants aluminum levels in urine and and blood, one day after, and saw no increase, so determined the vaccines is OK!!  Though they did see a significant decrease in minerals in the baby. 

   Did they just forget that 5ug per day was causing developmental delays?(study here)  If they found nothing then they are doing something wrong. Injected aluminum does not change aluminum urine levels or blood levels, because aluminum phosphate and aluminum hydroxide are particulates and do not dissolve, it stays up near the injection sight and slowly move around.

-New study2690 from the CDC, 2022, says aluminum in vax increases risk of asthma by 36%

-This 2020 study0864 says kids get asthma and exzema from adjuvanted vaccines, especially if they got more than 1 vaccine.

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