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What is the actual risk from vaccines?

-We know vaccines have saved many lives,

but we need to know the risk.

If there was no risk from vaccine there would be no

controversy, this website would be pointless, and we

would get all vaccines and be quiet. 

-Unfortunately there is risk, like any medical intervention has.

So how much of a risk is there? We need to known that to make

an informed decision. 

This section took a lot of work.    
You won't see most of the science below on the CDC and HC websites, "protect the vaccination program" at all costs. 

       "Side effects are not rare, just rarely acknowledged"

-We are told, "the disease is much more dangerous than the vaccine". That may be true, but the fact is I dont think there is enough data to make that claim.  We have little idea of long term harm of giving an infant so many injections.  No one will do the badly needed vaccinated versus un-vaccinated study.

      There are things to make vaccines safer in the meantime, like get shots one at a time and skip or delay several of them. 


The biggest fear of vaccines is side effects, or Adverse Events. We take vaccines because we figure the benefits out weigh the risks.  But infectious diseases are mostly gone and it is time to seriously adjust the kids vaccination schedule. 
     HC and the CDC have adverse event tracking systems, but they have 95 to 99% under-reporting(Links 24 and 26 on the Home page), so they don't know how many there are.  "Nobody reports", your not a "team player" if you do. This new study as well, massive under-reporting.

-What is the definition of a "Serious Adverse Event"?  A serious adverse event in drug trials or a medical setting, is any medical occurrence that results in death, is life-threatening, requires in-patient hospitalization or results in persistent or significant disability.
   Most vaccine and drug studies use this term. 

This explains difference between common, rare and very rare side effects(page 10), and what serious adverse events are, and what other medical terms are. 

-Health Canada and the CDC teach our doctors that "Serious adverse events are 1 in a million".  Below I highlighted in green, all science that shows that statement is not true. Starts at link #60.

You may be thinking that I am full of it, you never see anything in the media on adverse events or vaccine problems.  

   That's because they don't print anything negative about vaccines.  "To protect the vaccination program".  As I said in the Introduction, goto YouTube and type in "Vaccine injured child".

Some people say "well wouldn't we have "sense" of something wrong if there were lots of adverse events"?  I say no, and to prove it, see this link, says there is up to 23,000 deaths a year in Canada from preventable adverse events in acute hospital care alone, and 70,000 serious preventable injuries.

This says well over 200,000 deaths in the US from mistakes. Do you notice these deaths?

-While doing my research, I noticed that the media only reports favorable studies on vaccines.  Here is an example:  I saw this new 2018 study come out, done by the long respected Kaiser Permanente, that said, "the flu shot looses 16% effectiveness every 28 days". That’s big news.  Nothing in the mainstream media, not a peep.  I have seen this scenario over and over.  See this link for study.

Or see this link for another example of a 2018 study that should of made some news. Says children are more likely to get an acute respiratory illness if they get a flu shot.

Yet the media will print endless inane stories, telling you to get a flu shot.

   This is why you think vaccines are great, the media only prints good things.  You don’t see those thousands of parents stories in the media about their "vaccine injured child".  "Protect the vaccination program at all costs".  Most anti-vaxers are parents with what they believe is a vaccine injured child. 

      Having said all the above, the majority of kids will get their shots with no obvious side effects. Serious events are not that common. But, it is the long term problems that are the real worry and are not obvious, Read through the links again on the 'Home' page, about the 50% of kids with chronic health problems and developmental disorders.(read link 71g below)

#56.-  Here is quote about 3 paragraphs from bottom, when Readers Digest asks US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebeliu, “What can be done about public mistrust of vaccines?”  She say’s Quote:   “We have reached out to media outlets to try to get them to not give the views of "these people" equal weight in their reporting.

#56a.-.  This is the list of ingredients for each US vaccine. It is hard to imagine, but we happily inject all this stuff into 2 month old infants.

-This is ingredients list for Canadian vaccines, Note they do not say how much aluminum or type, or mention WI-38 and MRC-5 cell lines. The US CDC is more honest than Canada.

-The first clue that vaccines can cause harm is that the US and many other modern countries, except Canada, have a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, or VICP.(Quebec has a mickey mouse program)   If there were no vaccine injuries, we would not need a VICP program.

    This program was created in 1986 in the US, when vaccine makers threatened to stop making vaccines because they were getting sued so much, especially the old DTP vaccine was causing so much damage.  So congress gave vaccine makers protection from being sued, and recognizing that vaccines do sometimes cause serious damage, they created the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, VICP and it is funded by a .70 cents surcharge on every vaccine sold.

The injuries listed in VICP are only a small portion of injuries.  Even though the burden of proof is lower in this court, you still have to prove the vaccine caused the injury. Then they pay you, but, to "protect the vaccination program" and pharma, they never admit the vaccine caused the injury. They also pay for your lawyer.  There are serious problems with this program, here, in is not doing what it is suppose to. This article and here, says in the last 15 years only 1 injury in 10 is paid out.


      They only pay out for certain injuries. look at the “Injury Table” on VICP website here: 

#57. ,  you will see vaccine  injuries like, encephalitis(brain damage), chronic arthritis and death to name a few.  The program has paid out over  $4.2 Billion since 1988.

-This  from Congress, shows that under the direction of HHS, they have approved changes that substantially restrict compensation coverage, this is in 1999.  Program started in 1986. See page 2 near top.  Page 3 explains how program started. Pages 5 and 6 explain IOM report and how poor vaccine safety science is.

-Another clue there are serious side effects. Canada has a special department to handle difficult vaccine adverse events, called SIC  See here.


#58. This is one of the law firms that does VICP work.  This shows 6 deaths from GBS from the flu shot, and over 500 hundred serious vaccine injuries they got compensation for. This is just one of 140 law firms doing VICP work.  Note that the DTaP vaccine has the most injuries after the flu shot. The flu shot is yearly so would have more. More here

#58a.  This lists 140 firms that do VICP work.  Vaccine Injuries can't be that rare if there are 140 firms doing this work.

-The VICP program shows that for  about every million people vaccinated, about 1 gets a injury compensation.  This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many cannot pay, or willing to risk paying the $400 filing fee when you are not guaranteed a win.  Many people do not know about VICP, many do not connect their kids loss of eye contact or autoimmune disease to the vaccine as it often happens days or weeks later, and their doctor always says " the vaccine could not have done that, its a coincidence."

     It also takes an average of 2 to 5 years for a claim to get adjudicated.

-This Gov of Canada page on first page under abstract results says there is 1.1 SAE's per 100,000.

The Canadian Pediatric Society says "for every 80,000 children vaccinated there will be one permanently injury”.  Read last sentence in this article.

#59.  1 in 80,000 is not 1 in a million is it.
I believe this number is a large under estimate. Keep reading.
     Most doctors are not aware of the injury rate from vaccines, they are just told vaccines are safe and the chance of injury is one in a million or less. Ask your doctor if you don't believe this. 

    Above article also mentions US VICP program and that in Canada you can sue, but you will never win. Also says, "that GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of the H1N1 vaccine, would not bring its product to market unless it was protected from potential lawsuits, a demand that was met by Canada".

 -  Some call this an anti-vax site. But the fact is they drove around the US for a year and collected thousands of stories of vaccine injured children from the mothers who came forward. They are all here, see over 7000 sad stories here.  The new movie Vaxxed ll "The peoples speak" just coming out.

-   This site has hundredes of studies showing vaccine problems.

 #60.-  Page1 right side, says mmr vaccine has 3.2 "serious" events per 100,000 and the majority are neurological or allergic. That's 1 in 30,000 for just one vaccine. This4371 study goes with this article.

-For people who say vaccines don't cause neurologic injuries, see this Health Canada link. See figure 2 shows 8% of serious adverse events are neurologic. (Remember the 95% under-reporting)

-This1383 study from Merck for new Hep A vaccine says there is .1% had a Serious Adverse event, that is 1 in a 1000 for kids 12 to 23 months old.

-  On page 55 near bottom of conclusion, this says "I have concluded, after review of the evidence, that it is more likely than not that the vaccines played a substantial causal role in the death of J.B. without the effect of which he would not have died. The role of inflammatory cytokines as neuro-modulators in the infant medulla has been well described and is likely the reason for a significant number of SIDS deaths occurring in conjunction with mild infection".  2017 court VICP court case.  Page 2 says infant got DTaP,  polio, rotavirus and pcv vaccines and that the vaccines substantially contributed to kids death. SIDS

This says about 1 in 2000 infants die of SIDS in Canada, there is 380,000 births so about 190 SIDS cases a year. How many are caused by multiple vaccines in one visit. More SIDS info here as well.

-Read this older 2003 article from the Guardian in Britain. This article is more forthcoming than you see in our media today. Read about all the serious side effects reported on the MMR and DTP and Hib vaccines.  This also confirms what I have said, 4th paragraph from bottom. Quote: "that doctors are told vaccines don't cause problems".  Story after story of child going in for his vaccines and gets seizures and doctor saying "cant be the vaccine", even though these side effects are listed on the package insert.

#61a.    We need medical schools to start teaching doctors that vaccines can cause serious side effects, and it is not one in a million.  The mother gets no help from the system.

   You can see why article like the above, are not printed in our media today. It would seriously handi-cap the vaccination program. But if we hide everything, how will we fix it??

-Here is a short YouTube video of an infant getting 3 injections of his 6 or 7 vaccines.  He just got injected with, aluminum, formaldehyde,  phenoxyethanol, vero cells, Polysorbat 80 and more.  I cringe when I watch this. They say, environmental reasons are why 50% of our kids now have at least 1 chronic disease.  Is this the most drastic environmental thing your kid encounters in his first two years? These 3 shots should be spread over 3 months minimum and even better, delay 2 of them a year or more.(Tab N) 

-This website has many links to vaccine safety problem studies.





The MMR vaccine is the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine

     Link #61b, shows what can happen if you get measles, and the rest of the links show problems with the vaccine. The vaccine is important, but if we delay it a couple of years, it is much safer for the child.

     This link shows the risk if you actually get measles.
#61b.   Click on complications tab. Says for every child who gets measles, 1 in 10 will have ear infections or pneumonia, and 1 in 1000 cases will get measles encephalitis or brain damage, and 1 in 3000 cases will result in death. Is this data accurate today? or is this old data from the 1930's??  This says the  case fatality rate in the UK is 1 in 2500 to 5000, and Canada had 5 deaths out of 10,000 cases.(Did they count all cases?)

   Do these events happen more often than side effects from the vaccine? Do we need the vaccine?  Now that the disease is under control, can we mitigate the side effects of the vaccine.(see section I below) Like delaying certain vaccines and getting them one at a time.

Don't let the fear mongers get to you, there is a few hundred measles cases a year in the US, usually confined to an area, that is nothing in a country of 300 million. About 20% of the people who get measles are vaccinated as well. Do you personally know anyone who got measles?  Did anyone die in the Disney land measles outbreak? No.  It is safe to delay this vaccine a year. If there is a rare outbreak in your area, then maybe don't. 

-This shows history of measles in Canada, outbreaks and 1 to 2 doses.

-This shows how Health Canada mis-represents data. This public page only tells us measles deaths in the worst year of the century in 1920's, does not say deaths had dropped dramatically as time went by.

-This and this, show that almost half the people who got measles in B.C. in 2019 where fully vaccinated. 

-This shows that in 2015 almost half the 11 measles cases were vaccinated. Is everyone that got exposed to the person with measles getting measles, vaccinated or not? Half of them?

And this CTV news story shows that in 2011, 52 out of the 98 measles cases were fully vaccinated.  Also says the vaccine may be more effective if first shot delayed to 15 months from 12 months.(Europe does). And there silly reasoning they dont, is that the child might travel.  Canadian study below shows it is also much safer to delay vaccine 3 to 6 months.  They are stuck on the one size fits all schedule.

-This 2019 study says 54% of those who got measles were vaccinated in China.  This study says China still gets large measles outbreaks  in-spite of over 95% vaccine coverage.(2nd and 3rd paragraphs)

-This7117 shows measles antibody decline anywhere form 3% a year to 10% a year after 2nd dose of vaccine,  and this8890 shows how antibodies rapidly decline after 2nd measles dose, see Figure 3 and writeup above it.  These links show why we are getting so many measles outbreaks now.

This8551 also says vaccine waning rapidly. This study 2017,under introduction says vaccine waning.

-This Science article, shows a fully vaccinated person got measles and then spread it to others.

-This0522 new study says of 2000 kids tested, 15% showed no protective antibodies for measles. Also said those kids who got the vaccine later than 15 months old did better. Canada should not be giving vaccine to 12 month old kids, also not as safe.

-This9920 and this8738 and this from the FDA show getting a 3rd dose of mmr is pointless and wears off within a year and FDA link says initial mumps vaccine wears off by college years. 

-This goofy 2019 CBS news article, shows many vaccinated kids are getting mumps now.  Says "doctors now know the MMR vaccine can Wear off".  Says 8 kids in one school got mumps and 170 kids in another school, and they are all mostly vaccinated.  Then they say booster shots may be needed, which ignores the 3 links I just showed above this that more boosters don't work.  

-This link from UNICEF is amazing, page 8 says that giving kids with measles hi-dose vitamin A reduces measles deaths and complications buy 66%, that is huge.  They say they are working with the WHO to deliver Vit A to those who need it.

-  This is Canada shows a number of people got vaccine associated measles. Also mentions a case of transmission where someone with vaccine ass measles gave measles to some one else, and says could have happened more than once.

     These links show the risk of the measles MMR vaccine.

-I was blown away reading the links below. You see over and over, "the science is inadequate", Limited data exists, mmr is understudied.(Links 64,64a,70,70e) We have been giving this vaccine to our infants since 1980. Note: before that it was the single measles vaccine, not mmr.

The next 3 studies below show there is high rates of serious adverse events from the MMR vaccine.  Like 1 in 168, 1 in 50 for the next study and 1 in 64 for the 3rd study.  Two are done by GSK.

#62.  This 2011 Canadian study, which 11 doctors signed, says "1 in 168 kids vaccinated at their 12 month doctor visit for the MMR vaccine will end up in the emergency room," one to two weeks after administration.  Also says at there 18 month vaccination, 1 in 730 will visit emergency room.  This shows the older they are the less adverse events there are, so good to delay this one.

    This confirms the massive under-reporting of vaccine adverse event. You don’t see all these reports in VAERS and CAEFISS the Canadian reporting system. 

This is one reason doctors dont report adverse events, first sentence shows they are worried about medical liability if they report. Also shows there is legislation to protect and keep secret manufacture information, and quality improvement. CMPA is Canadian Medical Protective Association.

    MMR is one vaccine I believe should be delayed 6 months or more, I said delayed, not skipped. It is highly unlikely your kid will get measles if you wait another year. Even if he did, it is still only a chance in a 1000 of something serious happening. Everybody over 60 has had the measles including me.  Most of Europe does not give the mmr until 18 months.

   All choices have risk.   See next link below which backs this one up.


#62a. This US study which 15 doctors signed, backs up link #62 above. Last sentence under 'Results', Says, "the number of subjects experiencing at least one "serious" adverse event was 2 to 2.9%. That's 2 to 2.9 people out of a 100.
   Remember that a "serious adverse event", is defined as a life threatening event or one that requires hospitalization, significant disability, or death.  This is same study, but shows was sponsored by GSK


This new 2019 study done by GSK compares it's new MMR vaccine to a old Merck MMR vaccine rather than a placebo.  See the Supplemental table 6 for the scary data, it has been hidden from the body of the study. Shows that out of 5000 kids in the study, 225 grade 3 adverse events and 77 serious adverse events, that is 1 in 64, which backs up the two above studies.  (NOCD=New Onset Chronic Disease) 3.4% got NOCD after either vaccine.  Look under "Methods" and study design, you see they exclude any kid you has had a reaction to a vaccine in the past, so study only has perfect kids, then once approved, vaccine is given to everyone.  Is a GSK study. 


-This Study was looking at measles genotyping but let the cat out of the bag. Read "Introduction" says " During the measles outbreak in California in 2015, a large number of suspected cases occurred in recent vaccinees. Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences".  Also says "Since approximately 5% of recipients of measles virus-containing vaccine experience rash and fever which may be indistinguishable from measles". In California's case in was much more than 5%.

#63.  This says MMR vaccine causes ITP in 1 in every 22,300 doses, most cases occurring in the 6 week post-immunization period. (6 weeks to show up so do they blame it on something else? And how much under-reporting is there? Idiopathic or Immune Thrombocytopenic Purport (ITP)

-There are still doctors out there that say "vaccines don't cause autoimmune diseases".  ITP is an autoimmune disease, and GBS is an autoimmune disease, both "serious adverse" events.

   This says ITP is an autoimmune disease.

#63a. Says ITP is an auto-immune disease and a blood disorder causing excess of bleeding and more.  

    Again we see that serious adverse events are not "one in a million".

#63b. This study in the Lancet says there is 3 times more risk of Crohn's disease if get the mmr vaccine.
#63c.  This says a side effect of MMR vaccine is swollen lymph nodes.(near bottom) And here, says enlarfged lymph nodes after vaccination.

#64. This 2015 study says “Limited data exists on the safety of the MMR vaccine in adults.  They say MMR safety is understudied. This is 2013 and the mmr it is still Understudied!!  This statement backs up anti-vaxers who say the safety science behind vaccines is poor.(IOM report on Home page says the same)

  Says saw 167 serious events in “adults” and 7 deaths. Remember there is 99% under-reporting to  VAERS.  Looks like mmr vaccine is much safer in adults.

Also this study saw 246 cases of Lymphadenopathy, which is a disease affecting the Lymph nodes. Which can lead to cancer per Wikipedia.   Then says all is good we are only seeing the same number of adverse events we always see.

-#64a. This from the Cochrane Collaboration says "The design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, both pre‐ and post‐marketing, are largely inadequate".   So much for the media who always say there is tons of science saying how safe vaccines are. 

#64b. This from the FDA in 2018,  is about live vaccines like mumps vaccine. Says "Problems with vaccine safety can be linked to an inadequate understanding of the infection process."  Then says "Multiple independently performed outbreak investigations found that between 70% and 99% of mumps cases had received the recommended 2 doses of mumps-containing vaccine, indicating lower vaccine efficacy than previously estimated.

#64c.  This from European vaccine safety surveillance  says "the design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies are largely inadequate". Then mentions some of the serious problems you can get, ones already described above. 

#65. MMR causes brain injury and death. These injuries were in kids between ages 10 and 49 months.  Under "Alternate Vaccine Schedules" Tab N, I discuss delaying this vaccine 2 years.

#66. First sentence of this study says MMR vaccine is known to cause serious adverse events, such as fever, rash, gland inflammation and neurologic disorders. More here.

#67.  Page1 right side, says mmr vaccine has 3.2 "serious" events per 100,000 and majority are neurological or allergic. That's 1 in 30,000.

#67a.  This says the mmr vaccine can cause hearing loss, gives 6 examples here(was urabe strain)

This article also say 2 children were made deaf by mmr vaccine.  NOTE: Also see my lawyer link of 500plus injuries, page 3 has a case of MMR causing deaf or hearing loss.

-#67b.  Measles  vaccine may not last as long as they thought.  Titers start to decline after 10 years.  Now that the population is dying off that gave us wild measles boosting, we see vaccine may not last that long.  But this study is vague and sounds like the science is still undecided.

This study8893, last sentence, says " The number of people with only vaccine-induced immunity(measles) and waning antibody concentrations as well as waning avidity is increasing. This is why we are likely to see, perhaps in the near future, an increase in the number of twice-vaccinated individuals infected with measles and mumps due to secondary vaccine failure, even in countries with very high vaccination coverage".

This study5323, says we need a new measles vaccine, we are getting more fully vaccinated people getting measles. 

This article says the mumps vaccine is waning is why more outbreaks. Says 25% lose protection after 8 years and 50% after 19 years.

This 2019 Canadian study published in Pediatrics and Child Heatlh showed under Results, that there is One Serious adverse event per 100,000. Note that there is 140,000 births a year in Ontario and this study was for 5 years, so 700,000 births times 2 shots of mmr is 1400,000 and divide by 22 is one serious adverse event in 63,000.  Not 1 in a million.    And this study says it defines a SAE as a event that results in in-patient hospitalization or death. Says under Conclusion "Our assessment found a low reporting rate of adverse events following MMR and MMRV vaccines in Ontario". 

This study4371 shows that the mmr has serious adverse events of 5 per 100k.




Our medical system says they are safe, dont worry.  That is not true. Here is the science.
This study says "children with epilepsy and febrile seizures—with and without concomitant epilepsy—are at increased risk of developing a broad range of psychiatric disorders
in later life."

This1680 Says patients with febrile seizurs are at increased risk of sudden death, SUDS. And this0211, and this0178 all say a kid has serious problems down the road if have seizures.

These next studies show that vaccines do cause febrile seizures.  This study says 15 seizures per 585,000 or 1 in 39,000.   This6926 study says from 12 to 44 in a 100,000 for a flu shot, how many depended if given with the PCV13 vaccine or not. 

This9117 study from JAMA 2004, says 1.5 seizures per 1000 kids. And 19 per 1000 for kids with a history.

This3007 2001 study says 6 to 9 seizures per 100k for DTP and 25 to 34 per 100k for MMR. MMR seizures are usually 8 to 14 days after the shot and for the DTP they happen the same day. 30 per 100k is 1 in 3,300.

This Pediatrics 2010 study says risk of seizures is 4.3 per 10k dose for MMR and MMRV has more.

-This is package insert for ProQuad MMRV vaccine. Page 5 shows has much more side effects than just the MMR vaccine. 3% get a measles like rash, 21% get serious fever.  The post marketing list is terrifying on page 12.  Page 14 says febrile seizure rate fo 1.4 per 1000 with this vaccine. Says seizure rate much higher with proquad than MMRll. 

#68. This is "Brady Bunch" measles video.  This is before we were made afraid of measles. Have a laugh. MoreTV shows here.


#69. Go to “Safety” heading, is an eye opener. Says “10% of kids develop fever, malaise, and a rash 5 to 21 days after first MMR shot and 3% develop ”joint pain” lasting 18 days on average. Older women appear to be more at risk for acute arthritis, and even, rarely, chronic arthritis”.  Note that "chronic arthritis" is on the VICP injury table for the mmr in the US.

      Also says “the measles component of the MMR can cause measles inclusion body encephalitis in immunocompromised people”.   

  Says in 2014 Merck added several more adverse events to the Package Insert. “Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis(ADEM) and transverse myelitis and also got permission to add “difficulty walking”. 

  Also says “between 1 in 25,000 and 1 in 40,000 kids get ITP(immune thrombocytopenia purpura) after a MMR shot.”

     Transverse Myelitis, a neurological disorder, is a inflammation of the spinal cord. You can have numbness, tingling, weakness of arms or legs, dragging a foot, or even total paralysis. Can be confused with polio.

    So why would Merck be so diligent and add this to package insert? Because then they can not be sued, the VICP act, mentioned earlier, protects them.

-Here is a good article on measles and measles vaccine, what would happen if we had no vaccine?  This is written by a blogger, but I believe the information is good. Has supporting links.

-All the above shows vaccines are somewhat safe. 1 in 25,000 etc, does not sound like a lot.  Remember that's for one vaccine and by itself. Do you double the risk if get two vaccines, or three at the same time? The child schedule for a 2 month old gets 4 to 5 shots of 6 vaccines, depending. Plus the oral rotavirus vaccine.

    Remember these are the short term problems. This does not take into account long term chronic conditions mentioned on the Home page of this site, or the problems mentioned below.



#70.  Read this 2017 article from the FDA. Quote: “The present lack of knowledge in areas of mumps vaccine safety and efficacy is highlighted by the licensure of some mumps vaccines that have caused Aseptic Meningitis”.  Quote: “Problems with vaccine safety can be linked to an inadequate understanding of the infectious process”. Article says over and over how little they understand of how the live virus vaccine like mumps in the MMR works.  

    The current mumps vaccine barely works, we are getting many mumps outbreaks in the fully vaccinated. The article also says “new live mumps vaccines are coming and they do not know how to test if there safe and effective”. Does this sound like vaccine science is settled?


-Is this vaccine causing long-term problems that are not tracked? See next links. 


Another concern now with the MMR vaccine is that it's a live vaccine with human DNA in it and the new science coming out is disturbing. This vaccine uses WI-38 and MRC-5 cell lines with human DNA(from lung tissue of aborted fetus) and this may be causing leukaemia or other cancers down the road. 

Note: see CDC "Vaccine Ingredients list above, Link # 56a.(Google Wiki MRC-5 cell line)


Start of 3rd paragraph here says "In some cases these cell lines might be tumorigenic, that is they form tumors when injected in rodents.  Further down  says "they are evaluating the risk of retro-viruses in humans. You also realize reading this, they are not sure what they are doing, and this is 2017.  The MMR is a "live" vaccine.


#71a. Says "whether DNA in vaccines causes tumours in humans has been discussed for 50 years without resolution".

See Appendix. for much more on this.  There are huge forces at play here behind the scenes.


#71c.  This 2017 study Under Results, says vaccination  can significantly increase risk of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

#71d. This study back in 1993 says while there is a number of triggers for Rheumatoid Arthritis, vaccination is one of them. Second page says the Rubella vaccine has the most convincing evidence that it causes RA.



#71e. This 2017 study done by 3 doctors including well respected Dr. Beniamino Palmieri needs, to be read completely as there is a lot here.   Vaccination and autoimmune disease, says certain people are more susceptible.  Also says type 1 diabetes was more common in kids who got all 4 doses of the Hib vaccine at 3,4,6, and 14 months of age than those who got 1 dose at 14 months of age.  (type one diabetes is an auto-immune disease)
   This also talks about controversies between different studies, who do you believe, which is tobacco science that industry is pushing. Talks about problems with the flu shot.  Then goes on about many problems in the HPV vaccine.
Read the Discussion section about vaccines and autoimmunity.
Tables 5 to 9 show an assessment of 5 vaccines and once again, like the IOM reports, show how bad our science is regarding vaccines causing serious disease.  There are no good studies.

-This9101 also suggest vaccines may introduce type 1 diabetes.  This MMR package insert on page six shows diabetes is a possible side effect.

#71f.  Vaccines and autoimmunity. Says can take days or years for autoimmune problems to show up after vaccination and can rarely be severe or even cause death.

-  This explains what autoimmune diseases are, and says there are about 80 different types. See here for them.

#71g.  See Results, This new 2017 study shows vaccination may sometimes be related to neuropsychiatric disorders in certain individuals.

Then read the "discussion" section. Says: The principal findings of this study are as follows: (i) children with OCD, AN, anxiety disorder, and tic disorder were more likely to have received influenza vaccine during the preceding 1-year period. Then goes on about similar problems with some other vaccines. 

#71h.   This new 2018 study Says "Beyond the direct impact of pathogens to the brain, other possible mechanisms include immune activation and adverse effects of inflammation, can cause mental disorders. This is what vaccination does.(is it causing developmental disorders) And says "Severe infections have been linked to elevated risks for mental disorders." (Severe fever would also do this, fever is often caused by vaccination)

#72..  Says evidence for the associate of vaccinations and many autoimmune diseases is presented in this review. 

#72a. This suggests that the Hep B vaccine and immunization may cause Chronic fatigue syndrome and firbro myalsia.

#73.  See page 11.  Good write up on vaccination and autoimmune diseases.   Note, twenty PHD's and Medical Doctors signed off on this article.

-#73b. This 2018 study shows vaccination causing Tranverse Myelitis, mainly Hep B vaccine.

-This study1088 shows it can take up to 5 years for autoimmune problems to show up after vaccination.



  This 2020article says Bill 214 in Delaware passed allowing vets to do a titer test for cats and dogs, if they pass, the pet does not need to be vaccinated. The mans dog died from "over vaccination".
-This is or this is the official legislation for the above Bill. Note they call it "Maggies vaccine protection act"   A Shih Tzu dog like the one that died above is about 13 lbs and a 2 month old baby is about 11lbs.

#74-  Pets and dogs are dying from vaccinations. FOX45 investigates dogs dying. Says big or small dog gets same amount of vaccine. If dogs die, what about  your infant baby?

This link is an eyeopener.  Scroll down this to link title "For core vaccines why not just revaccinate every year"

This says about giving your pet extra vaccines. "some of which can be severe, or even fatal. Clinical signs vary and can include minor adverse reactions such as fatigue and can range up to severe reactions such as anaphylactic shock, immune-mediated damage of blood and other tissues/organs, seizures and even death." This is what can happen to humans as well.

I have mostly shown problems with the MMR vaccine, all the other vaccines have their issues as well. But you get the idea, If this gets too long, no one will read it, you can research the others yourself and see the Appendix for much more and the DTaP vaccine section, perhaps the most dangerous vaccine.

#75-    Here is what the CDC says on the page for the public on vaccines and long term problems. It is quite funny. They have obviously not looked at their own governments VICP injury table that lists some long term injuries like chronic arthritis, encephalitis, GBS, and encephalopathy to name a few.  Have they not seen all the studies above? 

   This whole section is a complete white-wash and typical CDC.  

This page also says, it is not practical to do long term studies. That's ridiculous, they could have had a on-going study for the last 30 years. It won't have a control group, but you would still have much good data.


Then it talks about the aluminum in vaccines.  Go see my Appendix A for much more on aluminum.

First, they say the average person(not infant) gets 30 to 50mg of aluminum in there diet. I can not find that anywhere.  All sources I found said the average person get 7 to 10mg per day. So they are exaggerating 3 to 5 times. Look here, they ignored their own website.

 #75a.  At section 1.3 says the average person ingests 7 to 9 mg of aluminum per day. And section 1.4 says most of the aluminum you ingest leaves your body in feces. 

#76.-  this says the average amount of aluminum ingested for a person is 10mg per day.

Second point. Notice they never talked about "injected" Aluminium.  Injected aluminum is far more dangerous than ingested aluminum. Almost all of ingested aluminum is eliminated, but all of injected aluminum stays in your body, and has been shown to cross the BBB.(Appendix aluminum section)

   Here is their next fib. The above CDC public page says the kid gets only .125 to .625mg of aluminum.  I guess they have not looked at their own package inserts. They also dont say that these shots are repeated every few months as boosters, so it accumulates. 

#76a-   This says the Pentacel vaccine commonly given to infants has 1.5mg of aluminum phosphate(.33mg aluminum), more than twice what they say. And the kid also gets a Hep B booster at two months in the US so that is another .250mg of aluminum one shot in each leg, one after the other. 

#76b.-   Shows childs hep B shot has .250mg of aluminum as aluminum hydroxide on day of birth in US.

   Notice that the Pentacel uses aluminum phosphate and the Hep B aluminum hydroxide. These both work different in the body, very complex, see appendix.

    The important thing here is that this aluminum is going into a 2 month old infant, not adults. Many can handle this, but some cant.  And it is accumulative, every few months they get more injections. 

-As you go thru the list of links showing the many serious adverse events on the MMR vaccine you see it is hard go get a exact figure on how many events there are.  Links 62 and 62a alone, show the rate could be 1 in 50 to 1 in a 170 for serious adverse events. 

   We need a better vaccine, and maybe we should separate out the measles mumps and rubella like they use to be. And delay this vaccine a year or two.

-  This is the Mawson study comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated kids, unvaccinated are much healthier, though did get some of the diseases.

This is another Vaccinated versus unvaccinated study, 2020 Dr. Paul Thomas.

Our large vaccine makers have been opening vaccine manufacturing plants in emerging 3rd world countries the last few years.  This is worrisome. Read through Appendix, section on vaccine contaminants, and you will see how incredibly complex vaccine manufacturing is. I do not want a vaccine from these countries, where inspection officials can be bought off.  See Links below.

-  Asia’s biggest vaccine maker in India is going to make competitor to the HPV vaccine for much lower price, and then license it in Europe, Canada next?? This also says that Gardasil that is sold in the US for $113 per dose is bought by Unicef for $4.50 a dose which is suppose to be the manufacturing cost of the vaccine for Merck.(good markup 4.50 to $113

-  Merck is making a vaccine plant in Ghana Africa. 

- GSK is making a new Pediatric vaccine in India. Are they going to sell it here. Says is making a new 6 in 1 vaccine to get compliance up on vaccines and less injections.(I would not want anything made in India or China injected in me or my kid) This also says 4 previous vaccine makers were shut down due to problems.

-  This says GSK has 5 plants in India. Are they making our vaccines?  Here corruption in India medical, see here as well.


-  China entering Global vaccine market, gearing up to supply the world with vaccines.

-  Multiple vaccine problems in China, faked production data etc.  This also  from South China Morning Post shows corrupt vaccine manufacturing practices.  China seems much worse than india for corruption. 

The old argument has always been: "the disease is much more dangerous than the vaccine".  That was definitely true years ago.  It is less true today, in first world countries, and it depends which vaccine we are talking about, as some of the newer vaccines I think they are more dangerous than the disease, the Men B Bexsero vaccine for one, and probably the HPV, and flu shot.

 As I have said on this web site before, " I never say do not vaccinate."  Though there are 3 or 4 of the 16 vaccines I suggest skipping.  I just want you to see that vaccines are not "innocent".  Every vaccine given to your kid should be considered carefully.  Vaccines should be got one at a time and delay the ones that are safe to delay, like the polio, though hard to do with combo vaccines.(Tab N, Alternate vaccine schedules) 

     The purpose of all this is to get you "thinking". 

We have to get vaccine safety studying separated from HC and the CDC and done independently.  We need safer vaccines. 

All the above shows the risk of a "serious" adverse event is anywhere from 1 in a 100 to 1 in 20,000. If this was 1910 you would take the risk for sure.  This is 2018. The chance of getting an infectious disease today is much smaller, and the chance of dying from that disease is smaller still. 

The chance of your kid getting measles in his first two years of life, is far less than 1 in a million. The risk of a serious adverse event from the vaccine is much higher. Wait until kid is two before giving the vaccine.  Note, even if kid got measles, the chance of something serious happening is very small. You hear about small outbreaks of measles occasionally, but nobody is dying, we have 1 death a year in the US and virtually no cases of encephalitis from measles today, unlike in the 1950's, the vaccine gives more cases now, encephalitis is on the VICP vaccine injury table.

Half the vaccines we give to a kid under two can be skipped or delayed a year or two. See Tab N for Alternate Vaccine Schedules and info on each vaccine.  The only vaccines I would consider giving to a kid under two is the Hib and the DTaP.

 The goal today should be to give kids under age two, as few vaccines as possible.  Under age two is also the most dangerous time for a infant to get a infectious disease, but the risk today is extremely small, except for pertussis and the Hib, only vaccines I would give to a infant.  All choices have risk.

-This is 2004 IOM report on vaccine safety and autism.  It can be downloaded free as a guest.  

-   This is the 2004 IOM report on vaccines and autism.  Page 31 says they only looked at mmr vaccine and thimerosal. See heading “Under Review” page 31.  Page 32 says the 2001 IOM report  concluded that the evidence was inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between thimerosal from vaccines and NDD’s and autism, and ADHD.  This was based on the fact there was no published studies.(No studies!!!)  Then says there was two unpublished studies that did show a weak connection, they ignored those.  Page 65 as well same, and page 5.

page 40 no evidence to acceptt or reject if mmr causes encephalopathy.

   All the problems below, IOM report says "evidence was inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship".

Page 167 says same, this now 2004 report  thimerosal may or may not cause autism and ADHD.

page 169 says multiple immunizations may or may not cause allergies and asthma.

page 172 shows Hep B vaccine may cause many problems like central nervous system disorders.

page 174 says SV40 may or may not cause cancer!!(See appendix A on this)

page 176 says DTaP and DTwP may or may not cause SIDS.  Then says Hib, HepB, OPV and IPV may or many not cause SIDS.

Page 178 says flu shot may or may not cause GBS, MS and other neurological diseases.

   Anyone who says vaccines have no risk, is living in the fantasy world created by HC and the CDC thru the media.

After reading all the above, you can understand why the CDC and media do not report any of this. People would be frightened of vaccines. I know I am now.  But at some point we need to have honest re-hash of the kids vaccine schedule.  The world has changed.

-Next, goto Tab O, DTap vaccine for more on vaccine problems.  Then Appendix Tab for much more.

-Here are is more data on vaccine problems.  This is a confidential GSK document on the Infranix Hexa vaccine. Shows many serious problems covered up, including autism and sids.

-This article say a new report from the CDC says "The number of American children with developmental disabilities “increased significantly” in recent years".  And says 1 in 6 kids now have at least one developmental disability.   Too many vaccines?

-This study says "All vaccines can cause neuroinflammation"

-This study is about Vaccine-associated inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system.

-This4081 is about  spectrum of post-vaccination inflammatory CNS demyelinating syndromes.

-This says women have more reactions to vaccines and more side effects and autoimmunity from vaccines.

-This0178 study from the CDC is a study of the most common reasons Emergency room visits in 2013 for adverse events from drugs, and vaccines are included.  See "Table 1" says there was 912 ER visits for Vaccination reactions. Table 2 says there was 916 ER visits for adverse events.  Table 3 says there was 58 ER visits for the Influenza vaccine.  Table 4 shows there was 455 ER visits from vaccine reactions for kids under 5 years old, and much less reactions for older people.

-This is Paul Offits Childrens hospital of Phiidalphia website where they put all the few vaccine safety studies to fool doctors.  This is very limited, only shows favourable studies, example the aluminum sections has only 2 studies,  the goofy Mitkus study and the industry funded Kowroski study.

-This 2020 MPRV study is worrisome, done by Corvela, some call them anti-vax.  Dont know how good this is. Lots of links at bottom.

-This 2019 study shows vaccination may be linked to SIDS.

-Here are several studies that show vaccination can cause Kawasaki disease which is a vascilitus.  Here8465 and here and here2009 and

-This 2020 vaccinated versus unvaccinated study is interesting, shows the unvaccinated have less health issues. They used data from 3 medical practices.  Unfortunately the two authors are considered anti-vaxers by mainstream, so study will be ignored.  I do not know if it is a good study, I suspect it is good. I dont think these two people deliberately mis-lead.

-This3770 says "Abnormal elevation of CRP level occurred in 85% of infants administered multiple vaccines and up to 70% of those given a single vaccine. Overall, 16% of infants had vaccine-associated cardiorespiratory events within 48 hours postimmunization. In logistic regression analysis, abnormal CRP values were associated with multiple vaccines (OR, 15.77; 95% CI 5.10-48.77) and severe intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) (OR, 2.28; 95% CI 1.02-5.13). Cardiorespiratory events were associated marginally with receipt of multiple injections (OR, 3.62; 95% CI 0.99-13.25) and significantly with gastroesophageal reflux".

   So why would you give a pre-term or premature infant multiple vaccines??? Is there fault in doctors training, they seem to think we will all die if we dont instantly get all our vaccines.

-This5623 says some people got "Vaccine associated Rubella" from the MMR vaccine.

-This says polysorbat 80 is dangerous.  This says Neomycin is neurotoxic even at recomendexd doses, is dangerous.

-This9285 says Hep B vaccine leads to loss of mitochondrial integrity and cell death in mice.

-This study says Hep B vaccine can cause type 1 diabetes.

-This from a FOIA request by ICAN, The CDC admits there are no Vaccinated versus unvaccinated studies.   This is another FOIA From ICAN, The CDC admits there are no safety studies on injecting Aluminum adjuvants into children.

-This 2021 article says the majority of mumps cases are vaccinated.

How Safe are Vaccines

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