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Alternate Vaccine Schedules and Info on each Vaccine

Note:  Do not use this info for health advice for you or your child.  Do your own research.

ACIP and NACI, the U.S. and Canada immunization advisory groups, both say there is only one safe vaccine schedule to follow.  Yet the Canada and US schedules have many differences.  The same with European countries there are many schedules.  So how can they say there is only one safe schedule?

Sweden, Norway, France and some others, have fewer vaccines than most countries on their kids schedule(Link #72a). No flu shot at all, no chicken pox, no Hep A, some skip rotavirus vaccine. Yet they are doing better than the US.  They live longer and have lower infant mortality rates. 


PhotoFDA corrupt2.jpg

The above countries also delay the Hep B and MMR a few months, compared to the US.

The US, the most vaccinated country in the world, yet has the highest infant mortality rate of any modern country. Canada is 12th and Sweden is 5th. (Link #84 below)

When you tell your paediatrician that you want to delay some vaccines and get them one at a time, he will think he has to "educate you" to think like him.  Make sure you have your facts ready, because it is you that has to educate him.  Though in reality I don't think that will go well. So best just to say "this is the way I want to do things, if he won't, find another doctor.


-Important, never take a child for his vaccination, if they have a fever, if they are on antibiotics, or taking tylenol.  If he gets a fever from the vaccine, do not give him tylenol.  Your doctor wont know about this because it goes against pharma.  I have been reading some scary data about this. See these two links:


 Tylenol can damage babies. Pregnant women should not take acetaminophen.  Says long-term use by pregnant mother is significantly associated with ADHD.(Also see studies article links to.)  

#71a.-  Warning, this site has been labeled a anti-vax site like any site that honestly questions vaccine safety or wants free choice.  But I think there is good info here and is supported with links to science.   This article explains why kids under 5 should not take acetaminophen like tylenol or Panadol.   

 Also think about the New York Times article above, if a kid can be damaged in the womb, then tylenol would be even more dangerous given directly to a infant.  Decide for yourself, don't listen to me.

-This shows the doctor's office is the most likely place to pick up something nasty, stay away unless its an emergency. If you have to go, wait outside in the hallway. 


-Please, do vaccines one at a time, it is safer as I show at links 100 and on below. Doctors combine many vaccines in one visit, not because we need to. But because they figure parent won't come in monthly to get each shot, and will miss some.  It is also expensive to make 5 doctor visits. It is based on convenience, not the safety of your child.(Remember, doctors are taught vaccines can't cause serious harm.) 

Here are some vaccine schedules for different countries:


Current U.S. child vaccination schedule.


-This shows past US immunization schedules. (click "Prior immunization schedule" link)

#72a.  European countries here. Can select vaccine schedule for different countries.

Canadian Vaccine schedule, each province does it's own version.


      This is Saskatchewan kids schedule.  This is BC kids schedule.​   This is history of vaccination in Canada. 

-This is  Denmark children vaccination schedule.  Have 4 less vaccines than Canada and 5 less than the US. No chicken pox, rotavirus, flu shot, Heb B, Hep A, 


   Here is four different "Alternate" safer vaccine schedules. 


1. #74. This is Dr Sears schedule, it is a bit too aggressive I believe.


2. #75.  This schedule by Dr. Donald miller, has no vaccines until kid is age two.  This schedule is the other extreme, very conservative, and does not give you the mandatory school vaccines. 

3.  #76.  This one is by Dr. Stephanie Cave, and the one I like best of the 3 presented here. I would delay the MMR and polio though. 

4.  This is Dr. Paul Thomas alternate vaccine schedule. 

Below is my opinion on what vaccines to get and when.  Many will disagree with it, which is good, the whole point of this website is to get people thinking. There are other choices, do what is best for you and the area you live, do your own research.  I included 4 other alternate schedules above as well.

The reason we want to delay vaccines and have as few as possible is that they can and do sometimes cause a number of autoimmune, neurological diseases and developmental problems.  The younger the kid is the more danger. See VICP injury table). 

 Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a total risk/benefit ratio of each vaccine because, as you saw from the IOM report, there is simply not enough honest data out there to make a truly informed decision. The Home page of this site shows how bad the science is, so it is better to error on the side of caution. 
Vaccines should only be given one at time, at least a month or two apart. Or one combination vaccine at a time.  Another goal is to give as few vaccines as possible to kids under 2 years old.  If your child is one of the very few that get a real bad reaction to a vaccine, stop, do not do any more, because the vaccines are now more dangerous than the disease for your child.  There are certain kids who should never get a vaccine, read this 7820.

  Pregnant women should take no vaccines, I believe. Read this, and

 ACIP wants to give your two month old kid 5 injections and the oral rotavirus vaccine, a total of 8 different vaccines. Don't.  More vaccines are now being combined in the newer pentavalent vaccine, with more aluminum and side effects, making it harder to select your vaccines. 

 Don't take the combo vaccines with any other vaccines, delay.


My opinion on what vaccines to skip or delay:  

1.-Hep B not until kid is at least in grade 5.  Never at birth(Americans)
2.-MMR, Delay from 12 months to 18 months old.
3.-Rotavirus, never.  (Details for all vaccines below)

4.-Hep A vaccine, never, can decide as an adult.
5.-DTaP vaccine, basic one, not the combo ones. Whether to delay this one or not, is is a tough call, it can be risky to delay it, see below.
6.-Polio vaccine, delay 3 or 4 years. 
7.-Varicella or chicken pox- Delay vaccine until 5 years old.( or never if possible)
8.-Flu shot,  Never.  But if you have to, wait until kid is over 2.
9.-Hib  give on time
10.-Pneumococcal vaccine PCV13, Delay until school age, or just skip.
11. -HPV vaccine, never, though this one is not for babies. 
12.-Men A and B vaccines  Skip any infant doses.
13.-Vitamin K shot at birth, NO!  Get the Oral K instead.

    See below for more info on each Vaccine. The above numbers correspond to vaccines below.


Vaccines should always be given one at a time, or two maximum, spread over several months. 

If you see a serious adverse reaction to any vaccine in your child, you should  never give them another vaccine again. Or at least wait until they are school age before you try any more vaccines. 


1.- Hep B vaccine at "Birth" is so wrong!  That’s what the US does. The US schedule is to give Heb B in three doses, at Birth, 2 months and 12 months. Mother should be checked if she is Hep B positive before decision is made.

Most countries give Hep B vaccine at 2 months or school age. Canada has 4 provinces that give it at 2 months and the rest give it to the kid in grades 5 or 6.  Canadians are not all running around with Hep B.  Canada’s two Northern territories give the HEP B at birth as HC assumes the Inuit all live hi-risk life styles, they should be pissed at that. (BC, PEI, Quebec at 2 months.  Alb, Sask, Man, Ont Grade 5 or 7) 


-I always figure if other successful countries don't do Hep B at birth, you don't need to.  Also if some provinces can wait until kid is in grade 5, then we all should.  It just seems to depend on who the provinces medical health officer is, they are going with a one size fits all approach.   If you hang around a lot of hi-risk people then re-think it. If your a prostitute or IV drug user, then get it.

    See NACI site here, scroll down to section Five 'recommendations' and read recommendation four.  Says "they found no data demonstrating an obvious advantage of any of the used schedules in Canada",  so you might as well wait until kid is in grade 5, there is no advantage to giving Heb B at 2 months, only higher risk. (Always keeping in mind that adverse events from vaccine are poorly tracked). 

My opinion is that Hep B at birth or 2 months is an unnecessary risk unless the mother tests positive for Hep B.  I think there is more risk from the vaccine to a newborn infant than risk from Hep B.  I don't think it should be given before kid is in grade 5 and preferably not until late teens or adult.

 As I have already showed on this site, doctors and the CDC do not acknowledge that vaccines can occasionally cause serious harm. 

The American CDC is willing to risk the health of 1000's of newborn babies to make sure one child not get Heb B.  

Rather than me give all the reasons not to get Hep B shot at birth, carefully read this great article. Check out the references as well.  
#77.  (This is one of few non-mainstream sites I will link to, everything said here checks out as far as I can tell.)
Also see link #100 below for good Hep B charts, vaccine not that useful.

Hep B is mostly but not always, in people with hi-risk life styles IV drug users etc.

I never got a Hep B shot until I retired at age 55 and started traveling to 3rd world countries.

This link shows how under vaccinated the US adult population is, it also says only 24.5% of those over 19 in the US is vaccinated for Hep B.(and the world has not ended)Don't worry about it.


      Possibly one reason they like to do the vaccine at birth is then you can not tell if the vaccine caused your kid to be screwed up.  They can say he was born that way. The Hep B vaccine has 250ug of aluminum in it. This vaccine should only be considered when the kid is in his teens, or forced to get it to go to school. 
     Why do some places make it mandatory, yet allow Hep B positive kids to goto school? Makes no sense. It is not that infectious, so why make it mandatory?
All choices have risk.

#77c. Recent study showing serious problems with Hep B vaccine when tested on mice. Brain issues, this vaccine not for infants.

#77d. This new 2018 study done by same authors as 77c study, shows Hep B vaccine causing serious brain issues in mice. The second lead author, Zhibin Zao is trained in the US.   These kind of animal studies are sorely lacking and are finally being done.  Hep B vaccine induced neuro-behavioural impairments and other problems in mice.

   Now read section on Aluminum in vaccines in Appendix. Long term problems, if you are still undecided.  Heb B vaccine has aluminum in it.

-This study shows the Heb B vaccine can cause Rheumatoid arthritis in certain people.

-This study, Vaccine induced atuo-immune Hepatitis.  This1176 2018 study says Hep B shot may have adverse effects on brain development. 


2. MMR Vaccine (Measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine, is a "live vaccine", it is given in two doses at 12 months and 5 years of age.  It is safer for your kid if you can delay until 18 months old, as much of Europe does.. I said delay, not skip, and get it by itself.  It has been said it is best not to delay this vaccine beyond age 3  if you are going to give it at all.  Sweden and Denmark and others waits until kid is 18 months old for mmr.

   Note: See here  for "antibody titer law". 95% of parents do not need a 2nd dose of this vaccine. The 2nd dose is to catch the 2 to 5% that do not respond to the first dose, it is not a booster. New Jersey has a law now that allows you to do a titer test to see if you responded to the first dose, if ok , ignore the 2nd dose. The law was necessary to get around NJ strict mandatory laws. This law, Holly's law, came in when a girl died of acute encephalitis from the 2nd dose. This from CDC backups up the 2nd shot is not a booster.   This excellent article makes the case for delaying 1st measles  vaccine to from 12 months 15 or 16 months like Sweden does.  This study as well suggests better to wait from 12 months to 15 months for 1st shot.

-Try to get the MMR vaccine not the MMRV which is more dangerous, see links 100a at bottom.  You can get the V or chicken pox vaccine much later, if you want to get it.

  Measles is the most infectious of all the infectious diseases, so this one you probably do not want to skip, just delay it, and just get the 1st dose, not the 2nd.
      Think logically. Now that vaccines have got rid of measles, what is the chance of your kid getting measles in his first 3 years of life? Same with mumps and rubella. 

Chances are virtually zero. Even if he did, the chances of serious complications are small.  I had measles and mumps, everyone over 60 did, , and now we have immunity for life. 
There is two or three small measles outbreaks in the US a year, and they are usually concentrated in an area. If you are in that area, maybe don't delay, us logic.  If there is a measles outbreak in your area, in will be in the news.

      Now that measles is mostly gone, the risk from this vaccine to a 1 year old is  higher than the risk of the disease.(Re-read "downsides to vaccine Tab J)

   They wait until the kid is one year old because they know it is not safe to give any earlier. But all kids are not the same. Delay this one 1 or 2 years.

Another reason to delay this one is your kid is will be more developed so that you will know for sure if the vaccine causes the injury or not.   This may be one reason the Industry does not want to give it later than one year.

 Price of this older vaccine is $31.
    Even if your kid got the measles it is only one chance in a 1000 that something serious will happen to him. 

     If you read the Appendix A of this site on vaccine contaminants and cancers, you will understand a mother that might want to skip the vaccine altogether. It should always be free choice.

 3. Rotavirus vaccine. Totally skip this vaccine. It is a "live" oral vaccine, and it’s contaminated with a retro-virus(Link #82), it’s not needed in first world countries, skip it. This vaccine is about $100 a shot.  This is a new vaccine brought in around 2005.(were we all dying before that?)
Over half the countries in Europe skip this vaccine including Sweden and Denmark, so so can you.(Link #72a)

#78. Shows that there were only 20 to 60 deaths in the US before the start of the Rotavirus vaccine in 2006.  20 to 60 deaths does not warrant a vaccine.   There is one or 2 chances in 100,000 of Intussusception from this vaccine. This painful problem that needs surgery to repair.
This vaccine also occasionally causes Kawasaki disease, is it worth the risk? #78a. Page 6 shows 4 in 36,000 get Kawasaki disease from this vaccine. Section 11, says this vaccine is contaminated with porcine DNA.(with still unknown risk)

 This vaccine is more useful for 3rd world countries.(though it is much less effective in these countries they say, like 50% or less) 

This vaccine is only 75% effective.

-This Canadian data says 85% effective and shows that almost no one every die's of rotavirus, so that is good enough reason not to take it.  I believe vaccines are for life and death or serious long term harm issues only.

  There have been several studies that suggest that you should stop breast feeding your infant for a while after getting the rotavirus vaccine. That is totally nuts!  Other studies show breastfeeding actually helps prevent infant from getting the rotavirus diarrhea. So breast feed and skip the vaccine.
#79a.  This suggests the rotavirus vaccine will work better if you stop breastfeeding for a while when get the vaccine.  Crazy. Don't get the vaccine.
#79b.  This from the Lancet shows breast feeding an infant helps protect from rotavirus symptoms.

There is a lot of fear mongering about rotavirus, it is just diarrhea, follow the standard protocol for this. Your kid is still going to get diarrhea, the vaccine is just for one type

#79d. See this: Says only 2 deaths spread over several years from Rotavirus, forget this vaccine it is not worth the risk. Says US had 20 to 60 deaths. Canada has 9 time less people, 1/9th of 30 is 3 or 4 deaths.  With 2 deaths in the whole country, a vaccine is never worth the risk, because vaccines also have risk, especially this contaminated one.(see below)


#80.  See bottom of this link. Says not recommended for kids older than 32 weeks. Also says “only 1 in 5 cases of gastroenteritis are caused by rotavirus”.  The vaccine only works on rotavirus. 

They want you to take 2 doses of this vaccine at 2 and 4 months. Don’t! this is a live vaccine and contaminated.
HealthLink BC also underestimate the cases of intussusception. Poor tracking compared to CDC.

#81.  Shows the concern about the Contaminated Rotavirus vaccine, this was written before it was added to the Canadian kid schedule.


#82.  Goto Rotavirus vaccine and you see this vaccine is contaminated with PCV1 and 2 Porcine


CircoViruses. They say it’s okay, but is it? This will be the FDA, the same people that told us Vioxx was Okay.
#83.  Study shows PCV2 can cause birth abnormalites when injected in sows.


- GSK says the Rotarix vaccine is associated with a  increased risk of convulsions and pneumonia-related deaths in kids according to a review by the FDA. Says risk is statistically significant.

-This study and this write-up wonder if the vaccine is causing rota-virus and if is being over-diagnosed, as the live vaccine is found in stool tests.

#83a.  This is a FDA meeting on the Rotavirus vaccine.  There are not really sure if the contaminate Porcine Circovirus is truly safe and does not cause infection in humans.  Key phrases are in bold letters through out and last pages.

    Your pediatrician again will freak out if you say you do not want this, but remember he does not know about any of the information above.


4.- Hep A vaccine is only on the US kids schedule and to be given at 12 months and 16 months old.  This vaccine is not on the Canadian kids vaccine schedule, and of the top 36 European countries only 2 have Hep A on kids schedules.  So You know what that means Americans. You don’t need it!  Skip it totally, or at least wait until kid is ready for school. 
The vaccine may be more dangerous than the disease for a infant.     Package insert for Hep A vaccine.  Page 7 for serious side effects and page 11 for ingredients.   This vaccine has aluminum in it and Human diploid cells.
The U.S. are the most vaccinated people in the world.  This just shows who's side the ACIP is on. There are almost no deaths in young kids from Hep A.


Per Wikipidia, Americans have the lowest life expectancy and the highest infant mortality rates of any modern country. Many reasons obviously, but one less vaccines is probably a good thing for your tiny kid.
#84.  Shows infant mortality rates of countries. US is lowest of 1st world countries.

#85. New 2018 study on the high US infant mortality rate. They try to explain it away with guesses and computer modeling on causes rather than science.   Says "both pre-term and full infants have a much higher chance of dying in the US than other rich countries".

-This article shows the increase in Hep A in the US is because of increase in poverty and crumbling infrastructure, and drug use.

-Remember, you can always vaccinate later,  but you can’t unvax.  All choices have risk.


5.-DTaP vaccine given at 2, 4, 6 and 15 months old in 4 doses, and a fifth dose at 5 years old.  There is a lot of whooping cough around currently, because this vaccine works poorly, not because people are not vaccinating.
    I do not feel comfortable giving a recommendation on this one as it is to tough to call, read my reasoning.
They give this one 3 times in the first 6 months, because that is the risky period for the disease and because the pertussis(whooping cough) portion works so poorly, also at that young age vaccines don’t work very good as immune system still developing.  This is also probably the most dangerous vaccine on the kids schedule, with the most serious adverse events.(Link# 102a)
    Most whooping cough deaths are in kids under 6 months old.  Re-read section on DTaP vaccine.(Tab O)
     About 1 in a 1000 kids who get whooping cough die. Also consider that the chance of your child getting whooping cough is higher than other infectious diseases, if you delay vaccine a year. 
      The Diphtheria and Tetanus components are not an issue and can be delayed two years, but you cannot get the individual vaccines.
    See Tab O shows DTaP is most dangerous of vaccines given to kid.

-Another thought, if you are one of those who got the DTaP during pregnancy, there is good evidence showing the kid is protected for the first year, the most dangerous time for him. So it may be safe to totally skip the infant serious of DtaP shots.  The pregnancy shot is really being pushed now, I don't like the concept, but if it allows the infant to skip the DTaP, that's better.(Doctors will be apalled)

       This vaccine has been available in the standard DTaP format since 1996.  Now there is a choice where it is combined with the polio vaccine and or Hib B vaccine, like Infantrix, Pentacle, and Pediarix.  I would skip these and only go for the standard DTaP.  These new vaccines have more side effects and much more aluminum. For example the Pentacle combo vaccine has 1500micrograms compared to the standard DTaP which has 250micrograms. This is getting harder to find, and if you can’t find it then there is no way to delay the polio vaccine. 

         The kid can still get pertussis even if vaccinated, this vaccine is not very effective and there are outbreaks all the time around the country, in vaccinated and unvaccinated. And the vaccinated are spreading it to the unvaccinated, so keep your kid away from any kids recently vaccinated. See this article.
#86.   The pertussis component of vaccine not very effective after 4 or 5 years, is not a good vaccine.  The vaccinated are spreading pertussis to the unvaccinated.  So the argument that we should get vaccinated to protect the immunocomprimised is not correct.
The immunocompromised should keep away from vaccinated kids, as several other vaccines shed as well. 

#86a.  2013. Many countries have now discovered the Pertussis vaccine has caused the virus to change and vaccine now not very effective. Says pertussis rates are now the highest they have been since 1955.  Also the vaccine wan's quickly now, only lasts a few years.

#86b. In 2001 the Netherlands first noticed the vaccine was causing pertussis to adapt.

#86c. This 2014 study also shows pertussis is evolving due to vaccine.

#86d.  This 2017 CDC study shows the vaccine is causing pertussis strain to adapt.
   See link 88d below for more on all this, some of these links from this article.


    If you have any doubts about your kids health, this should be delayed, and if you do, might be an idea to not let too many people get near him for first 6 months. Your doctor's office is where most of these germs are.  

    Do your own research after reading what I provided.  All choices have risk.

#87.  This says the Pertussis vaccine is working poorer than they thought.  It was only 41% effective in 2 to 7 year olds.(see under "Methods").  If it is working that bad, maybe it is a good idea to delay this vaccine a year or two, if it not work, why risk it?
See next 3 links.

Read next two links. Shows they are now realizing that the Pertussis vaccine only protects the person and not prevent transmission.  So there is no point in making this vaccine mandatory. 
#87a. Says Pertussis vaccine protects person from the disease, but fails to prevent infection and transmission of disease in primate study.( So much for 'herd immunity' theory for this disease) See next link.

#87b. This from FDA says the same as link #87a,  pertussis vaccine not protect those around you, only yourself.
     So why do they make it mandatory in some states?? Is it $$ for pharma?
- This is the same info from FDA, but a backup source.

#87c.  This 2018 FDA study shows they can make a new better vaccine for pertussis, but will they do it? And when?


#88.  This says delaying the DTP vaccine by more than two months reduces the kids chance of getting asthma by 50%. (click link at bottom of this study to get the 2 months bit)

#88a.  This article which also links to important study, makes you wonder if we should just scrap the pertussis vaccine.

    "This disease is back because we didn’t really understand how our immune defenses against whooping cough worked, and did not understand how the vaccines needed to work to prevent it,” said Christopher J. Gill, associate professor of global health and lead author of the article. “Instead we layered assumptions upon assumptions, and now find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of admitting that we may made some crucial errors. This is definitely not where we thought we’d be in 2017.”(note article has link to study)


#88b.  Says vaccine starts out at 85% effective and that after 8.5 years only 10% of kids would still have immunity from pertussis.   Also says there was little difference between the 3 shot regime or 5 shot. (so maybe kid should just get the first 3 and that gets him past the dangerous first 6 months and then forget it, though you the mandatory police to worry about in the US)


#88c.  This 2015 study says under "Results", that "the DtaP vaccine is 73% effective after one year and 34% effective after 2 to 4 years for pertussis.

#88d. This shows how some vaccines are becoming ineffective because they are causing the pathogens to evolve.  See last parts of this article, the section on the pertussis pathogen here and the science studies it links to. Pertussis pathogen is evolving due to vaccine, we need a new vaccine and a safer one, and no one is working on it.

   This link also shows that Hep B is changing and also prevner 7 and prevner 13 are changing and getting more serious because of vaccine. 

#88e.  This 2013 article says “Whooping cough vaccine may not halt spread of illness.


  After reading everything here, it sounds like it might be a good idea to delay this vaccine until kid over 2 years old.  This one you need to research yourself. And the statement "all choices have risk" is very true here. A tough call.

-This says only 52% o Canadian adults have had a tetanus shot in last 10 years.  This says on page one that only 10% of adults have had a pertussis vaccine. And there is no epidemic.

-This shows Tetanus deaths before and after vaccine in 1941. Notice they say they do not track when a person dies of tetanus whether they are vaccinated or not. They should, More crap science from HC, how else can you know if vaccine is any good??


See Appendix for more on DTaP vaccine.



6. Polio vaccine, IPV, given in 3 doses at 2, 4 and 6 months is also nuts.  Polio is zero problem in North America and Europe.  Three 3rd world countries still have some small polio outbreaks.  This vaccine should be canceled and only be a travel vaccine, like yellow fever.

    I would say to not get it, but that is hard as it is combined with the combo vaccines.


#89.  In a modern clean society it is difficult to spread polio, read this to see how it is spread. Also says less than 1% of people who get polio, get paralytic polio.   So don't let your doctor fear monger you by saying "someone could fly in from the Nigeria and give your kid polio. No, won't happen. Some guy in the doctors office with polio will not spread it.

      This is another case of the CDC stuck in a rut, unable to adapt.(We know how bad all Federal institutions are.)


-#89a.  This shows as of 2018 there is only 3 countries with polio, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and it is now under control, with 2 to 15 cases each and 1 or 2 new cases of polio. So tell your pediatrician to quit being an idiot, your kid will not get polio if you delay a few years, and no Polio is Not just a plane ride away.

This explains difference between OPV and IPV polio vaccines and explains that the IPV only protects the user.(see last page type of polio vaccines) Here good article in The Guardian about spread of "vaccine derived polio".

-#89c.  Most cases of polio in 3rd World countries are now caused by the oral live polio vaccine they use. It is cheaper than the one we get, and is better for stopping the spread of it. 
  Goto heading "The Oral vaccine Catch-22" and read this section. Our vaccine only protects you not the transmission of the disease.  So this again proves this vaccine should not be mandatory.  And delaying it a few years is zero problem.
This Link from NPR news says many paralyzed from oral polio vaccine. This one as well. And here.

And here and CBChere. and hereMany getting polio from the vaccine in Africa. here, here.
     After reading this CNN article you realize the polio vaccine should now only given as a travel vaccine. We don't need it here in North America.  The inactivated vaccine we get here is only protecting you and no one else, and you don't need protection if you don't extreme travel.   And no, no one is flying here with polio.  This article says there was only 22 new cases last year in the 3 endemic countries, and they know who they are, these are the poorest of the poor people, they are not flying any where.  MASSIVE vaccine derived polio outbreak in Africa, here. And new 2022 article here, where they admit mistakes made.
    This is another reason why I think pediatricians training is guided by Industry. They are in a panic if you don't give your 2 month old infant a polio shot, "he is going to spread polio", "he is not going to spread polio" delaying the vaccine two years, crazy.  They are too busy to do their own research.

-This is photo of many in iron lungs, is Cutter incident it says.

-This from the CDC good info on polio, 99% of the time polio not dangerous.

7. Varicela or Chickenpox vaccine- CDC says first dose at 12 to 15 months.

I would say never get this vaccine, except that I think a whole country has to get the vaccine or no one gets it, because you do not want to get it as an adult, is much more dangerous.

     This is a "live" vaccine. The disease is contagious.  Very few kids die of chicken pox, it is generally a mild disease. The vaccine has mostly eliminated this disease, it is highly unlikely your kid will get this if you delay until child is 5 or 6 years old.   

   Your fear-mongering doctor will tell the horror stories he learned in med school of course, but we all use to get chickenpox and most of the time it was not a big deal. The UK  and half of Europe does not vaccinate for chickenpox.  See Link 90 below.

 Wait until child is 4 or 5 years old or get it when you have to get it for school.  Dr Sears alternate schedule says wait until 6 years old.

    A child under two should get as few vaccines as possible.

Important:  If you have to give you kid a chicken pox vaccine, never give it at the same time as the mmr.  Do not get the combo vaccine.  The MMRV vaccine has twice as many side effects.


#90.-   Note that England, Wales and Sweden do not vaccinate for chickenpox. This link says an average of 25 people a year die from chicken pox in England and wales and 81% of the deaths were adults. Note this study is funded by makers of chicken pox vaccine.

     This proves it is harmless to wait until kid is school age to vaccinate for chicken pox in Canada and US. The vaccine is more risky than the disease now.


#90a. Shows there is the odd chicken pox outbreak, but no serious problems, they get sick and then get better.

Note, that the UK and Sweden and some other European countries do not give the chicken pox vaccine at all.  Partly because it is the reason you get shingles later. So if these countries do not, I think it is safe to skip or delay this one.

#91. Swedish 2017 Vaccination schedule. Notice, no Hep A, no Rotavirus, no flu shot, and no Chickenpox vaccines.(Sweden recently started rotavirus)

See link #100 and pages 100 to 114 for more info on all this, talks about it causing shingles and that many other countries do not vaccinate for chicken pox.

     Note that many older people are getting shingles today because they all got chickenpox when they were a kid(before chickenpox vaccine mandates), and the virus stays in our body and can come out and cause shingles.

Now that kids are not getting chicken pox any more, because of the vaccine, older people are not getting exposed to chicken pox which acts as a booster and prevents shingles.

    So maybe all us older people should go hug a kid with chicken pox(if you can find one) every few years so we don't get shingles rather than risk a shingles vaccine.

#91a.  This is from the UK National Health Service and explains why they don't vaccinate for Chicken Pox.


#91c.  This shows that shingles can kill as well.  It can cause strokes and heartaches, especially in the elderly. This says there is a 2.4 fold increase in strokes and a 1.7 fold increase for MI heart attacks. 
   So is there more deaths from shingles than than there were from chicken pox!
Cancel this vaccine! Do Like the UK.
-#91d. This is the actual study show shingles causes strokes and heart attacks.

- Another study showing HZ can cause cardiovascular disease.
- HZ can cause strokes

-  Says some kids getting a chickenpox vaccine, got shingles at the injection site.

#91e.  This FDA memo shows Merck adding another adverse event to it's package insert. Miningitis is being added and also clarifications to two other adverse events, Herpes zoser(shingles) and encephalitis.

-This says under results, .9 serious adverse events per 100,000. Canadian study.

-See my page on shingles.


8. Flu shot. No skip this. The CDC and HC wants every person 6 months old and up, to get a flu shot every year.  This goes against the science.
Do not give the flu shot to kids under 2 years old.  Multiple studies show the influenza vaccine is ineffective in kids under two do to a weak immune system.  It is all risk and little benefit.


 See My flu shot web page Tab F for all the science on the flu shot. 

   Think about this.  In Canada there is only 1 to 3 flu/flu associated deaths each year in kids under 2. Is it really worth while to risk vaccinating every kid in the country with a vaccine that is only on average 40% effective in adults and almost zero in 2 year olds. With 1 to 3 deaths from flu, the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease for a 6 month old. FluShotCanada link above, has all the math and links to prove everything I say. 

   Note that in Canada, only about 37% of young kids get a flu shot and the US about 60%.(yet both countries have about the same death rate per capita)
-Read link #100 below, GBS rate is 5.7 per million.  Also see link #102Fa, shows is most dangerous vaccine along with DTaP.


    In the US there is on average 140 flu/flu associated deaths between ages 0 and 18 per the CDC. about 10 to 20% are under the age of two. Which works out, the US has 9 times Canada’s population, 9 times 2 is 18 deaths under age of two in the US. So chance of death is less than 2 in a million.  (It is interesting to note that even though the US has double the uptake of flu shot for kids, the death rate is the same per capita)
    My personnel opinion is to never give the flu shot, due to the “serial flu shot problem”, Google it, and multiple other long term problems.  See my flu shot web page here.

 But if you want to give it, ages 2 to 12 may be worth the risk, but after that forget it. This also aligns with the fact you want to give a kid under 2 as few vaccines as possible. Note that the US has mandatory reporting of all flu/flu associated deaths under the age of 18, so this data is accurate.  See above link.

 All choices have risk.

Link 72a above, shows that most European countries do not recommend the flu shot except to those over 65 and some children. This should be enough to show you don't need this vaccine.

The flu shot is our worst vaccine, it barely works, and getting it every year makes it loose even more effectiveness.  It has many side effects and just not worth the risk for the average person. All info here.

    Since this vaccine is reformulated every year, they can't test it, you are the guinea pig.  There are often bad batches that are recalled after they have damaged hundreds.  Remember recently in Europe, hundreds got narcolepsy with one version of the flu shot, and in Canada hundreds got ORS from the flu shot back around year 2000, it took about 4 years to get the rate down.







9. HIB vaccine Haemophilus influenzae b is a 4 dose vaccine. Pentacel or Hiberix.  Take this vaccine on time. Given at 2,4,6 and 12 months old. Is for kids under 5 years old.  About 3 to 6% of cases of Hib are fatal.  It is often combined in with the DTaP vaccine which is worrisome.  Try for the single vaccine.  It looks to be safer than some of the other vaccines. Link #102a.
Says about 20,000 kids got Hib and 3 to 6% died each year before the vaccine in 2005(800 deaths).  That's about 1000 deaths. So if this data is true, the vaccine is important.  This is far more deaths in kids than measles caused before it's vaccine came out. (if the CDC is not exaggerating)

   This package insert, page 22/23, says there was 2000 cases of HIB a year in Canada and was a 5% mortality rate, so 100 deaths a year.

Note: this next link for Australia says there was only about 500 cases a year in kids before Hib vaccination. So doing the math to account for the population differences(500 into 25million for OZ and 20,000 in 315 million for US) you get a 1 in 50k chance of Hib for OZ and 1 in 15,700 for US.  No country would understate there cases of Hib.  So it looks like once again the CDC in the US is grossly exaggerating(Lying) to push vaccination. So maybe the vaccine is not quite as important as we thought. Needs more research.


-  Last sentence says “that presently there is no need for a booster dose of Hib vaccine in Sweden after primary vaccination. Sweden and several other countries only give 3 doses of this vaccine, not four, and first shot is not until kid is 3 months old, rather than at 2 months.  So maybe we can do that.   It may not be possible to get this vaccine by itself now, it always comes in the combo vaccines?


  This shows the disease is changing and vaccine of limited value for older people.  This shows that the vaccine is changing the disease, says "Vaccination against Hib has altered the epidemiology of invasive H. influenzae infections in Ontario".

 10. Pneumococcal vaccine PCV13(PNEU-C13) Prevnar 13 vaccine. There is also a Pneumo-P for seniors.  A newer vaccine, given in 4 doses, at 2,4, 6 and 15 months of age. Has 125ug of aluminum phosphate as adjuvant.  Personally I would not give it to my kid. There is a lot of fear mongering with this one, and exaggerated data from the CDC.   It is another newer vaccine that has marginal benefit, and may be more risk than benefit.

Another option is to wait until kid is 2 years old and then you only need to get one dose.

There are 1000's of serious VAERS reports on this vaccine.

 We got to 2005 without this vaccinef, do we need it?   This link says "few kids under 5 died from this disease." 

Never give this shot to your kid with a flu shot.(Links 100e, 110f below)

Half way down this article, it says :  "Even before the advent of Prevnar, children rarely died of pneumococcal illness-about 200 in the US annually, according to the CDC." Then says,  So Pfizer, the drug maker, produced a bunch of studies to say how great the vaccine is.(pharma data)    

Most of the data on this vaccine is from the manufacture, Pfizer, who has a monopoly on this vaccine, so data is suspect.   The efficacy of this vaccine is also suspect.

This also says Most European countries that use this only give 3 doses, not 4 like the US.
This NYTimes article also says the cost /benefit of this vaccine is not really in its favour.  I worry more about the risk/benefit ratio than the cost ratio. Says price of vaccines have increased 15 fold in 25 years.

This from Health Canada shows the pneum 13 and 23 are not very effective in adults, 20 to 60% depending and for young kids about 80% effective.  See table 1 and figure 1.

--The Pneumo-P for seniors is 50 to 80% effective they say and wears of in 5 to 10 years, here.

This 2019 article shows the US ACIP has stopped recommending the PC13 for seniors.  

-This study4531 says the pnumonoccus vaccine did nothing.  15% were vaccinated with the pneumococcal vaccine and it did not reduce the incidence of pneumonia. Is 2019 study.

This YouTube link here is a ACIP meeting on PCV13, again they mostly rely on manufacture data. Pfizer is also pushing for over 65 age group to get a ACIP recommendation. At $130 a shot, this is  their star product.
#93a.-  2018 ACIP meeting. They never talked about the safety of the product.


-Note: This vaccine is causing this disease to change and spread and it is making it more serious to get.  See two links below.  Note that first we had the PCV-7 then the PCV 13, now there is the 23, the vaccine is making this disease evolve into more dangerous forms.

#94.- Rapid Pneumococcal evolution do to clinical intervention. Note, 21 doctors signed this study.

#94a.  This is about "vaccine induced pathogen strain replacement".  Some vaccines are causing the disease to evolve and become more dangerous.   

This study5981 is worrying, 5 fold increase in serious sickness after kid gets the vaccine.  This 2013 WHO article backs this up. The newer vaccines fixes problem? For how long?

#95.-  Read page 16. Says "this disease has markedly "increased" since the widespread use of this vaccine. That's rather worrying.
    This is another example of vaccines causing additional problems.  Like the chicken pox vaccine making older people get shingles.(because they no longer get so-called boosters from being exposed to kids with chicken pox).
All choices have risk.  This new 2020 study also the bug is adapting and also causing antibiotic resistance. Cancel this vaccine?  And here9810.


--The PPS23 vaccine is just given to kids with health problems I believe. Not looking at this one.

-This is from VCC but gives good writeup on this vaccine and all the problems it is causing as the vaccine causdes the bug to adapt. Page 10 and more here.

- This says Prevnar 13 or PCV13 used in Seniors was 45% effective for preventing pneumonia and 75% effective at preventing invasive pneumococcal disease.

This study was funded by Pfizer, click on study link, so maybe even less effective. ACIP meeting. Min 16:25 shows(and says) the pneumococcal vaccine overall average effectiveness is just 60%.   Min 8:34, does that show vaccine does nothing in adults.  Then at min 16:58 says effect of PCV13 on adults were very limited(like 0?).

Min 49:31 says “only small fraction of all-cause pneumonia is vaccine type pneumococcal pneumonia.

Min 57:16 shows vaccine effectiveness for different types of disease. 0 to 67% effective depending.

Min 1:26:45 deals with safety. She says they looked at VAERS and VHS data and said no safety signals, but she did not show that data. So what they consider safe may not be what I consider safe.  Need a child rep on ACIP, no one is on our side there.

11. HPV Vaccine  Never get this one.  Another newer vaccine. This vaccine is for girls over 9 years old, and now also for boys.  All the data out there that says this vaccine is great, is from Merck or GSK.  It is big money at $150. a child.

There is so much controversy over this one, and the benefits questionable, that it is not worth the risk.

Go to YouTube and type in "HPV vaccine injury's".

There is tons of data showing many serious adverse events with this vaccine.  Almost no one in Japan gets this vaccine anymore. In Denmark and Ireland use has gone way down do to all the problems. This vaccine may be another Vioxx.


95b.- HPV vaccine causing POV Premature ovarian failure.

- Good outline of the concerns about the HPV vaccine.

- Japan stops recommending HPV vaccine due to thousands of serious side effects, and wonders why the US is doing the opposite.


-  Japan withdraws recommendation for the HPV vaccine because of concerns about too many side effects.  All Industry sources are down playing side effects.


-Over 95% of women who got cervical cancer have not had a pap smear in the last 5 years.  This is a much better way to go than the HPV vaccine.  See min 53:30 of this video.  Some might call this a anti-vax video, is on HPV vaccine.


- Read this long investigation of the HPV vaccine by a news source that is normally pro-pharma. They did FOI's to get much of their info.  Found hiding of data, not collecting adverse events properly in the clinical trials, and poor study methods.

    Notice at top of this article is a link to a letter from the publisher of Slate that sound like it is apologizing to pharma for telling the truth about the HPV vaccine and then says he would still get the vaccine.LOL. (like I said this is a pro-pharma source).


-  This is some Cochrane members giving hell to a recent Cochrane report on the HPV vaccine that was very one sided in favour of the vaccine. There are many flaws pointed out. They did not deal with conflicts of interest in many of the studies or with many missing serious adverse events.  Also this says the authors of cochrane study all had conflicts of interest.  This Article in Cochrane library dated Oct 2018 shows how the recent Cochrane HPV vaccine review was a sham.  There are many problems with this vaccine that have not been addressed properly.


-  This says cancer rates are going down except for HPV which is climbing. Increases in incidence rates for some HPV associated cancers.(Why is it increasing?  We have an increasing uptake of this new HPV vaccine? HPV cancers are going up with the increased uptake of the HPV vaccine. Is the vaccine causing the cancer?)

    Then says this underscores the need for increased HPV vaccine coverage?? Can someone explain this to me?

  This study is Adverse events in Alberta from HPV vaccine.  Says "Of the 195,270 women who received HPV vaccine 958 were hospitalized and 19,351 had an ED visit within 42 days of immunization. And 192 reported at least one adverse event.

-This article says HPV vaccine causing ALS.

-This new study0271 shows how poorly HPV vaccine was tested and many serious adverse events.

​-This study8703 done in 2018 says some people are more suceptiple to a whole slew of serious side effectives from the HPV vaccine.   This Washington Times article shows that this vaccine may be more dangerous than they say, and also says vaccine was fast-tracked and only studied on 1200 girls.  This 2020 study says vaccine may not work at all and clinical trials poorly done.

-This 2020 article says "cervical cancer rates rising"!  Also says "new report looking at the clinical trials of HPV vaccines to prevent cervical cancer has raised reservations over how effective the vaccine is".  Article also quotes new studies that question the original clinical trials. And says "researchers discovered the trials were not designed to identify cervical cancer, which takes decades to develop."

-This article says "counties with higher rates of HPV cancers also showed higher HPV vaccination rates according to research presented at annual meeting on women's cancers, the opposite of what we expected".   This is scary!! do not use this vaccine. 

This from the CDC shows cancer rates have not dropped and are now rising slightly.(click "Trends") If women screen annually there will be almost no deaths. Notice this chart stops at 2016, maybe they do not want you to see cervical cancer rates are not dropping. See here this says will be about 13,800 cases in 2020, cases still not dropping after 13 years since vaccine out.  Note, I went through CDC website, I can find no data on cervical cancer rates after 2016, it is like a big secret.  Is it because vaccine is not preventing any of these cancers??

-This7187 study says vaccine has caused a shift in the strains, after a few years, the strains you are vaccinated for are no longer the main ones, other strains are coming more dominant.

-Info here on HPV vaccine from anti vax site, but is good I think.

-This Aug/2020 article says lawsuit against Mercks HPV vaccine, sounds like Vioxx.

-This and this are all the deaths and injuries from HPV vaccine lawyer firm info.

-This 2024 Global News story says Cervical cancer cases still rising, vax not work?


12. Men B Bexsero vaccine/   This vaccine is not worth risking, skip it.  Large amounts of aluminum in this vaccine.  This is for ages 10 to 25 years. This is a newer vaccine and one of the most expensive.

#96.-  Says is expensive and unnecessary. Very few people ever get this disease and is treatable if caught early.

-This2664 2017 study shows the MenB barely worked at all after 2 doses given to University students. Should this be canceled? Is the disease adapting?

-This 2014 BMJ article says Men B is so rare they cannot even do a proper clinical trial for it. Bexsero. (do serious side effects from vaccine happen more often?)

This study is recent US surveillance data, in the 3 years 2014 to 2016 there was only 166 cases of meningococcal, that is nothing, the vaccine is more dangerous than that.  The CDC tends to exaggerate data for any disease there is a vaccine for. I have seen lots of conflicting data for meningococcal. Including what I have posted here.

-  This on Meningococcal disease. This sit shows few cases and deaths and I dont think the vaccine is that important. Also says under "secular trends" that 60% of the cases are those there is no vaccine for. Much here, read it.

#96a. ACIP meeting. At minute 4:35 Ed Belongia says he has safety concerns about the Meningococcal B vaccine and are only giving it a category B recommendation. Want to see more safety information.(so I guess the industry will give them more fake data) Men B vaccine came out in 2015, there is only about 60 to 400 cases of men b a year, depending on who you believe.

 This vaccine only lasts a couple of years. Do we need it? 

At minute 50:00 we see that one of the ACIP board members is a rep from the American pharmacist ass.(conflict of interest.)


This is Canadian data on Bexero meningococcal vaccine.

page 15 says monovalent vaccine is “estimated” to be 33 to 84% effective depending on age and other factors. It is less effective combined with other vaccines.  And page 14 says they could find no studies on the efficacy or effectiveness of the vaccine.
Page 24 is the recommendations and they do not sound to positive, I would skip this vaccine given the aluminum and many adverse events reported here.
They also keep saying "there is insufficient evidence" for just about everything.

-  Briton says doubts the benefit of Bexsero for a disease that affects about two  out of 100,000 Britons a year.  Is the risk/ benefit there?  Also says. “ more than 1 in 10 patients suffer fever, headache, nausea, and joint pain.  Bexsero is for meningococcal B strain. 

-This article says meningitis is very rare(read 3rd paragraph from bottom) and there is even less pediatric deaths from meningitis than influenza, so that means there is less than 5 to 10 deaths a year in Canada. So the vaccine is not important.(also 7th paragraph from bottom says risk of a child dying of flu is about 1 in 2 million, so vaccine may be more dangerous.)

12a. Meningococcal  vaccines is given to kids at 2 and 12 months. Meningococcal serogroup A,C,W,Y vaccination (minimum age: 2 months [MenACWY-CRM, Menveo], 9 months [MenACWY-D, Menactra])

- Menactra Vaccines. Says this vaccine protects against bacterial meningitis which strikes about one in a or .3 per 100,000 people per year. So is it worth the risk. This also says Government put a warning about this vaccine after 5 teens got GBS. Remember we have 99% under-reporting. 

-This article shows meningitis is very rare and deaths rare,(read last two paragraphs)

- This article shows there are many strains of meningococcal disease, the regular kids vaccine did not cover this one kid died of though they say there was a private vaccine that is available for an area with a outbreak of a certain strain.

-This from the IAC shows there were few cases of meningococcal disease before the vaccine, this vaccine is more dangerous than the disease. 

-This from the FDA page 8 lines 4 to 6 show that 1 to 2% of kids have a "Serious" adverse event after this shot. Serious is hospitalization, so may be more dangerous than the disease.  Though it might save a few lives.  Is it worth the risk?   Page 20 shows a slew of dangerous side effects as well.

-This says Men B vaccine given to kids is over all 59% effective, mentions nothing about safety. 2020 study.  This8839 2019 study with Natasha Crowcroft, shows how rare this is don't, use vaccine.

      The vaccine is only 65 to 90% effective depending on study, and it wear's off in 3 to 8 years. Why risk it?  This5434 says meningococcal vaccines have been associated with serious neurological side effects and gives an example.

13. Vitamin K shot at birth.  Phytomenadione("synthetic" vitamin K)

This is not a vaccine, but is another pharmaceutical product they want to stick into your newborn infant.  One version is made by Merck. Contains Benzyl Alcohol. It is for preventing brain bleeding in newborns that can happen in about 1 in 100  to 1 in 1000 births depending on source.  Read the first two pages of the package insert for this product. This for a newborn?

#97.  This is FDA package insert for vitamin K by Merck.  Roche also makes a version as well.

I can’t imagine giving this to a newborn!  Read the first 2 pages!!  If they inject it with the wrong method it coud deriously damage child.  Is recommended in Canada and US for newborns to prevent bleeding, is it really needed? 

Baby should be given Oral vitamin K instead, almost as good but far safer.  Read the next link it explains the pro’s and con’s of giving Oral vitamin K instead of the injection. It is not quite as effective, but much much safer. -#98.  Read first paragraph of this link. It was written and 1992 and re-confirmed in 2018 so is correct.  This backs up the wisdom of using oral vitamin K, is discussed throughout this article, as you keep reading thru this you see the science is not sound on Vitamin K.  It’s obviously influenced by “industry”.  Read under “Recommendations.”

   Is this another situation of Industry funded science versus none industry science?
#98a.  More good info on Oral Vit K versus injected Vit K. Get Oral.
  Sounds like some other countries recommend the Oral Vitamin K, but the industry funded AAP is hardcore about injected vitamin K and the CPA recommends the oral. There is also evidence that the mother taking vitamin K supplements before birth helps as well.  

   If it was my infant?  Since the choice of oral versus injected is close, I would go with the oral, the body will eliminate anything not used. If injected it stays and this is synthetic vitamin k along with benzene alcohol and other stuff. To me going with nature is always best.  This vitamin K shot has been around since 1944, and as I showed above, we understand little about how the body works when it comes to injecting stuff.

 How much harm has the injected K caused?


    Vitamin K shots and cancer, best to get the oral vitamin K.


#99a.  This is Oral Vit K tablets, also made by Merck, Sounds safer than injected Vit K.  I still wonder if they need Vit K at all, are they going with old science? Seems at odds with nature.
I am against injecting anything with toxic ingredients into a "healthy" newborn infant no matter how small the quantity. It's nuts!




 Evidence that vaccines should only be given one at a time:


Our health officials keep saying "there is no evidence that it is safer to get vaccines one at time than all together".  That's because they have not bothered to do any, BUT  there is lots of studies showing indirectly that it is safer to get vaccines one at a time, see links below.  That statement also defies common sense.

#100 More vaccines at one time is more problems. Read under "Results" multiple injections are more problems than a single injection. and raised CRP levels in preterm infants.  Says multiple injections causes cardio respiratory events. (why would you vaccinate a preterm??) See next link as well.

#100a.  See section 4 ‘Moderate Events’, says “risk of seizures is higher after a MMRV vaccine than the separate MMR and Chicken Pox vaccines.  Don’t get the MMRV!!  And get MMR by itself and delay the chicken pox vaccine.  This study 0201 backs this up. And this study9141 says risk of seizures is twice as high with MMRV.

#100b.-  This shows getting MMR and 5 in 1 DTaP-IPV-Hib vaccines at same time makes kids more likely to end up in hospital with a respiratory infection, than if they got the MMR alone. (Get both these vaccines alone, A month or more apart.)

#100c.-   This 2018 study looked at VAERS reports for 25 years 1991 to 2016 for DTaP vaccine.  Is funded by FDA and CDC. Found 50,157 reports and 44,000 were given with other vaccines.  Then says found nothing unexpected, all is well.  (Remember VAERS has 99% under-reporting, and a reports are not verified).  “11.2% of reports were serious” including 844 death reports, and 48% of those deaths was from SIDS.  Further down study they explain away the SIDS deaths by quoting a few studies that said sids and DTap are not related. Really? So they say the reports must be bogus??

   Says neurologic condition was the most common of the serious reports. and then gastrointestinal conditions.  Read this under title “Non-death Reports”. And the most common gastrointestinal diagnosis "was intussusception when rota virus vaccine was co-administered with DTaP vaccine".  This is more evidence vaccines should be given one at a time.

#100d.  2012 Goldman. The more vaccines given at one time the more problems.


#100e.-  This 2012 study says “a recent study in Vaccine confirmed previous reports that kids who got a flu shot in the 2010-11 season had a increased risk of seizure after vaccination, especially if they got the new pneumococcal vaccine “at the same time”.


#100f.- This 2016 study says the risk of Febrile seizures is higher if get a flu shot on same day as a DTaP containing vaccine, or a PCV pneumococcal vaccine.  And this study3496 shows DTP and measles vaccine together is more side effects.   And this study5827 says Pentavalent vaccines are associated with increased mortality if given with mmr and yellow fever vaccines, twice as many deaths.  

And this8278 study says Men B vaccine gives more fever when given with other vaccines(under results).

This study, read 2nd last sentence, says "Approximately 10–15% of recipients of simultaneous immunizations with 'multiple vaccines' develop Febrile Reactions, and have higher G-CSF level".

​-This Infanrix-hexa package insert page 11 at the 3 asterixs says  "there is an increased risk of  convulsions and HHE's if get this vaccine with a Prevnar 13 vaccine.

-This study1304 shows there is a 3 times higher risk of seizures if get the flu shot with the PCV13 vaccine. And shows that the younger ones get more seizures.

-This Package insert for Bexero  page 7,8 says "there is more fever if given with other vaccines".

​-This3112 says if Measels vaccine given same time as DTP, had significantly higher mortality.Aaby

- See Tab O, DTaP section, for a number of links that show this vaccine can cause allergies and asthma.


#101.   See charts here on page 123, shows rising rates are because of hi-risk life styles, IV drug users, HIV, etc.

Read page 117 to 123, good info.

Then read page 100 where the CDC talks about if we use the chickenpox vaccine we will start an epidemic of shingles(herpes zoster)

Then read page 53, 54 says GBS rate for flu shot is 5.7 per million a year for last 5 years. (The CDC public page says it's 1 in a million)


#102a.  This link is a vaccine injury lawyer site.  They post all the clients they have got compensation for and for what vaccines and their injury.

     There are 549 claims here to date. It is educational to go through through the injures. 460 of the 549 claims are for Influenza vaccine.  43 injuries are for DTaP vaccine, and  25 are for injury after multiple vaccines and you can't say which one caused the injury, or it was just too many for the kid. Which makes a case for getting them one at a time.  Of the 25 multiple vaccine injures, 20 included the DTaP vaccine.

There was 8 claims for Hep B vaccine, 5 for the HPV, and three for meningococcal vaccine, and a few other random ones.

    This shows DTaP and Influenza are the most dangerous vaccines.  Note that the influenza vaccine is poorly tested, as it is changed every year.


   Says low birth weight babies have more health problems if immunized.  Then read “Introduction” First sentence is crazy, then next sentence gives all the serious adverse events that happen if you immunize a low birth weight baby. 

Then the conclusion seems to say ignore all the evidence and immunize anyways??(Which is more risk, minimal risk of disease or hi-risk from many vaccines to pre-term infant?)

(I can’t believe they would do it in the first place, Do they feed doctors stupid pills, read the conclusion of study, keep immunizing them, while they study it. Nuts.) 

This says, Well-child visits linked to more than 700,000 subsequent flu-like illnesses

#103.-   . (Don’t take your infant to the doctor unless you have to.  Maybe it is best to keep the kid at home, for the first 3 months, no vaccines, no doctors offices, unless its an emergency.)



More thoughts on vaccination. Suppose we stopped taking all vaccines. Some infectious diseases will try to come back. Diphtheria, rarely appears, if you get the odd case of it, you quarantine and you ring vaccinate the people in contact in the area.  This helped get rid of small pox, and more recently, an ebola outbreak in Africa. This could be done with most of the diseases.

 Measles is tougher, it will defiantly come back for all kids. Maybe we should go back to the single measles vaccine and give it to kids after there 18 months old.  This will keep it in check.  Chicken pox, forget the vaccine, half of Europe does not use this vaccine.

 Will we get some deaths? Yes, but we already get several hundred deaths a year from vaccines, auto-immune and neurological diseases and more, possibly many long term cancers.  Also with no chicken pox vaccine we will get less shingles. We could have a much healthier population.  These are just ideas I am throwing out. Hopefully the experts will one day start looking at it and come up  with a better plan. All choices have risk.


-For now, it is up to you to make your own changes.  Your doctor can’t help you.  Even if he is a more open minded doctor and has learned on his own outside the box,  he will be worried about liability or loosing his license if he gives advice contrary to prescribed practice.

 All the recommendations above, assume you are not travelling to hi-risk places.




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