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Mandatory Vaccination

Italy in 2017, brought in mandatory vaccination for 10 vaccines.  France did the same this year, and includes the  flu shot. California joined several other states to remove all exemptions except medical to vaccinations, your kid must vaccinate period. Your next!

-Stop mandatory vaccination!

Italy's mandates came in just as GSK, a major vaccine maker, invests $1 Billion in Italy into vaccine making.



#46.  Good article on Italy, mandatory vaccination and all the corruption around it. Also how they want to control the doctors and make sure they toe the line.


Australia has just tightened further mandatory vaccination.  The whole vaccine schedule(which is unheard of and makes no sense) is now mandatory, or you get no gov child subsidy or other money from government and kids can't attend school. The Prime minister's wife was chairman of Immutep a cancer drugmaker.

Much of Europe and the US are now looking at mandatory vaccination.

Note, edited: Italy just had an election(June 2018) and has eased the mandatory requirements due to massive protests, and is now re-writing the law, we wait and see what happens.

-Argentina has just made Adult vaccines mandatory as well you cannot renew your drivers license unless up to date, Pharma won there.

      Here is a video of the massive protests in Italy, not against vaccines, but against mandatory vaccination.  Do we want this in Canada?  It is already in some of the US.

-This 2019 CBC news article has Canada's top expert saying we should not take the mandatory vaccination route. Says it did not work in Australia. 

-This article has Canada's top expert, Dr. Noni MacDonald saying we should not go the mandatory vaccine route. And here from NONI.

-In Canada, New Brunswick tried to be the first province to bring in Mandatory vaccination with Minister Cardy pushing the bill.  It was narrowly voted down in June 2020 See here.

- British Medical Association says "no" to mandatory vaccination. See here. Not sure when this was published.

-What’s wrong with mandatory vaccination? Everything!  It means your vaccines will not be improved.  They can give you any old crap. If you have been reading all data provided at this site, you will see they do need improving.  Why would pharma bother spending money improving a vaccine if it's mandatory?  You have to take them!

      Vaccines are too dangerous to have them mandatory, there is too much we do not know about them.(read home page)

Also, once mandatory laws are in place, it is easy to just keep adding more and more vaccines to the kids schedule.  This shows there are over 200 more vaccines in the pipeline.

   We will all be a bunch of chronically sick farm fish.

In places with mandatory vaccination like California which mandates 10 vaccines for kids to go to school. If you are missing just one booster of even one vaccine, you are counted as "unvaccinated" which is nuts. 

-Where there is risk, there should always be choice.  Mandatory vaccination is the polite word, lets call it what it is, "forced vaccination".  Parents are being forced.

    The only people who are for mandatory vaccination are people who know nothing about the subject and have done no research on their own.  Unfortunately that is 80% of the people.

-There is no infectious disease crisis in Canada or the US to warrant a mandatory order for 10 vaccines. No one is dying today in the US and Canada, what is the panic?  We should be looking at the 1000's of fentynal deaths and 35,000 care crash deaths.

-Why does the states with mandatory vaccination laws allow unvaccinated immunocompromised kids to go to school but not regular unvaccinated kids, are they saying unvaccinated immunocompromised are less of a risk to other kids? 


-This shows the WHO is preparing to get every person in the world fully vaccinated by 2030. world wide forced injection coming.  When yo click on the PDF, it has the WHO saying the measles vaccine saved 21 million people in 7 years.  This baloney, it contracts their own data. They previously say there is 90,000 to 120,000 deaths from measles a year.

     Some of the vaccines they have made mandatory do not even make sense.  Read link #47 below.  The inactivated polio vaccine for example, only protects the person not the spread of the disease.  It is the "live oral polio" vaccine that does that and they are using in in the 3 remaining countries with polio. We quite using it because it has some serious side effects including polio.(link# 89c Tab N)

-The Measles vaccine I can understand why they may want to make that one mandatory, as it is so infectious and the vaccine works well.(Though I am against all mandatory)That is the only vaccine that would qualify for mandatory,(if separated out from the MMR).   The MMR is a live vaccine and maybe causing much long term harm, and as I showed on Home page, our science is still way behind.(Also see Tab J and appendix section A)

-The Hep B vaccine as well, why is that made mandatory?  They let Hep B positive kids goto school, see here.  You don't get outbreaks of Hep B as it is hard to spread.    

-The DTaP vaccine also should not be mandatory. Diptheria and Tetanus are not a issue. Pertussis or whooping cough is an issure, but this vaccine only protects the user, not others around him, so it is pointless to make mandatory. See here, here and here. 

-The flu shot you will never get Herd immunity as it works so poorly. 

-In a free society everyone should have the right to decide what drugs or vaccines they want to give their child. especially when there is so much controversy over them, and vaccines are hi-risk.
Mandates are often being brought in on the backs of minor measles outbreaks.   Why do they always make 10 vaccines mandatory instead of just the measles?
    The answer is, Industry pressure. See Tab D "Vaccines now big money".  Vaccines are not just big money now, there are massive profits.  So far it is not as bad in Canada, but it's coming.
Once the mandate is in place, it is easy to keep adding vaccines to it.

Another problem with mandatory, is it stops flexibility. We now have several vaccines that have caused their disease to mutate. The Pneumococcal vaccine is causing this disease to mutate to a more dangerous form and should be canceled (Tab N Links 94,95). And the Pertussis vaccine is changing and this vaccine is now very ineffective.(Tab O Links 2,3, and 4)

-Bringing in mandatory vaccination is actually back firing on the government.  Look at California where it was recently brought in and all exemptions removed.  This has stirred up the people and even those who never thought about vaccines before are getting on board. There is now an active rapidly growing movement. 

One should note that it is not the ACIP or NACI bringing in mandatory vaccination, it is lobbyists pushing your governments.  ACIP only says it 'recommends' the vaccine.  They never say vaccines should be mandatory.

#46a This “non-profit” organization called ECBT or "Every Child By Two", is the largest organization pushing vaccines on your kids. They are everywhere.  This link is their website, click the "About Us, then funding tab" and shows that their funding comes from the 5 major Vaccine makers, companies like Merck, GSK, and Sanofi. 

-Here is an example of a state(Oklahoma) tried to ram through a mandatory vaccination bill.   It was defeated after huge pushback.  This is just one of 15 states that have tried this over the last couple of years.

Some might call this site a 'anti-vax site', and the only one I link to, but the information is good I believe.
  Read this letter by a immunologist doctor.  The title is not quite correct, but the rest is.  She lays out how "some" vaccines only protect from the disease, not transmission, so forcing someone to get these vaccines is not protecting the public, only themselves and that should be a personal choice.
 This applies to the 3 components of the DTaP, Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis.  Also Polio and Hep B is not transmissible in a school setting.(Hep B positive kids are allowed to goto school.)
This shows that "vaccine mandates", are money and fear driven, not science driven.  See link #47b which backs up the above. Also see link # 89c.

Remember the measles outbreak in California a few years ago. It was a huge media circus, but a tiny outbreak, 180 people out of a population of 40 million. Then they made 10 vaccines mandatory instead of just measles. And guess what, the measles outbreak soon disappeared,  no one died, no big deal.


 This FDA document backs up link 47.  It says that the pertussis vaccine only offers protection from disease, not from spreading the disease, so silly to make it mandatory.
   If pharma can get a vaccine added to the kids schedule, that is a grand slam!  Worth Billions, and a mandatory mandate is the icing on the cake,  and it's even more sales and then they don't need to improve the vaccines once there mandatory. And remember vaccine makers have no liability, a perfect world for them. 

  When I see places like Virginia and Texas who recently made the HPV vaccine mandatory,($180.00 a shot) you know their politicians have been bought off.(next link)  There so much controversy around this vaccine and science showing serious safety issues.

#47d.  Texas senator who made the HPV vaccine mandatory bought off by Merck here is the facts.
-Merck's Texas lobbyist at the time was Mike Toomey,  Senator Perry's former chief of staff.  And see here.


See this for Merck’s aggressive pushing of HPV vaccine and corrupting our agencies.

Luckily things are not as bad in Canada yet.  This vaccine is major money for Merck at $180 a child.

#48b.  Here is a good speech by Mary holland to the United Nations about mandatory vaccination.

        In the US there were only 20 to 60 deaths a year from Rotavirus before the vaccine. Did we really need a mandate for that?

Britain has decided not to make vaccines mandatory and believe it is up to the parents in this 2018 British Medical Ass decision.

    The California mandate and removal of all exemptions, was brought in by Senator Pan, a pediatrician, so someone without the required knowledge. 
-  Here is a funny video showing 3 lies from Senator Pan.( lies or ignorance, not sure which)
- Here is several more lies by Senator Pan.
--  This shows Senator Richard Pan received the largest donation of $95,000 from Pharma to sell us out and make 10 vaccines mandatory, rather than just the measles vaccine. Pharma also spent $500 million to help get Pan and his buddies elected, and about $3 million lobbying the legislature, governor and other agency’s. 

 Shows GSK gave $303,000 to Senator Pan.  Merck gave $83,000.  and Sanofi gave $432,000.   Not sure if these are to party or to Pan. This is his 2nd election 2018.

-  Click “major donors link to rite. then put file# in search window. 

-  This is speech by Bernadette Pajer to Washington state board of health on Mandatory vaccination and web of corruption. And about AIM.

-  Good news. Nov 2018, Mandatory vaccination, not part of new heath act in Newfoundland says the Health minister. 

-  This is an example of a mandatory vaccination bill that was tried to get thru in Oklahoma. It was turned down 26 to 16, no forced vaccination here.

-  3rd paragraph down says "it is against the Canadian constitution to make vaccines mandatory.  

-  Sweden votes no to mandatory vaccination.

-  Italy government overturns its mandatory vaccination laws. 

-  This is a poll for mandatory vaccination of measles, 72% are against mandatory vaccination.

-This shows 16% of Americans now have serious concerns about vaccines, 2019.

-This shows almost half of Canadians are concerned about vaccine safety in 2020.

-Here is a great letter to editor on why we should not have vaccine mandates.

-Whether a vaccine should be mandatory or not, should also be based on how contagious a disease is, which is R0 value or Basic reproduction number, here.  This system is not that accurate, but is good to compare the different diseases.   Measles has an R0 of about 14 to 17,  Pertussis is 5.5 to 16  depending on source, this says 10.  Pneumococcal disease has an r0 of about 2 and mumps is 5.  Rubella is 5 to 7.  Diphtheria is 6 to 7. Influenza is 2.

So looks like just  measles and pertussis would be hard to control.

-This shows the European commission wants everyone in Europe to have a common vaccination card including adults by 2022. They want forced injection for all and for all vaccines, and remember there is over 200 more vaccines in the pipeline. 

-This shows the WHO wants every person to have every vaccine and more new ones by 2030, program called "Leave no one behind".

-This article on mandatory vaccination in the Canadian Medical Journal.  The doctor here got many of his facts wrong, like on the number of measles deaths and 2009 flu shot.  Article also says "Opponents also argue that more parents would object to vaccinations if they knew the frequency of adverse reactions".

-This is a excellent article on Vaccine Hesitancy and the nonsense the media writes, by Jeromy  Hammond, the article backs everything up with lots of good sources.

-I hope I never see forced injection where I live.  If you have read everything in this website, you will see there is to much danger and lack of safety science on vaccines.  They want us to have all these vaccines to "improve our health and Well being". Hmmm, Vaccines dont do that, they do not make you healthy, they are to stop you from getting a certain disease.

-This from CTV news shows they want to bring in a Vaccine injury Compensation program for Canada when bring in Covid-19 vaccine, as it may be dangerous. If is is should they not delay vaccine?

-This shows a Mandatory vaccination Bill was voted down in New Brunswick, June 18 2020. Still free choice%.

-This shows 51% of pediatricians in the US kick a patient out of his practice if you dont fully vaccinate and also says 37% allow parents to spread out vaccines for their kid.

-This National Post article says not a single person has been converted by Ontario's education video to educate a vaccine hesitant parent.

-This article from Salon says "Millions of Americans view anti-vaccination as part of their social identity.

-This link to Ontario Health shows you can opt your kid out of vaccination with some paper work and watch education video. There education video here, have a laugh


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