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Your Doctor is a "Victim of his Training".


Your pediatrician is not a reliable source for vaccine information.  Yes that’s true. From the day your doctor enters medical school to the day he retires, he is trained and guided by “Industry” and CDC, also by trade organizations like the AMA, AAP, CPS.  By the time they are finished medical school, they think pretty much the way the Industry wants them to think.

    The above is probably "fighting words", but they are true.  The only thing to argue about is 'how true', 100% or 80%  or maybe 50% true? I back up what I say below.

  All their medical schools get huge grants from the Industry, they get lectures from doctors who are paid “Industry spokesmen”, their training upgrades are paid and guided by pharma, he is visited weekly by pharma reps who give their version of all the latest products, he gets gifts, travel expenses paid for.


-Industry and our top health officials do not want our doctors knowing what is on this website, fearing they would hesitate at injecting so many vaccines into an infant. 

    That is starting to happen, This shows our front line doctors are starting to wobble as they learn about vaccines thanks to the internet.

This link is about the "Pharmaceutical Industry's role in medical education".


#37. Industry deeply involved in University medical schools. And good article here.

#38. This from the Canadian Medical Journal.  For Canadians. Says  "Pharma influence widespread in medical schools".  And  "Faculty members get direct industry compensation". And more here.  

#38a.  Shows doctor training and upgrade training is paid for by the industry in Canada, and the college refuses to stop the money flow.


#38b.This 2019 article shows how Industry influences medical schools and doctors in Canada,

       And here, industry funded training is always promotion, and happens alot.

#38c.  This says, "Half of what doctors to is wrong and less than 20% of what doctors do has solid research to support it”.  And Only a fraction of what physicians do is based on solid evidence. And Americans receive medications and treatments that have no proven clinical benefit and also millions fail to get care that is proven to be effective.”

-This newer article says "only one in ten medical treatments are backed by high quality evidence".



Your doctor only gets 5 or 6 hours of training on Vaccines, and nothing on vaccine safety science. then lots on biology, and immunity, etc.   Then taught the CDC recommended vaccine schedule in detail and contraindications.  A "vaccine hesitant" parent will have 100's of hours or thousands on vaccines and looked at all the studies that your doctor never sees.  See my "Appendix A"  and Tab J doctor for much of the science you have never seen, it will open your eyes.

See this link is Dr Noni MacDonald, Canadian expert on vaccines at a Senate Caucus meeting describes how doctors only get a few hours training on immunization, see minute 1:59:25 for quote. 

-This link 30 second video has doctor At WHO meeting on vaccine confidence, saying doctors are lucky to get a half day of training on vaccines. She said this in a room full of doctors, so I assume it is true.

Your doctor will also pick up more as he goes through all the different courses, but not much specifically on vaccines except how to use them.  There is no way he knows enough to answer your specific hard questions on vaccines. You will just get the standard “feel good “ rhetoric, vaccines are safe and effective, vaccines are the greatest thing ever.(He has never seen Chart 1, only chart 2, see charts here)

      Your doctor will not know how to recognize most adverse event from a vaccine.  They are not shown vaccine ingriedient lists.(Because it would scare them?) Yes they should know the ingredients, how can he have an intelligent conversation with an educated vaccine hesitant mother who is worried about all the aluminum, polysorbat 80 etc, in a vaccine if he doesn't know about them.

He has seen none of the science showing problems with vaccines that I show on this site.  He is just told they are safe and effective.  All the ongoing information he gets on vaccines is from the CDC or HC and his pharma rep, thus censored. Most do none of their own research.  
The most important information your doctor is missing, is how many serious side effects vaccines can cause.(Tab J How safe are Vaccines) Your doctor is not shown any of this information, or realize there is 99% adverse event under-reporting. 

   Your doctor thinks all serious vaccine adverse events are a coincidence. Vaccines are the largest causes of coincidence. You have read Tab J by now and seen all the science that shows vaccines cause many problems. Your doctor has seen none of this.

Below are two more quotes showing doctors do not know much about vaccines.

This article from the Guardian confirms what I have said, read 6th paragraph from bottom. Quote: "doctors are told- Vaccines don't cause problems".  This article shows vaccines do cause problems, lots of evidence on this site as well.  This is an older article and is in Britain, so is more forthcoming about some serious adverse events that happened to some kids. Doctors please read this article. This articlde would not be allowed today.


#40.-  This 30 second clip is the infamous Dr. Paul Offit, pro-vaccine expert, and Industry Spokesman, saying “vaccines are not understood all that well by physicians and we do a poor job of training them on what they are and how they work".

-Here is a personal anecdote. Twenty five years ago, if I had listened to my doctor rather than do my own research, I would have be on statins rather than fit and healthy.  My brother 20 years later as well, his doctor wanted to put him drugs, told him “diet would only affect your cholesterol level by 10%. That is total BS. I am sure the pharma reps have some ''tobacco science" some where to back up that claim.  My brother, using Dr. Google,  got his numbers perfect on his own through life style changes, no drugs.   Nothing do do with vaccines, just shows how doctors are trained by industry.

      Doctors are taught an unrealistic fear of infectious diseases, "you will die, diseases will come back, if you 'delay' a vaccine".  Total nonsense.  This is 2018, not 1910, our streets are not running in sewage. You are more likely to be killed by lighting than die from a infectious disease if you 'delay' a measles or polio vaccine a couple years.(I said delay, not skip.)  Some vaccines you can delay, and a couple are a bit risky to delay.  See "alternate vaccination Tab N".  Some you can totally skip.

   For example, what is going to happen if a kid delays's the polio vaccine 2 years? Nothing! (See Tab J) for more on this. 

Note that this is getting harder to do with the new Pentavalent vaccines, we need to get rid of these.


-I hear over and over, "you were not around in the "old days" when these diseases were a big problem, if you had been, you would not hesitate to vaccinate now".  Saying that is making vaccination an 'all or nothing' issue again. First, that statement only applies to some vaccines.  Second, I am not saying "don't vaccinate". 

Thirdly, in the "old days" we only had 6 or 7 vaccines, not 16 like we have now. There is more to be afraid of now.

 All I am saying is there is too many vaccine given to our infants, we should get them one at a time, and delay 'some'. We can even safely skip 2 or 3 of them, like much of Europe does. And I want safer vaccines made.  Measles vaccine separated back out from the MMR, for those who want choice.

Doctors are great for trauma, like a car accident, or if you have a stroke, but not for looking after your health. I would always see my doctor if a have a problem, and value his opinion. But I would thoroughly research any treatment he recommends before trying it. 
I believe doctors are taught so much stuff going through school, they do not have a spare second to question anything they are taught, they have to gobble it all down or not get their degree. 
The fact is, science still does not know all the in's and out's of how the body works. Have doctors cured people with arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease or many other chronic diseases? No, usually just pain management and band-aid solutions. Read Tab E again "the science is settled".


The AMA, AAP and CPS are “trade" organizations, and as two of the links below show, they get large grants from pharma.  They were formed to look after doctor's and pediatricians' interests, not ours.  

    They promote and give guidelines for different drugs, “vaccines” and treatments.(See link below). They should not be doing this, as they are not unbiased.  


-Doctors get more training on how to talk to "vaccine-hesitant" parents now, than they do on vaccines.  "You must get all your vaccines"
    It is actually the doctors that need re-training.  Medical schools would rather teach a doctor how to twist your arm than show him all the science you are seeing. "We don't want doctors knowing the real science on vaccines".  "Protect the vaccination program".


-It is becoming apparent that parents and the informed public will have to unite and devise a strategy to tackle, 'Vaccine Safety Study Reluctance',  'Vaccine Ineffectiveness Denial',  'Vaccine Injuries & Deaths Disassociation Complex' and 'Obsessive Coincidence Disorder' that are now rife within the medical and science profession!

      Because all our medical system wants to talk about is how they can get increase vaccine up-take and how to re-educate people like me. It still has not occurred to them that, just maybe, they could be a little bit wrong, and maybe we have some valid points. 

      I don't think anything will change until we get new, younger blood as heads of our medical community and put pharma in the back seat.

#41.  The Conclusion here shows many pediatricians get money from pharma for giving vaccinations and ADD drugs in the US. 

-This Global News 4 part story tells how pharma funnels 100's of millions to doctors and hospitals and not disclose whom it goes to, and much more,see all 4 parts. 

-This at minute 4:19 to 4:30 shows Sinai Health System at University of Toronta gets funding from Pharma and Dr. Allison Mcgeer also gets lots of pharma funding and her Sinai institution. This is a teaching hospital.   Also see Tab Q on this site on Dalhousie University in Halifax, another teaching hospital, gets lots of pharma funding and even has a GSK chair person.(word search Dalhousie)

#42.  Read this article on the AAP, don’t trust them, get much money from Pharma, now pushing Ritalin on kids.

As Dave Sackett, “the father of evidence based medicine”, once quipped, “Half of what you’ll learn in medical school will be shown to be either dead wrong or out of date within five years of your graduation; the trouble is that nobody can tell you which half—so the most important thing to learn is how to learn on your own."  How many doctors learn on their own?

#43.  Here is a great article on how pharma funds most of your doctors post graduate training and MPO’s or Medical Professional organizations like the AMA and AAP. How the AMA medical journal gets most of it’s revenue from pharma ads.( do you think the journal would publish studies counter to pharma? This is one reason you seldom see the studies that show vaccine safety issues.

Also on Page 4 says how MPO's are "trade" organizations as I call them, and they advocate for the financial benefit of their members.  Page 6 to 10 describes how pharma gives money to MPO's under the table.


#44. Watch this funny video to see how little a pediatrician knows about vaccines,

- This video shows more of the questions asked of above paediatrician in the court case. Almost as funny as above video.  She admits, she just gets her information from the CDC, does not look a the science or vaccine safety herself. 

This is Dr. Teresa Holtrop president of Michigan AAP, testifying as a "expert" witness. Expert appears to be debatable, watch video.


#45.  This is for US doctors, shows they are pressured to push vaccines on you, also see link at bottom of article.  Pediatricians get a bonus of $400 per child if fully vaccinated. The insurance company is in bed with pharma. They are not doing it because they want your kid healthy.

    This is why many pediaticians in the US now will kick you out of their practice if you do not fully vaccinate. That is disgusting. 1000 patients times $400= $400,000

So far Canada is not doing that.

--  Merck, a major vaccine maker, is part of blue shield/cross.

#46.  See last half of his article.  This pediatrician says he makes 20 to 30 thousand dollars pushing the flu shot.(Notice disclosure statement at bottom of article, he is paid by Merck)


-The worlds best selling Desktop Medical physicians reference is put out by Merck. (See wikipedia Merck)Conflicts of interest?

Note that doctors themselves often disagree on a treatment. See next link for example.

#47-.  Here is two doctors disagreeing on the value of the flu shot in Canada. Read paragraphs 10 to 16.

-This article is part of training for the college of physicians in Philadelphia. This shows why doctors are clueless about aluminum in vaccines and autism and vaccines.(see appendix A and tab R for all the facts).  This article does not even know the difference between ingested aluminum and injected aluminum.   The article does not realize there are no studies saying vaccines dont cause autism, all the studies are on just the MMR or thimerosal.   Most of the article is about Wakefield which again shows their ignorance, see my autism section, tab R.   

-This article, called "How to survive Your Doctor" from Mcleans, written by a doctor shows all the mistakes they makes, over treat you  and come out of medical school blindly following the authoritarian doctrine they suffered through for 4 years.

-This CBC news story says 28,000 people died in 2013 in Canada from the medical care they received. 

-This  article is about how a Pharma company bribed doctors to prescribe fentanyl spray to patients. the executives got jail time and several doctors who took the bribes got big fines. Yes lets blindly trust our doctors.

This shows that the new head of the Ontario Medical Association, OMA with 34,000 members is Allan O'Dette, notice this write up does not mention he worked for Pharma for 25 years.  See this for his full bio. This shows he was a director for GSK for several years.

-This article talks about how more doctors are getting into "functional" medicine and the problems of our current system. And the two systems can work together.
-This shows hundreds of doctors get paid large sums to speak and push products for pharma.


In the media you only hear from the "paid industry spokesmen" doctors, and health department spokesmen doctors who must "toe the party line".  There are thousands of doctors who have concerns about vaccines, there all over the internet. Look at the many studies I have on this site, everyone is done by doctors, many of the studies have 5 to 15 doctors signed off on them.

-"Blind beleive in authority is the greatest enemy of truth"  Einstein.  Authority in this case beind AAP,CPA, NACI, CDC, etc.

-"It is hard to get someone to understand something when their salary depends on them not understanding".  Upton Sinclair.

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