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Vaccines are our Greatest Achievement

**See halfway down this page to see what would happen if we had no vaccines.

"Vaccines are our greatest achievement". I have read that statement countless times.

     The toilet, or plumbing is more likely our greatest achievement, which also allowed clean water. 
Yes vaccines have done good, but not what you think.  Think about this:  Many diseases
like, cholera, rheumatic and scarlet fever all almost disappeared on there own, without vaccines, in first world countries. WHY?  

    The same reasons apply to measles and diphtheria etc., see charts below.

Look at chart 1. below, and then tell me vaccines are our greatest achievement.  
Chart 1 is from this link:
#29b.  See pages 82 to 86 (site loads slow, patience).  Page through the other graphs and you will see that ‘deaths’ from infectious diseases were down 90 to 95% “before” those vaccines were even invented. We were still getting measles, we just mostly stopped dying of it by the 1950's.  Measles vaccine invented 1963.










               CHART 1.  Diphtheria vaccine started 1945,   Measles Vaccine started 1963

                                            charts go from 1900 to 1960

    Look at measles graph.  Deaths from measles down 95% by 1960 before the measles vaccine came out.  This is the chart the anti-vaxers always show.  You will never see this chart in a school or doctors  textbook.  Why?  Because people must be made to think vaccines are fantastic.

   Your doctor has never been shown the above charts in his training, just chart 2 below, and its the one pro-vaxers.  I show both, as I am trying to be honest. 

















CHART 2. Measles "cases" dropped from 100's of            

thousands to zero when vaccine invented in 1963


Make sure you know the difference between Chart 1 and Chart 2
Chart 1 is Mortality or deaths from measles, and Chart 2 is Morbidity or the number people who got sick from measles.  Chart 2 shows that the vaccine was verify effective and dropped "cases" of measles to zero. Chart 1 shows we mostly stopped dying of measles before the vaccine even though we were still getting measles, and that's because of better plumbing, healthcare and nutrition etc. 

 Depending on which source you believe, only about 1 in 1000 to 1 in 8,000 people who got measles actually died from measles by the late 1950's.  

 The measles vaccine  came along in 1963, was in general use by 1967 and made measles "cases" almost disappear. This vaccine works. 
A Diphtheria toxoid was invented in 1923 had a version that was used in 1930's but an actual vaccine did not get into general use until after World war 2.

This article in Pediatrics sums it up nicely. "Vaccines were not our saviour".

#31. This article says “In the United States, the Infant mortality rate declined from 100 deaths per 1,000 live births in 1915 to fewer than 10 deaths per 1,000 live births by 1990, with the sharpest decline occurring between 1915 and 1950, before widespread use of medical technologies and vaccines".  Water treatment, food safety, waste disposal and improved housing and less crowding was responsible.
    After reading all the facts above, it sounds like we have been told a bunch of BS by the Industry and CDC, vaccines are not our greatest achievement. They have definitely saved lives, but not to the extend we are told.  And there is more harm being done by vaccines that we are being told as well. Tab J "How safe are vaccines", covers that.

     This issue of "vaccines are our greatest achievement" is often covered by these industry shill sites, like "respectful insolence" who are over the top in defending vaccines. They twist this topic to pieces, only showing some of what I show here, not all. They use 1000's of words to say something that is simple, but try to confuse. Don't listen to me or them. Look at the links I provided and decide for yourself.

#32.  Notice Wikipidia supports the “industry” by not showing the mortality chart, only shows morbidity chart.  Though it does say "for the 20 years after vaccination, measles vaccine saved 5200 lives in the US". 5200 divided by 20 is 260 lives a year(which matches chart 4 below). Not the thousands we were told about in school, using 1910 figures.  


#33.   Shows deaths from different vaccines at time of vaccine date. The chart below is table 1 in this link.




CHART 4. Number of deaths just before each vaccine started.

     Chart 4 shows there was only 440 deaths from measles a year in the US just before the vaccine was invented, down from thousands a year in 1910. Chart 1. and that was in-spite of an increasing population.
   Don't forget measles occasionally caused encephalitis in kids as well, one in a 1000 cases, we don't know if that would be true today with modern medicine.

This article from the Financial Post is a great article on Measles vaccine, is it that important, worth the risk? 


The CDC and media like to say that us "vaccine hesitant" people do not understand what vaccines have done for us, not true, unlike them, I know exactly what vaccines have done for us, I did the math, see below. 

We currently vaccinate our kids for 15 different diseases in Canada and 16 in the US.

  The data below only applicable in 1st world countries where infectious diseases are not as dangerous.  Third wold countries have much higher death tolls.

-Chart 4 above, shows roughly how many deaths per year we had for 7 of our vaccine before each vaccine was invented. (US data)  Note that these totals were way higher in the 1910 era, and slowly dropped on there own due to socio-economic conditions and clean water and plumbing, as the measles chart at chart 1 above shows.

For the 7 vaccines shown, I add up the average death tolls per year shown for the last few years before vaccine date.  I will do the other 8 vaccines further down.


-Diphtheria 1822 deaths,          Small pox is gone, not count

-Pertussis  4034,                      -Mumps  39

-Polio both types  3272            -Rubella both types  2180

-Tetanus  472                           -Measles  500 Here

     Total= 12,319


Now I will add in the other 8 diseases we vaccinate our kids for. US data:


-Influenza and HPV vaccines, I am not going to count these two vaccines. The Influenza vaccine is only 40% effective on average and only 35% of Canadians get this vaccine, and 48% of Americans.  Note there are only 5 to 15 kid flu deaths a year under age 18 in Canada, and 150 in the US.  80 to 90% of flu deaths are over 65.  

    The HPV vaccine has only been out since 2007 and done nothing yet.  Also see these three recent articles, here and here, and here, and this study which suggests this vaccine may not work at all.  If I see this vaccine start to lower the 3700 cervical cancer deaths a year, I will add it to totals.  Screening is the main reason cervical cancer rates dropped before the vaccine. Before you tell me I'm wrong, tell me how many cervical cancer deaths there were in 2022. This says will be 4300 deaths in 2023, so cervical cancer deaths rising not going down, the vax is doing nothing for this.


-Chicken pox CDC says   150 deaths pre-vaccine


-Rotavirus  CDC says 20 to 60 deaths pre-vaccine, will use 50 for the math.   


-Pnumonococcal   4000,  mostly adults. Note that for this and the next disease there are still many deaths as  their vaccines are not very effective and there are many strains of these diseases and the vaccines are causing them to evolve, and the vaccines keep changing.  So difficult to say how many the vaccines save.


-Meningococcal  3000 approx, hard to get good data.


-Hepatitis B  4000, mostly IV drug users, etc. 


-Hib or Haemophilus Influnzae  1000 deaths


TOTAL= 12,200

     plus   12,319  Grand Total= 24,519 in the US, divide by 9 for about 2,724 deaths in Canada.



                                                                       23,519 DEATHS A YEAR IN THE US.

      Lets put that number into context, there are 2,500 car crash deaths a year in Canada,  4,000 opiod deaths,  80,000 Cancer deaths a year in Canada.  So as you can see, vaccination is not that big a deal, if some do not want to risk it, we are not all going to die. 

     The US has 35,000 car crash deaths a year, their car is more dangerous than infectious diseases.


I realize I have not taken into account other problems and hospitalization that the above diseases can cause,  and am certainly not saying to stop vaccinating.  Obviously the above math is very rough and could be out by a 1000 deaths either way, but this still shows that infectious diseases are not the major killer the media and the CDC make it out to be.  This is just a reality check, and shows that it is not that big a deal without vaccines. Do you notice the 2500 car crash deaths a year as you go about your daily life?

 Note that some of the vaccines like the pertussis vaccine and mumps has effectiveness down to 40 to 75% in older kids, and fully vaccinated are getting these diseases. So we cant blame all deaths on lack of vaccines.
      Also note that deaths would actually be much less with our modern health care, especially for pertussis and diphtheria as these vaccines came out early 1900's when we had poor health care.

To put the above figure of 24,519 US figure in context see this.

Compare this to the top 10 causes of death in the US. #1 is Heart attacks 614,000 deaths, #2 is Cancer at 591,000,  #4 Accidents 136,000 deaths.  #6 Alzheimers 93,000 deaths.  #10 suicide 42,000 deaths.  And Vehicle Accident deaths are about 35,000.    This shows that even without vaccines, infectious diseases are the least of our problems. 

   Of course, we must also count the burden of the diseases even if you do not die, a parent needs to stay home if kid has chickenpox etc. And the cost of hospitalizations.

-We have to weight the 24,519 deaths in the US and 2,700 deaths in Canada against the harm that vaccines do.  This is very difficult as there is no tracking of long term harm and 95% under-reporting of short term harm from vaccines.  We know chronic disease is way up in our kids.  Things like allergies, asthma, neuro-developmental disorders, and 50 other diseases.  leukemia and other cancers have risen steadily with the increase in vaccines.  I have four studies showing that kids who no longer get measles and chicken pox diseases etc, are at greatly increased risk of cancer(appendix B also see appendix A and tab J).  

      So vaccines could potentially be causing 1000's of deaths and health problems, far more than vaccines are.  We just don't know.  I just cant imagine how we think injecting neuro-toxins and other nasty stuff over and over and over into a tiny infant can be safe.  

Remember a single bee sting that injects less toxin than a single vaccine shot, can kill an adult.  

-We could easily solve the question, "are vaccines more dangerous than the diseases are today", by doing a vaccinated versus un-vaccinated study.  But they refuse to do it.

    The reason they give is that, it would be unethical to deprive kids of vaccines.  I dont buy that excuse, there are lots of parents who dont vaccinate their kids, they could be used in a study. But they wont do it, maybe because they know the answer? 

What would happen if we had NO Measles vaccine?

     This link shows the history of measles in the US.  In the 1910 to 1920's era there was an average of 6000 measles deaths a year, then as we cleaned up our act, plumbing, clean water, healthier living, measles deaths slowly dropped. We were still getting measles, just not dying as often.  

     The above link shows that in the last 10 years before the invention of the measles vaccine in 1963 there were an average of 400 to 500 deaths a year, a 90% drop in deaths and that was with a rapidly increasing population. 

    Actually deaths from all infectious diseases dropped over the century, like typhoid, and Scarlet fever which we never had a vaccine for. 


So worst case scenario, we would have about 400 to 500 death a year from measles. In Canada, with 1/9th the population, we would be about 50 to 60 deaths a year.  

The above CDC link also says there were 48,000 hospitalizations and 1000 cases of encephalitis a year  which would be about 5000 hospitalized in Canada and 130 cases of encephalitis in Canada. 

Note that this data is from the 1950's would it be this bad today with modern health care and healthier people?? 


That is it, worst case scenario with no measles vaccine 50 to 60 deaths a year.   And to put that figure into context we have 2,500 car crash deaths a year in Canada and 10,000 serious injuries from from crashes.

Yes, I know, measles can cause encephalitis and other problems, but it is very rare with modern health care.

Why is the media more afraid of measles than their car?


I say again we do not need to get rid of all vaccines, we should be able to pick and choose them, delay some and always get them one at a time. We should separate out the measles vaccine from the MMR  and get rid of the pentavalent vaccines.  All this would be safer for the kid.  Health Canada says there is no evidence that getting vaccines one at a time is safer, that is not true, see Tab N on this site. Ask Health Canada to show you evidence of the opposite.

-This video shows how back in the 1960's and 70's we laughed at measles, shows clips from different TV shows. Note, Brady bunch show was 1969 to 1974, after vaccine invented.


   The Pharma drug, Vioxx, killed 20,000 to 80,000 people depending who you believe before it was pulled of the market.  The opioid crisis is now killing about 60,000 Americans a year.  Given all the above, why is there such a panic in the media when we have a tiny measles outbreak?  The answer is that vaccines are now some of the top money making products for pharma.(see Tab D) Vaccines are now mega bucks, and these outbreaks are the driving force behind mandates.  Notice how every time they bring in a mandate, it is for 10 or 11 vaccines, not just the measles.

    So if infectious diseases are not a major killer, and if vaccines are contributing to 40 to 50% of kids having chronic health conditions and worse, perhaps vaccines deserve a second look? Are they truly that important in modern times? Or maybe we should just cut back to the original 7 vaccines?  I don't know, but I want to get people thinking beyond the pharma/media driven agenda. 



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