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Herd Immunity

Herd immunity Definition:

 Is the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection.

I think most people know what "herd immunity" is.  But the fact is we will never get herd immunity for some of our vaccines.

-  How long do vaccines last? This has been hard to find out. I finally found this link which shows how long the different vaccines last.
I notice Pertussis vaccine is missing. It lasts about 3 to 8 years now(see DTaP Tab O).  Diphtheria and tetanus only lasts 10 years. So everybody over 25 is no longer vaccinated for the DTaP vaccine.  There is no herd immunity for this vaccine.

And guess what! The world is not ending, where are the massive outbreaks and deaths?? 



Definition of "Herd Mentality" via Wikipedia:

"Herd mentality, or mob mentality, describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviours, follow trends, and/or purchase items. 

Diphtheria and Tetanus are not an issue. We are getting some pertussis out breaks, and most of them are in fully vaccinated people.  The whooping cough or pertussis portion of this vaccine is failing, the bacterium has adapted, we need a new one. All the links proving this are in Tab O. 

This here, on page 1. says only 10% of Canadian adults get a pertussis vaccine.

Is the CDC going for "Herd mentality", rather than herd immunity?

    The CDC wants everyone to get the DTaP vaccine every 10 years, but almost no one is.  I haven't, have you?  And I won't, because we are not having a problem. The risk of the vaccine is not worth the benefit.(Tab O for risks) For 30 years now we have had few people over 25 vaccinated for DTaP.  The vaccine has long worn off for everyone over 25. We do not have "herd immunity" for this vaccine.  It has been no big deal, where is the piles of dead bodies?  

   We are getting some outbreaks of whooping cough because the vaccine is so bad(Tab O)

These diseases are not as bad in modern clean societies.  We have good medical care now, we know how to handle outbreaks. Don't panic.


The CDC is trying to fear monger now to get more vaccinated.  Are they being pressured by pharma and pediaticians?  Or are they just "victims of their training"?(Tab K)


Measles is the infectious disease we are having most of our problems with.  This is only vaccine that I think it is a good idea to keep most vaccinated against,  and push for herd immunity, but we should go back to the single vaccine, to give people choice.

You are hearing of outbreaks of measles in Europe and North America.  Last year Europe splashed headlines across the continent, "32 died of measles this year".  But that is spread over 740 million people.  According to VAERS in the US, you would get almost that many deaths just from the vaccine if 740 million were vaccinated.

 They say if we keep the population 95% vaccinated, we do not get serious  measles outbreaks, at least thats what they say.  Though we do we get the odd measles outbreak, even in fully vaccinated groups as vaccine it is not perfect.

Other vaccines like the meningococcal vaccine that only lasts a couple of years, you will never get herd immunity.

The chicken pox vaccine is not even used in half the European countries. The UK does not.(See Tab N chicken pox section)  Are we just vaccinating for chicken pox "just because we can"? It is not a big deal. See Shingles Tab.

The Hep B, we should not worry about herd immunity for this, it is hard to get in a office setting. Hep B positive students are allowed to goto school, so why would you make the vaccine mandatory  It is silly to try and force everyone to vaccinate for this, especially infants. 

The measles vaccine is the only vaccines you really want to push for herd immunity. 

When the general public talks about "herd immunity", they do not seem to understand that each vaccine is different.  They just think you need "all" your vaccines for herd immunity.  The media helps push this nonsense. 

Some would include Polio as well in the push for herd immunity. But I believe we can back off on this a bit. It is not nearly as infectious as measles in a clean society.  There is virtually no polio in the world.  None in North and South America or Europe. See the "polio eradication program"

The Hep A vaccine is given to 1 year old infants in the US. I believe that is the power of the industry on that one. Almost no other first world country in the world does this to their kids. Canada does not have this one on the kids schedule and only Greece and Austria in Europe give it.  This is an unnecessary risk for a 1 year old. Kids under 2 should get the absolute minimum of vaccines. At least wait until the kid is over 2 America.

   The flu shot which works an average of 40% of the time and often much less, especially in seniors, we will never get herd immunity with this one.  It also has many other issues to worry about.  This is our most useless vaccine. (Tab N flu shot section) It is criminal to make this one mandatory.

-   Here is a good article on "Herd Immunity" though a couple of its arguments are not quite right, article is basically correct.

-Here is another interesting article on Herd Immunity.  They use to say 55% was good for herd immunity for measles.  If people got measles, there was enough vaccinated that the disease would never take off, it can be controlled.

     Our problem is the CDC is trying to get measles down to zero and we will never do that, even with 100% vaccine uptake. 

-Here is a article on Herd immunity in the Financial Post, interesting. 

  We will never get rid of measles. Some people do not respond to the vaccine, the vaccine is only 95% effective and it's effeteness wears off ofter a number of years, depending on person.  Also the vaccine does not appear to be as effective as it use to be. 

-  This article is by a PHD immunologist and shows which vaccines only protect the user and not the herd.  These include polio, all three of the DTaP vaccine, Hib and Hep B. So none of these should ever be mandatory.​


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