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The Flu Shot - Should you get it?


My wife says she does not remember ever having the flu and has never had the flu shot. This is up in Canada where a lot fewer people get the flu shot.

Realizing this, it is hard for me to think that the flu shot is important.

     Looking back with hindsight, If I had been getting a flu shot the last 30 years I would have been risking it for nothing, I would have risked the rare serious side effects for nothing for 30 years, got a sore arm for nothing and perhaps felt crappy for a day or two from the shot for nothing, and 30 years worth of mercury(much more on thimerosal below) and other nasty stuff going thru my organs and lymph nodes.

Why didn't I get a flu shot years ago?  I did not know anything about vaccines back then.  I did not see people dying of the flu around me, I knew it had mercury in it, so I just thought it was stupid and ignored it.  To this day, I still do not know anyone who has died of the flu. Do You?  Though I now know it can very rarely happen, mainly in seniors.

This is the one vaccine I am dead against.  Read all the data below and see if you agree. There may be some small benefit for certain targeted groups, like the sick.


                                     INFLUENZA DEFINED 

Initially, the flu may seem like a common cold with a runny nose, sneezing and sore throat. But colds usually develop slowly, whereas the flu tends to come on suddenly. And although a cold can be a nuisance, you usually feel much worse with the flu.  Symptoms of influenza include:

Fever over 100.4F, aching muscles, chills and sweats, headache, dry persistent cough, fatigue and weakness, nasal congestion and sore throat.

 Since 2001, Canada has recommended the flu shot for everyone over the age of 6 months old, and in the US since about 2006.

The flu shot has been around a long time. Why did Canada suddenly decide to give it to everyone in 2001?  None of Europe does, even now, they're doing fine.

How many actually get the shot?

-Only 32.4% of Canadians, on average, get a flu shot, see this Stats Canada link or here. This shows flu shot uptake in earlier years.

-About 48% of Americans get a flu shot. The CDC says 59% of kids aged 0 to 18 get shot and about 42% of adults. 

-Few Europeans get a flu shot(Click 'Download' button & see table 1 in this link), they just target the elderly and other groups like the sick.  This link shows "Fewer than one third of 'seniors' are vaccinated in half the countries surveyed".  See here. Shows just seniors get flu shots. The average person under 65 does not get a flu shot in most of Europe, yet some of these countries live longer than us, they are not all dying of the flu.





   This CDC link shows vaccine effectiveness over the last 17 years.  Overall average over last 17 years is  36%. (add them up and divide by 17=39%)

39% average, not great.

-Note that I am just showing you what the CDC says.  This effectiveness data is highly suspect, it does not match the evidence.(link #8 below)  Remember the 36% effectiveness is the overall average for all 3 or 4 strains contained in a flu shot.  These effectiveness studies are all epidemiology studies, which is mostly iffy science.  Section C for more on iffy data.

-Question: How come our health officials when they do a lab test to check for influenza, never write down if the person had a flu shot or not? Like California did for 3 years, see there amazing results at start of section B below.

Now look at this new 2018 study that the media ignored.  It says the flu shot loses 16% effectiveness every 28 days.  So if a flu shot that is 40% effective and you get the shot October 1st, how effective is it by December 30th? 

#2.-  This was done by the Kaiser Permanente in California.

This study also says the effectiveness drops drastically over a few months.

-This study says " vaccine-induced protection was greatest for individuals Not vaccinated during the prior 5 years".  In other words your first flu shot may be most effective.  This article says the same and shows that perhaps you should only get a flu shot when a serious pandemic comes, when it is really needed, otherwise it may not work.(See "Serial flu shot problem" below).

-The flu shot is also much less effective in Obese people and the sick. Here.  The only people the flu shot may help is the people who need it the least, the young and healthy. I does not work at all in seniors. See the "Seniors" section below.

This from Health Canada, Table shows number of flu cases per year for the last 20 years. Notice the trend for number of flu cases is climbing as the uptake of the flu shot increases every year. Canada's population only increased by 7 million from 2000 to 2020. One reason is they may be doing more testing, but still???

-This6407 older study looked at data from 1968 to 2001 and said "We could not correlate increasing vaccination coverage after 1980 with declining mortality rates in any age group".

It can all get very confusing, there is so much contradicting science out there. I found it is best to look at the actual data when you can find it.  It is hard because they often include all pneumonia deaths in flu death totals.  See the next section, B, and the California data, where they actually ask if flu deaths were vaccinated or not. It is a eye-opener, the flu shot appears to do nothing, which confirms my other research.

 B.    The information below on flu shot effectivness is very concerning.

#3.  This is California 2016/17 flu deaths etc. Says they have mandatory reporting of flu deaths under 65. They also track who was vaccinated. This is real world data.  Page 10 and 11 show that 64% of kids who died or had severe influenza, had got a flu shot. (also says 68% of adults under 65 who died were vaccinated, so you were better off without the flu shot, see next topic)

 See here for the data from other seasons. 2017/18 season shows 50.8% of kids were vaccinated, who died or had severe influenza in California, is that 0% effective for flu shot?

If you look at 2015/16,  it was 38.9% of kids were vaccinated.  One year is over 50% and another year it is under 50%, Is it random chance because the flu shot does nothing?

     California had collected this data for 3 years and then suddenly stopped, I guess they did not like what they saw. How can you promote a flu shot if it does not do anything?

-Some of you may have seen a CDC modeling study that supposedly says 78% of kids who died from influenza, were un-vaccinated.Here.  (How does a vaccine that is 40% effective save 78% of kids).  The above data from California shows this is wrong.  See trusting the CDC Tab Q CDC, on this site.  My Tab E talks about how bad most epidiemiology studies are.


-This article quotes a study that says "First flu is forever".  Third paragraph says " If you were exposed to a certain flu strain in your childhood, that first exposure could have resulted in long-term protection against "related" flu viruses, reducing your risk of a future severe infection by up to 75%.  So maybe it is good to get the flu while young and healthy and then you have a better chance if get flu when old.

This 2020 study says the same, and more good info on this here.

-This is 2017/2018 flu shot effectiveness results.  was 17% for dominant A strain and 55% for b strain so an average of 36% effective.  Though Skowronski says the 17% could have been 0%.  All corporate media outlets ignored that "0" part in their reporting.

-Have a laugh, read this news story from Fox news. Country singer Willie Nelson got the flu this winter and he also got the flu shot. And Mark Latour in this story also got the flu shot and the flu, but they still say "get the flu shot". This is one of the thousands of news story's that the Americans see pushing the fool shot.  They hype it like a Hollywood movie.

-2018/2019 season Flu shot effectiveness Canada, page 13 here. Says was basically ineffective for medically-attended outpatient A(H3N2), then says 23% effectiveness and -16% for 20 to 64 year old's.  VE against A(H1N1) was 70% for an average of about 45% overall.


-2019/2020 flu season.  This video from CTV News this year shows 2 things:  They still use the multi-dose Vials, the one with mercury in it, watch the nurse give the shot.  Also says H3N2 or most dangerous strain is not a good match as has already drifted and says other 2 strains are a good match. This says 2 of the 4 strains have drifted and 4th paragraph says "Mis-match"  This says flu shot is a mis-match this year.  Here also  a picture of using multi-dose vial in Calgary 2020.  This from CDC, says overall effectiveness of flu vaccine this season is 45% in the US,  50% against influenza B and 37% against A strain.

This says flu shot was 58% in Canada overall and 18% effective for those over 65.  So is Canada fibbing? the US was 45%, they use the same vaccines as we do. More here.

-2020/2021 flu season. This says "Australia's flu season was the best ever", due to social distancing mainly.  Covid-19 year. This says up to 70% got a flu shot in Australia.

-This is NACI 2020 flu shot info for proffesionals, types of vaccines etc. No flu in Europe as of Jan 2021. 

This says there was only 1 case of flu in BC this covid year 2020/21.  Also says of the 11 cases detected, 10 of them were caused by the LAIV flu shot. The vaccine made them sick. There was basicaly no flu in Canada this winter.

-2021/2022 flu season. Cov-19 year. As of July almost no flu in Australia and their gov report  says so far of 9 samples only 1 matched the vaccine.(flu shot no good?)


We have all heard Health Canada and CDC spokesmen say that, but is it true?

#4.-  This 2013 study says "flu shot not lower hospitalizations". Read all of the study.  It also says “These findings DO NOT support the hypothesis that Vaccination Mitigates illness severity.

This new 2020 Australian study says "There was no evidence that vaccination reduced the severity of influenza illness".  Also says the flu shot was responsible for a 31% reduction in flu mortality, this over 7 years on adults and children, not infants.

There are industry and CDC funded study that says the opposite. Here.

-IS THE GENERAL FLU SHOT RECOMMENDATION BASED ON BAD DATA??  The recommendation came in about 2001.

-The bad data is 1. The flu shot is not nearly effective as they thought at the time.

2. There are not as many flu deaths as they make out. See section N.

-This article says "Experts used to believe the annual flu shot protection was much higher, around 70 to 90 percent. But not anymore.  It says: Those early estimates were based on "industry-funded clinical trials".  This Times article backs up the previous link, says: "Dr. Osterholm said, the authors discovered a recurring error in influenza vaccine studies that led to an exaggeration of the vaccine’s effectiveness. They also discovered 30 inaccuracies in the statement on influenza vaccines put forth by the expert panel that develops vaccine recommendations, all of which favor the vaccine".  Expert panel refers to ACIP and it's work groups. So much for trusting ACIP/CDC.

This at minute 1:20 says same back in 2005.

TND Test Negative Design  For flu shot effectiveness.

Around 2008, then they came up with a new method to calculate effectiveness, called the "Test Negative Design" or TND. 

Some criticize the TND method as still overestimating flu shot effectiveness, like here(see 6th paragraph down). And here, word search "overestimation". And here6382.

This article explains how the TND method works in simple terms. It makes no sense to me as they only look at sick people. Then they do modeling adjustments and corrections that are wide open to error. Why do you need to adjust? They either have the flu or they don't, they either had the flu shot or they didn't.  Also, people who get flu shots are the type more likely to go to a hospital.   This also shows serious flaws of TND method.

This from 2010 Cochrane reports shows how dubious the science is.

Taking everything into account, I believe our health officials may have fallen for their own propaganda.


   The CDC and Health Canada are pushing a vaccine recommendation on us that is not supported by good science. 

Did you know that most of Europe does not have a Universal flu shot recommendation like Canada and the US?

#5.-  Read the 2nd paragraph of this which confirms this. Then the 4th paragraph says "the data does not support a universal recommendation for everyone over 6 months old". 

-This Times article says "vaccination recommendations, which have expanded in recent years, are based on inadequate evidence and poorly executed studies". then says "we have over-promoted and over-hyped this vaccine". And “It does not protect as promoted. It’s all a sales job: it’s all public relations.”

-Most of Europe only recommends the flu shot for the elderly and then some specific other groups, like the sick.

     The Universal recommendations only came out about 15 years ago. Mainly due to industry pressures I believe.(I cant back this claim up)   

      Here is an article from the Canadian Medical Journal, that also seriously questions the universal flu shot program(Note "Serial flu shot problem" covered below). And this article from the BMJ also wonders why we push the flu shot.(Read the 'Responses' tab as well at this link.)  Another article here questions the "Universal" flu shot.

-This 2018 Cochrane report also questions all the science behind this shot.

-This 300 page treatsy on the flu vaccine by Dr. Doshi is interesting. I have not yet read it all but says that the science behind flu shot is bad, the effectiveness of shot is greatly exaggerated and deaths from flu are exaggerated. (download from link on left) and suggests it is not really a "vaccine preventable" illness.


Europeans are not all dying of the flu without the flu shot. Actually they are doing better than you Americans who have the highest uptake of the flu shot in the world.  Europeans live longer and have a lower infant mortality rate.   Many reasons for that obviously, but the flu shot is not helping. 

-This article in the Toronto Star written by 3 doctors with Toronto's University of Heath. Questions the value of pushing the flu shot so hard and questions mandatory vaccination of health care workers.  Best thing is stay home if your sick.

-Here is the CDC back in 2004 saying, "influenza is an annoying illness and you will recover just fine".  In other words don't worry about it.  The CDC attitude has changed now that the flu shot is worth more money to everyone.

  Given all the above, why risk a flu shot?   The risk is shown below.

-This shows, page 4, doctors get paid $50 fee for giving a flu shot by Blue Shield in the US.

-This shows in Alberta, pharmacy's get paid $13.50 per flu shot injection by the government, then they would add on the cost of the vaccine and their markup. And says Doctors can bill $10.14 as part of their clinical billing.   Read comments at bottom of this, Big money. 

-This article from Pharmacy Times shows giving vaccines is very profitable for a pharmacy.  Also says vaccines prices are rising at 7.5% a year and will be $49 Billion in 2022.

This article shows flu shot pricing around the US, $25 to $85.

This 2010 study from the Cochrane  Collaboration shows how bad the science is and questions the value of the flu shot.  Read Wikipedia section on "Critizism".

This interesting study/article on Influenza and the vaccine has a lot to say. Talks about the Hope-Simpson work and much more. Says the data does not back up flu shot effectiveness studies,  there is no drop in flu mortality with the increased uptake of flu shot.


The flu shot does almost nothing to prevent hospitalization.

We hear all the time, get the flu shot to prevent serious illness and hospitalizations. That is just dogma repeated over and over, with nothing but some "Industry science" to back it up. See the science here.

Link #4 above, showed that the flu shot does not lower hospitalizations. That may surprise you, but it's true the flu shot is just not effective and why Europe not use it. Here is 3 more studies showing the same thing.

#6.-  Says flu shot has not been shown to decrease hospitalization. This 2014 Alberta study also says: "Evidence that the flu shot decreases mortality is likely biased".  And says it could not find good evidence flu shot worked on seniors. And says  "the flu shot was well matched in 7 of the past 14 years".

#8.-  This says "There was no evidence vaccines affected hospital admissions, complication rates or transmission.(influenza vaccine)  Read all this, flu shot is not impressive. 

This study here, also says the flu shot does not decrease hospitalizations in children, especially those with asthma. Then says in it's 'Headline' that "kids who get the flu shot have 3 times the risk of hospitalization".

This newer study here, says "the flu shot does not prevent absenteeism from school."

And as usual in medical science, there is a study that says the opposite.

-This 2019 study from Isreal says the opposite of all the above studies.  It says flu shots reduce hospitalizations by 53% in kids.  It says  "Influenza vaccine was effective in preventing hospitalizations among fully vaccinated Israeli children over 3 influenza seasons, but Not among partially vaccinated children". Study says kid must have 2 doses, or not work.

   I also have not been able to find out who funded this study.  The lady who did this study was a graduate student. The study, as usual, never looks at side effects of vaccine.

Here are some more worrisome studies which make me wonder why they give a flu shot to children.


#9.-   This new 2018 study, which the CDC was involved in, shows kids getting a flu shot makes them more likely to get a acute respiratory illness.   9 doctors signed this. This article goes along with above study, interesting.

-Here is more studies showing the same problem. See here4712,  here,  here0293 this is adults as well. Same study here This3149 2014 study says "Influenza-vaccinated children were 1·6 times more likely than unvaccinated children to have a non-influenza ILI.

-This says "They found that children who had received the flu vaccine had three times the risk of hospitalization, as compared to children who had not received the vaccine". Also says "the flu shot does not prevent hospitalizations in children".

This is package insert for a newer flu shot, Afluria, page 13/14 says kids 6 months  to 36 months old have a 4.8%(1 in 20) chance of an upper respiratory infection from the shot.  And kids to 5 years old a 2.5% chance of a URI.  Page 27 here says it takes 3 weeks for shot to be fully effective!

  This package insert for Flulaval Tetra used this year in Canada on page 9 also says can cause URI in adults. Uses thimerosal and ethanol, page 3. And p.13 says risk of GBS is "rare", not very rare, that is scary. less than 1 in 10,000.

This2511 Italian study also says in its Abstract that flu shot increases risk of upper respiratory tract infections. Also says risk of GBS is 2 to 5 per million from shot.


Then here is more studies showing we are messing with kids immune system with a flu shot and make them more susceptible to other more serious hdealth issues or flu, or pandemic strains. Here9321, and here0239,  this must-read article, here for everyone,this alone is enough to make you want to skip the flu shot.

Here is what the CDC says about this.

-  About half way down this, it addresses that the flu shot can make you more likely to get a respiratory illness. This shows the CDC is untrustworthy.

See the section title: "Is it true that getting a flu vaccine can make you more susceptible to other respiratory viruses?"   Notice it only refers to one study back in 2012 that says the flu shot can make you more likely to get a respiratory infection, then they try to dismiss it. They ignore the 4 other studies I show above and dont mention the newer studies I showed above, including the 2018 study they themselves were involved in, go figure.

     Then they link to a study here9048, that denies that flu shot makes you get respiratory illness. Goto bottom of this study and you will see it is helped by Medimmune and the main authors gets funding from Medimmune, which is the research arm of Astra Zeneca, a vaccine manufacture, a Industry study, protecting their product. the study also used "adjusted odds ratio's", major errors possible. This is all the CDC has.


-There are very few studies done for the age group 6 months to 2 years.  Most show the flu shot not work for them. It is "all risk and no benefit".

The Cochrane reports say there is no real data for kids under two. To me, that means they know it does not work. If there are no studies, it is because they don't want to know. Pharma routinely buries negative data.

Here are a few studies that say flu shot does not work in kids under two, see here, and here6235, and here, and here8647  and here, read 4th paragraph down, says flu shot not work in younger children.  You can probably find an "Industry-funded" study that says the opposite, as usual.

-This5386 Mayo clinic study says flu shot did not protect agains hospitalization in 6  to 24 month old kids and found a threefold increased risk of hospitalization in subjects who did get the TIV vaccine

-This article says's(7th paragraph from bottom) chance of a child dying of the flu is about 1 or 2 in a million.  So there is more risk from the vaccine. 

-This article from the UK shows they only recommend the flu shot for kids aged 2 to 10 and for the elderly, Not for kids under age 2.

All my research on vaccines has convinced me that we want to give as few vaccines as possible to kids under 2 years old.

-Think about this, in Canada there is only 1 to 3 deaths a year in kids under two from the flu, so is really worth the risk vaccinating every infant 6 months to 2 years old with a flu shot that barely works?? You might save 1 child, but how many have you damaged or killed with the shot. I believe absolutely no kids under 2 should get a flu shot.

See this, it is Canada's pediatric immunization monitoring program.  Third paragraph shows that IMPACT catches 90% of pediatric(ages 0 to 16) flu deaths and hospitalizations.

This is a Flu Watch report for Canada for 2018/19  See write up under table 2. Says 10 pediatric deaths and 8 were in age 2 to 4 years of age. So how many of these deaths were under the age of two? Just one?

This is 2016/17 season, says there were less than 5 pediatric deaths(ages 0 to 16) this season.

Another interesting statistic is that US kids have twice the uptake of the flu shot that Canada does, yet they have just as many, if not more child flu deaths than we do per capita.

I  believe this vaccine is next to useless. The flu shot has all junk science behind it.

Health Canada says there is only 2 to 6 deaths in children per season.(ages 0 to 16)

Keep reading to see all the downsides of giving a yearly flu shot.

-NACI recently approved the use of the adjuvanted flu shot, FLUAD for 6 month olds. Do not give this to your infant. Read the approval science at bottom on this page, Terrible. I think it is more dangerous than the disease. 


Getting flu shots every year can make them much less effective and in certain years makes you even more likely to get the flu. Lots of science on this below.

-First I will start with a few news stories that show, at least 3 times in the recent past, you were more likely to get the flu if you had a flu shot, than someone who got no shot.(Note that the flu shot did not 'give' you the flu, but made you more likely to get it)

#10 This is 1976

. Read paragraph 6 and 7 which explains that those who got the 1976 pandemic flu shot were 7 times more likely to get the swine flu!!! This is a 2014 Washington Post article.  Article also says 12 died and 300 more were paralyzed from this flu shot.  Then watch this old "60 minutes" tv program on this, lies and cover-up, the only difference from today is that today's media would not do this show.

More here and

This is 2009  2nd paragraph says if you take a flu shot more than 1 year in a row, the flu shot almost doubled your risk of getting the flu for 2009 season.(Story not in any US media as usual)

Then in 2014 this happened again. This is of 2014/15 season.  This article says if you got the flu shot more than one year in a row you are actually more likely to get the flu than someone who got no flu shot.  And another story here says the same.

When is this going to happen again?

-Now for the science on serial flu shot problem.

-  Is a 2017 study which 15 doctors signed.  More proof on the Serial flu shot problem. Good read.  Study shows that this problem was discovered back in 1970's.  This Discusses the incidents in the above news stories. 

Also see this studyAnd this, yearly shorts a problem.

-.  This 2013 study done in Michigan, says if you take the flu shot more than 2 years in a row, it has almost no benefit and may make you more likely to get the flu or negative benefit.  Also says, "flu shot offered no protection within a household".

And here is another study a year later, 2014. Same results.  More here3783 on this.

This 2018 study shows repeat flu shots is a problem, also past immune history affects effectiveness,  and biased studies a problem.  More here2111.

-This 2013 study from CDC says "Substantially lower effectiveness was noted among subjects who were vaccinated in both the current and prior season".  Also says flu shot did not stop houshold transmission, and community protection was 31%.


-  This Norwegian study, asks, "taking too many taking flu vaccine"?   Read all of this article, brings up several good points. Shows getting influenza can help give you immunity to ALL strains of the flu, uses inner part of virus. Second section of this article says that if a serious flu pandemic comes, a pandemic vaccine will work much better on those who never had a flu shot before.  Another reason not get a yearly flu shot, just get one when you really need it. 

And here is another good article on this. And from CTV here. And another CTV article.   Don't get a flu shot.

-Here is two recent studies done that deny the Serial flu shot problem, here and here.  These were immediately leaped on by HC and CDC to prove "see it's not a problem".  Ya right, we just dismiss all those other studies? This problem has been around since the 70's and it just disappears?? 

 Goto bottom of both studies and you will see they are both "pharma funded" studies put out to protect their interests.  The second one is hilarious, a modelling study. Notice they had every doctor they could find(28) sign this and toe the party line, and it was done through CIRN which is 50% industry funded.  Look at the long list of disclosures, several are GSK employees. Notice, the names that are missing are the real experts in this field that are on some of the other studies above, including one study with 15 names on it.


-This 2019 meta analysis  says the more flu shots you get make it less effective for H3N2, but still tells you to get the shot. My opinion is this is another junk modelling type study and admits it has limitations. Reading the conclusion, you can see there is no way they would ever say dont get the shot, if they did they would never get a job with a government agency.

-IMPORTANT! Near bottom of this article, they discuss the serial flu shot problem. One expert says it is real and another says it is not.  The doctor, Mark Loeb who says it is not real gets funding from Pharma. See Loeb's funding disclosures here and here, click the disclosures tab at top.

Here is a reminder of how bad Pharma studies are, they are ALL suspect.  I can find many links that say this.  Doctors always seem to believe "pharma funded studies". Why??


-I have already showed 4 studies above that the flu shot can cause respiratory illness.

-And I showed the science above about the Serial or Repeat flu shot problem, getting flu shots every year makes it less effective.  Now I show more problems.

-  This is one of the lawyer firms that does VICP vaccine injury cases. This is real-world data!!  Scan through this to see the different injuries the flu shot can cause.  Is over 600 injuries here and mostly flu shot injures, including 10 deaths from the flu shot.  These are rare, but do happen. The flu shot is a yearly shot so will have the most injuries. The DTaP is by far the next most common for injuries.

     As I showed on the Home page(Links #24 to 26), there is 99% under-reporting of vaccine injuries. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Just read the comments under any flu shot article.  You read over and over, "I got real sick from the flu shot and never took it again".

-Read Tab J "How safe are Vaccines". This shows adverse events that can happen with any vaccine and many apply to the flu shot.  See here for flu shot ingredients.

-This study4738 says flu shot increases inflammation and increases risk of cardiovascular events.

-Read this very scary study.

-  Read the “Summary” section at top. Says “Repeated vaccination when young, substantially increases risk of influenza in older age.”  Also says natural infection gives better immunity than vaccination.

This recent study shows if you get the flu, you are more likely to spread it if you had the flu shot.

-  2nd paragraph up from “Discussion”, says “we observed 6.3 (95% CI 1.9–21.5) times more aerosol shedding among cases with vaccination in the current and previous season compared with having no vaccination in those two seasons.

Then read last paragraph of “Discussion”. Says "The association of current and prior year vaccination with increased shedding of influenza".

-This article from CTV news explains how many children around the world now are getting narcolepsy from the H1N1 flu shot. This says risk of narcolepsy for Pandemrix vaccine is 1 in 57,000. Supposedly this problem is fixed?

-This article shows GBS from the flu shot is more common than they say.  This3123 as well says 2 to 5 cases of GBS per million.(not 1 in a million) Note that GBS is and autoimmune disease. 

-GBS is Guillian Berre Syndrome, is similar to polio, you get paralysis, you can die from it and you can also recover from it over months. It is an Autoimmune disease.

-This study0173  flu shot and an autoimmune response.

-This9553 is about fatal adverse events from 2009 H1N1 flu shot. Had 107 fatalities out of 15 million doses. Says the majority of the deaths were 4 days after the shot.

-This study says "The vaccine‐related platelet activation and cardiac autonomic dysfunction may transiently increase the risk of cardiovascular events." The vaccine increases inflammation.

-This0178 from the CDC is a study of the most common reasons Emergency room visits in 2013 for adverse events from drugs, and vaccines are included.  See "Table 1" says there was 912 ER visits for Vaccination reactions. Table 2 says there was 916 ER visits for adverse events.  Table 3 says there was 58 ER visits for the Influenza vaccine.  Table 4 shows there was 455 ER visits from vaccine reactions for kids under 5 years old, and much less reactions for older people.

-This Yale study says vaccines and the influenza vaccine in particular(under results) may be associated with incident diagnoses of AN, OCD, anxiety disorder,  and several other Neuropsychiatric Disorders. Says needs more study, are they dong it?   This article says dementia and alzhiemers has tripled in ages 30 to 64.  Is this related to this Yale study?

-This2419 study done in Quebec says risk of GBS from 2009 flu shot is 2 in a million.

-This2511 2013 Italian study says risk of GBS is 2 to 5 in a million, also says found a much stronger association between flu shot and upper respiratory track infections.

-This4128 2014 Danish study says risk of GBS is 3 in a million.

-This7672 study says GBS risk is 1 or 2 per million.  This0307 Meta analysis says rate of GBS for 2009 shot was 2.4 per million.

-This study shows again that the shot can cause seizers in very young kids and if given with the pneumococcal vaccine the risk is up to 6 times higher. Always get flu shot by itself if you have to give it to your infant.

This article says "flu shot can cause increased risk of swine flu".  also says "Professor Collignon blames influential drug companies and frightened politicians for what he says is the overuse of flu vaccines in healthy people".   Note that most of Europe does not give the flu shot to everyone like we do.  

-More serious side effects, here and here, and here, says up to 1 in 20 may get  ORS from flu shot.

-This says "the influenza vaccine, which was associated with higher rates of OCD, anorexia, anxiety disorder and tic disorder". Was the worst of the vaccines for this.

-This CDC 2014 IOM report on page 71 says: "They found the evidence is “inadequate to accept or reject” a causal relationship between influenza vaccine and the following: seizures, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), and transverse myelitis". This is 2014, they still dont know, or dont want to know?

We know that the VICP program routinly pays out for flu shot causing Transverse myelitis.

-Most serious side effects are rare.  BUT, so is your chance of dying of the flu, unless your are very old. Long term harm from the flu shot is not tracked at all.  Including  the repeat flu shot problems, or if getting flu shot all the time makes you more likely to get the flu later in life as one study above showed. Dont forget the shot has low effectiveness.

-Goto bottom of this page for more side effects and problems.

I.  THE FLU SHOT and Depression.

This was news to me, stumbled across this science.

-See  here5135 vaccination and prolonged behavioral, emotional and cognitive problems.  And here9533,  vaccination caused inflammatory response and "influences central nervous system function to generate core symptoms of sickness and reorient basic motivational states".

-  We know that vaccines cause inflammation, this 2018 study looked at what the inflammation from the flu shot does.  Conclusion of this study says "Minor increases in inflammation were associated with corresponding increases in features of depression, and these associations occurred in the absence of any physical symptoms." Same here here0138, uses the flu shot to create inflamation which affects depression.

-Here are some stories from people seriously injured by flu shot. Here, and here, and here and this one says between 0 and 2 cases of Transverse Myelitis are reported each year form the flu shot.  This story and here, is about a family whose 2-year-old child died of the flu and article says he died of the same strain of flu he was vaccinated for. , the child and whole family were vaccinated and they all got the flu.

-The above links are for those people who say "the flu shot is risk free, get the shot even if it is only 10% effective".  Not true, all vaccines have risk.

   Also see Appendix A of this site, shows the flu shot, like most vaccines, have minute contaminants that can cause long term health problems.

-Considering all the above, A flu shot that is only "40%" effective(by their data) it is not worth risking, to try and prevent a disease that is highly unlikely to kill you, unless your over 70.

I am 65 and still don't know anyone who has died of the flu.(Yes it can happen)  Vaccines are never worth risking just to prevent you getting sick for a week, they are only for deadly diseases.(read appendix)

     Vaccines are not like pills that are taken 'orally'. Your body knows how to handle something that is ingested and goes thru your digestive tract.  Vaccines are 'injected', they get into your blood, the nasty stuff stays inside your body, goes into your organs and brain. Read the Home page again, to see how bad our science is on this. 

J. -Thimerosal, which is 50% mercury(ethyl mercury), is still used in many flu shots.  The multi-dose vials are the ones with the mercury in them.(If you have to get the flu shot, find a place that will give you the pre-filled syringe, is more expensive, but has no mercury). 

-This CDC article says both methyl and ethyl mercury are organic mercury compounds as opposed to inorganic.  And mercury in amalgam filling is elemental mercury.


Health Canada and the CDC say it's safe, what else can they say.  As always, first use your common sense, It's ethyl mercury!!  It's not safe, not in any amount!!  There are studies of course that say it's safe, I don't know if they are all CDC or Industry funded.  

But there is lots of studies showing thimerosal is not safe, here is some. Here1957,  and here7751, and here5977, and here7975, and here9848, and here.  and here0342 and here3274, and here5705, and here0517 and This from the LA Times says Merck was secretly worried about all the thimerosal kids were getting, far beyond FDA limits, and here7868, and here9795, and here6560, and here5455 , and here0943, and This study9072 says thimerosal while it may seem to clear from body quicker than methyl mercury, it deposits in brain more.

This1558 done by the CDC in 2017 says, "There are a number of mechanisms by which alkylmercury compounds cause toxic action in the body. Collectively, published studies reveal that there are some similarities between the mechanisms of the toxic action of the mono-alkyl mercury compounds methylmercury (MeHg) and ethylmercury (EtHg)".  Here is an interesting article on this study. This is data sheet for Thimerosal.

This from the CDC defends thimerosal.  It links to 10 studies at bottom, but several of them actually say thimerosal is dangerous and  the most positive one is done by W. Thompson and F. Desteffano who are the ones that faked a study and Thompson whistle blew and it is now before the courts, so do we trust it?  This study1700 in the CDC list says  the AAP and Public Health is calling for  removal of thimerosal from children's vaccines after a FDA risk assessment and says kids were getting more mercury than recommended by the FDA, and there is limited data available on low dose toxicity.  

    Several of the studies are really bad, small studies looking at blood levels and not harm, or what has happened to the mercury, is it in the organs or lymph nodes?

This one in the list is weird, 2 phases of the study say thimerosal causes tics and increased risk of language delays, then the conclusion ignores it and says more studies needed.

Then see this article in Wikipedia here, it starts out saying thimerosal is safe, then go down and read the "Toxicology" section, it is frighting, and what it says happens when injected, sounds anything but safe, as this says:  "Methylmercury and ethylmercury distribute to all body tissues, crossing the blood–brain barrier and the placental barrier, and ethylmercury also moves freely throughout the body".

-The thimerosal safety argument reminds me of the dental amalgam mercury fillings debate.  All the experts, dentists etc, say amalgam is safe, even though studies show it gasses off when chewing and accumulates in the organs. Many people have had their amalgam fillings removed. Yet these same people are willing to inject a mercury filled flu shot every year into their body to try and prevent a disease that is highly unlikely to kill them, a shot that is less than 40% effective. Weird.


This says only 40% of doctors got flu shots before mandates.  If the flu shot was so great, wouldn't they be first in line for it?

-  Only 40% of doctors get a fool shot, this is back in 2008 before mandates.  

This link says only 38% of Healthcare workers got the flu shot before mandates.

-  The Science is still out on whether vaccinating health care workers is worthwhile. This say studies show we should vaccinate HCW's are badly flawed.  

L. NEW FLU SHOT THEORY.   (Note that this is only my personal theory.)

After much observation and research of Influenza, I did a totally unscientific survey among people I know.  Even got the help of a nurse friend down in the US, because most people I know do not get a flu shot. I have come up with a theory, and the survey so far supports it. 

Here it is: "You will only get influenza 1 to 3 times in your adult life, whether you never get a flu shot or if you always get a flu shot, it does not matter".

I asked people how many times they had the flu in their adult life and how often they got a flu shot, and wrote down their rough age group. I had just as many say they never got a flu shot and either never got the flu or got the flu once or twice as I did people who said they always got the flu shot and got the flu once or twice.  I did get the odd person who said they got the flu almost every year some got the flu shot some did not. I suspect those people did not have "Influenza". 

  Obviously there are exceptions to this rule, nothing is for sure with influenza.  I believe this rule is true because 1.The flu shot works so poorly, it just delays the inevitable, eventually, you will get the flu and when you do you will not get it again for a very long time. See here. Read 6th paragraph from bottom, says "risk of flu is about every 20 years".

2.Because each time you get the flu you build a 'real' immunity to all strains. Read last paragraph of this amazing article. 2nd time getting flu is not as bad.

3. Also keep in mind that most people who think they have influenza, do not, it is something else. When the hospital tests you for influenza, only about 15 to 30% are positive for flu. (See under "Laboratory confirmed influenza detections" here, 19% test positive in this month).

There could be other reasons this theory is true that I don't know about.

Why don't you do your own survey? Let me know.

M. -IS RISK OF FLU REALLY ONLY EVERY 20 OR 30 YEARS? In the above paragraph is posted a link showing our experts saying risk of flu is about every 20 years.  Lets look at some facts on this. Look  at Table 6 on page 19 of this package insert for a flu shot.  This table in the Placebo section shows that 3.87% of the 4960 participants got the flu.  Read 7th paragraph down in this article, says up to 5% of the population got the flu this year, and it was their worst flu season ever. So if only 3 to 5% get the flu a year, your risk of flu is less than 1 in 20 years.  This from CDC says 3% to 11% get the flu, and children are the most likely to get it and seniors the least likely.

THINK ABOUT "THIS" if you get a flu shot every year.

-Those that get a flu shot every year and say they never get the flu, think about this.  We now know the flu shot is less than 45% effective on average, so mathematically speaking, you should have got the flu every 2nd year or so, but you didn't, why?  You see, you would have not got the flu anyway, flu shot, or no flu shot. 

Given all the above is it really worth risking an influenza vaccine.  


Note that people seldom die of the flu, it is usually a complication of the flu, like sepsis or pneumonia. Flu deaths are tracked as flu/flu associated deaths.

Death totals are all over the map.  The fact is 'adult' flu death totals are not tracked in Canada and the US.  They do estimates using flakey modeling. (Some US states do there own tracking, like California) Read this important article on flu death totals from the CBC.

-Health Canada says "there is an estimated 3,500 deaths a year in Canada", and a wild estimate it is, as the CBC article above showed, and notice how the scientist is muzzled.

The 3500 deaths from flu is the total the media and our health officials always us to scare us. Another Health Canada page, not a public page sayss there is 500 to 1500 deaths which is much closer to the truth, see here.

  Kids flu deaths aged 0 to 18 are tracked in the US.  Flu/flu associated deaths are a re-portable disease under age 18 and the deaths are verified and counted. This CDC site shows there is an average of 140 kid flu deaths a year(ages 0 to 18).

There is 74 million kids aged 0 to 18 in the US, so the kid only has about 2 chances in a million of dying of the flu. That is not too scary, the chance of a serious adverse event from the flu shot is higher than that, especially for a small child. 

   If your kid gets a flu shot that is 40% effective, his chance of dying from the flu goes from 2 to 1.2 in a million.  Is the shot worth it, don't forget all the other links above, increased risk of an acute respiratory illness, serial flu shot problem, etc.

So if a kid aged 0 to 18 has 2 chances in a million of dying, what about an adult? We know that influenza is most dangerous for kids under 5 and those over 65, and younger adults would probably be in the 2 in a million range as well and then risk will slowly increase as you get older.

Here is a couple of good articles on adult flu death totals. Here and here.  The CDC says 3000 to 49,000 deaths on average, and last year(2018) the worst in a long time, they said an estimated 79,000 died and about 200 kids(0 to 18). 

Does that math seems a bit fishy?  The 200 is accurate due to mandatory reporting, but the 79,000?  I am trying to figure out how we can have only 200 kid deaths, 1/5 of the population, and then 79,000 total.   Even factoring in that 85% of flu deaths are over 65, per the CDC, it still seems impossible. The CDC did put the word "estimate" in front of that figure, though most of the media leave that word out. Is it a "wild" estimate? 

That figure is more than double the death rate from car crashes in the US. I know of people killed in car crashes. But I don't know anyone who has died of the flu, do you?

-See this article from CNN, after the usual flu shot dogma, it says for the 2018/19 season there was "between 36,400 and 61,200 deaths, the CDC estimated".  As you can see they have little idea how many adult deaths there are, they include all pneumonia deaths and we know only 8% of pneumonia deaths are caused by the flu.


More interesting data to make you wonder if the flu shot is doing anything.  Remember this CDC link I showed earlier.  It shows the flu shot effectiveness for the last 16 years. 

 Now look at this CDC link, it shows their estimated death totals for each year.

So using the data from the two above links, here is what I get.

   2010/2011 season, vaccine 60% effective, and 36,000 deaths, uptake 40.5%

   2011/2012 season, vaccine 47% effective, and 12,447 deaths, uptake 38.8%

   2016/2017 season, vaccine 40% effective, and 38,000 deaths, uptake 43.3%

   2017/2018 season, vaccine 38% effective, and 61,000 deaths, uptake 37.1%

   2018/2019 season, vaccine 29%  effective, and 34,000 deaths, uptake 45.3%

And the uptake of the flu shot(how many get the flu shot) was close for all years, see here.    So looking at the data above you can see the effectiveness of the flu shot has little to do with death totals.  Flu deaths fluctuate wildly every year on their own.  Notice the 2011 and 2012 seasons, there were more deaths in the 2011 season even though the flu shot was supposedly much more effective and there was a higher uptake of flu shot. Go figure.  Maybe I am correct, the flu shot is stupid.

      I compared child death rates in Canada and the US and they are the same per capita, the the US has almost double the uptake of the flu shot that Canada does for kids.  This again shows the flu shot appears to due nothing.

    Read the CDC Tab Q on this site, to see how little we can trust them.

-This 2018 Cochrane report on the flu vaccine, 3rd paragraph from bottom, Says " The standard quoted figure of 36,000 yearly deaths in the US is based on the “respiratory and circulatory deaths” category including all types of pneumonia, including secondary to meconium ingestion or bacterial causes. More recently, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have proposed estimates of impact ranging between 3,000 and 49,000 yearly deaths. When actual death certificates are tallied, influenza deaths on average are little more than 1,000 yearly. So, the actual threat is unknown (but likely to be small) and so is the estimation of the impact of vaccination."  This article also criticizes the "test Negative" design we use to calculate flu shot effectiveness and says it exaggerates flu shot effectiveness.  Also much of the science behind the flu shot is shoddy. 

-    7th paragraph from bottom, Danuta Skowronski says “risk of pediatric death is about 1 in every 2 million kids.”   Also says " by mid flu season Canada had less then 5 flu deaths".   So with a flu shot less than 50% effective, is the risk/benefit ratio in the shots favour?     

    Then Dr Mcgeer says Meningitis is very rare and less child deaths than influenza, so I would skip that vaccine as well, though that is not what she meant. 

Note, there is about 8 million kids under 19 in Canada.(so 4 pediatric child deaths from flu) 

P. Risk of flu shot on pregnant women.

-  Flu shot causes a 7fold increase in miscarriage, if had a flu shot previous year. Then read Response tab. 

This link is the actual study.

Note that the package inserts of all flu shots, say they are not tested, or there is insufficient data to determine safety on pregnant women, yet the doctors keep saying pregnant women should get a flu shot??  Example here, section 8.1 and page 12 for all the potential serious side effects.   

This study in JAMA says there is a suggestion of a increased risk of autism if a mother got a flu shot in her first trimester. Then they did some mathematical corrections to remove the signal, and then say it could be do to chance. Read this and decide for yourself.

This study also questions flu shots for pregnant women.

-This 2019 study signed by 11 doctors, showed giving the flu shot to pregnant women was no better than a placebo.  


The flu shot is pushed on seniors relentlessly, and have the highest uptake of the flu shot.  Getting influenza is more dangerous for seniors.  The CDC says 80 to 90% of flu/flu related deaths are in seniors. CDC also says only 8% of pneumonia's are caused by the flu, there are over 30 different causes of pneumonia.  Is the flu shot pointless in seniors?  Are they risking the side effects for nothing? See all the studies below.


We have always know the flu shot works poorly in seniors due to a weaker immune system.  There are many studies now showing the flu shot does not work in them. 

These two studies done by NIAD of NIH  Here6407 and here0764 . say flu shot not work.

And here from the CDC, flu shot does little.  And this article says flu shot was ineffective in 4 of the last 7 seasons.

There are also "industry funded" studies saying the opposite of course. This5265 says these studies are biased. This0844 says flu shot works 27 to 48% seniors.

-This new 2020 study in one of the top journals, under Results, says "no evidence indicated that vaccination reduced hospitalizations or mortality among elderly persons".

-This2873 2019 study also says flu shot has no impact on long term mortality.

-This Cochrane report says biased data and little benefit from flu shot for seniors.

-This article says the flu shot gives  "little if any protection for those 65 and older".

-This also says "flu shot has limited benefit".  Then says "We conclude that influenza vaccines may not reduce all-cause mortality among elderly individuals during influenza season but may reduce the combined rates of P&I hospitalization and death". Near bottom says "He said it was surprising that the IV analysis indicated that vaccination was linked to higher all-cause mortality outside the flu season".  And here. and here for New York times article.

Starting every fall and into the winter there is now a never ending stream of articles in the mainstream media telling you to get a flu shot.  Mainly in the US media.

They hype the rhetoric, make it sound like you are flirting with death if you don't get your flu shot. 

I got influenza in my mid 20's and it was miserable, I took 4 days off work.  About 10 years later, I thought I had the flu again, it was not as bad as the first time and am not positive it was influenza.

I have never had a flu shot in my life. Now at 65,  I have not had the flu in the last 30 years or more.


HI-DOSE FLU SHOT  for seniors.

Is it worth the high cost and the twice as many side effects?

This article from Health Canada is NACI approval studies for hi-dose flu shot which show effectiveness from 18% to 24%. Here7260 and here1045, both funded by Sanofi.  Why did NACI ignore the studies below?


    But other studies like here9279  funded by Veterans Ass and the CDC found it no more effective than standard dose shot, and this here5418, say it was 1.2% better than standard dose shot and was funded by Sanofi. I guess NACI only looked at the first two Sanofi  studies when it approved Sanofi's vaccine.

This article also says the shot is not worth the cost, and evidence is poor that it works any better.

This 2020 study says Hi-dose shot has significantly more side effects.

This new study done by industry paid doctors says hi-dose vaccine works good.

This 2020 JAMA study done on sick old people found HD shot no better than standard. Sanofi fund.

And this article from the Globe and Mail, says 4,000 seniors would need to be vaccinated to prevent one hospitalization with Hi-dose shot.  And says "the experts are worried about the "repeat flu shot problem" with the Hi-dose and say more studies are needed".

This is the package insert for the Hi-dose flu shot, it has 4 times as much antigen as the standard flu shot and twice as many side effects.   Page 6 says 1 to 2% get a serious adverse event, which are incapacitating for a few days. See "d" under table 1. 

 So if we have to vaccinate 4000 seniors to prevent 1 hospitalization, and if 1.5% get a serious adverse event, that is 60 people would be incapacitated for several days by this flu shot to prevent 1 hospitalization from flu.(how many of those 60 were hospitalized?)  We may have more hospitalizations from the flu shot than the flu shot prevents.

    Page 6, line 14 and 15  says 7.4% got a serious adverse event within 6 months of shot.

And don't forget the more serious "Post Marketing side effects" on the next page. who knows how many of those happen?  Is the shot worth it, or the expense? Article says no and some provinces won't fund it. The Hi-dose is $80 to $100.

-This8337 study talks about renal failiar in seniors after the flu vaccination.


-This is Health Canada data on the adjuvanted senior's flu shot Fluad. Adjuvant is MF59. Basically says they do not know if it works, or is any better than the standard shot.(Word search "1. Fluad")

You are the phase 3 clinical trial, did they tell you? Adjuvants give more side effects.

    Then next few paragraphs tell how bad the evidence of giving Fluad to kids is.  NACI should be given hell for this. Fluad package insert here.

Also flu shot can have long term side effects like any vaccines, see vaccine contaminant section, and retro-viruses and tumor's in appendix, and Tab J.


Think about this: Getting influenza while young is much safer than getting influenza when elderly, and if you get a 2nd bout of influenza it is usually not as bad.

With a flu shot that works at best 40% on average long term, you are going to eventually get the flu, better to get it when young and healthy.

Remember the points I have proved on this web site. You cannot trust any Industry funded science.  The CDC and Health Canada will say and do almost anything to "protect the vaccination program". 

All choices have risk. 




You have all seen the stories.  Starting in late August is an endless barrage of media stories, especially in the US, "get your flu shot".  Americans are almost nuts over the flu shot now, the corporate media is relentless, pushing the shot with fear mongering stories, about 50% of them buy into the nonsense. This is funny because as I showed above, most of Europe does not even recommend the flu shot except those over 65 and a few special groups, like certain sick people. 

-This from the US CDC shows how they use the media to push the flu shot, they even encourage fibbing a bit and exaggerating.

  Here are some of the lines from this CDC slide show presentation. It has since been pulled, this is a copy. 

Recipe for fostering public interest in flu shot:

    Have public health officials state concern and alarm and urge vaccination

    Frame flu season in terms that motivate behaviour, like state concern and alarm and "predict dire outcomes".

     Use terms like "more severe that last year", predict dire outcomes.

     (page 7)Continued reports to the media of that influenza is causing severe illness and affecting lots of people. 

    Help foster the "perception that many people are susceptible to a bad case of influence".

    Put out pictures of families affected by the flu and people getting vaccinated.

    Put out references to pandemic influenza.

    Page 8 Fostering demand requires creating concern, worry and anxiety. For example, a "perception or sense that many are falling ill". A perception or sense of vulnerability contracting and experiencing bad illness. 

   Further down this it says "Health literacy is a growing problem"(we don't want an educated public do we)


-Get the flu shot to protect others. This statement is now standard in the retoric to guilt you into getting a shot.  You are being selfish if you dont get a flu shot. BS I say, dont fall for it. You are not protecting any one if the shot does nothing, or is making you kid get a URI.  And young people should get the flu once, it helps protect them when old.

     And I am a senior, I do not want young people risking their health getting a flu shot just to protect me.  Young people are more important than me. I am not that selfish.    


-This link shows the flu shot multi-dose vial with thimerosal or mercury is still routinely used in Canada, watch video as they use the multi-dose vial to give flu shots. Multi-dose vials all have mercury. This video shows how they use multi-dose vials.

The pre-filled syringes are the ones with only traces of mercury. This video shows them using prefilled syringes for flu shot in the US, see end of video.

More info here on pre-filled versus multi-dose vials.


-I believe the CDC and Health Canada have fallen for their own propaganda.  The flu shot recommendation for everyone should be rescinded. All the above information proves it.  There maybe some value in the shot for certain targeted groups.  

New Zealand data.

-This  shows the flu shot effectivness for 2015 season was using a case test negative design were 36% (95% confidence interval (CI): 11–54) for general practice encounters and 50% (95% CI: 20–68) for hospitalisations. VE against hospitalised influenza A(H3N2) illnesses was moderate at 53% (95% CI: 6–76) but improved compared with previous season.

-This shows flu shot effectiveness for 2016 season, 2016 influenza VE (visits as of 3 October 2016) was 23% (95% CI: -24 to 52) for ILI related GP consultations and 12% (95% CI: -122 to 65) for SARI related hospitalizations.

-This shows  In 2017, the vaccine was 51% (95% CI: 17–71) effective at preventing influenza-associated hospitalisations and 27% (95% CI: 6–43) effective at preventing influenza-related general practice consultations.

-This shows In 2018, the vaccine was 38% (95% CI: 1.4–61) effective at preventing influenza-associated hospitalisations and 35% (95% CI: 12–52) effective at preventing influenza-related general practice consultations. For Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09, the vaccine effectiveness was higher (hospitalisations: 61 [95% CI: 25–80] and GP visits: 45 [95% CI: 23–62]).

-So New Zealands overall average effectivness for last 4 years is 37%

-This shows reports for all years, but effectivenss data only available after 2014 in NZ.

-So should you get a flu shot?  This is one vaccine I would not get. There may be some value in it for certain groups, like the very sick. I think the science shows risk benefit ratio is not in the flu shots favour in modern healthy countries.  


-This says Tamilfu does not do what it is suppose to do, and Roche bilked the Federal gov out of $1.4 Billion.  Story source here.

I will do more on Tamiflu later, I would never use this product.

-This6345 is Dr Tom Jefferson's "Influenza vaccination: policy versus evidence". Good write-up.  Comments here.

-This is NACI review of the flu shot "Fluad", NACI has now recommended this "adjuvanted" flu shot for 6 month old babies!! Adjuvant is MF59.  Page 11 says "the number of deaths attributed to influenza in Canadian children was small, ranging from 2-6 per season", which means there might be 1 or 2 death under age two. It is NOT worth risking this shot!

Page 16 says "All the identified primary clinical trials were sponsored and conducted by the manufacturer with the aim of obtaining licensure for pediatric use. No data provided by independent researchers were available for review".  Page 4 & 5 goes on about how bad the data to support this vaccine is.  Have they forgot, pharma always lies.

But it not matter they are going to recommend it to your 6 month old infant and then sit back and see if it is safe.  they are not informing parents that their infant is part of a clinical trial, and NACI is ignoring the fact there is 95% under-reporting of side effects.

Page 12 says the EMA, European Medicines Agency, has concerns about the quality of a clinical trial, "has critical and major flaws".

US package insert for Fluad here. Section 8.4 says "The safety and effectiveness of FLUAD in the pediatric population have not been established". This is Canadian Package insert or Monograph, notice the difference from the US insert.  Do not give this to your infant!

Covid-19 and the flu shot.

-This3647 2019 study done on US military, suggests getting a flu shot may make the Coronavirus more dangerous for you or easier to get. says "Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus;" See Table 5. says odds ratio of 1.36 so 36% more chance of getting coronavirus, and 56% more chance of getting a metapneumovirus, which is a upper respiratory tract infectionThis USA Today article try's to deny the above study but gives no reason why, they just say so. They link to two studies that suggest getting a flu shot increases your chance of getting Covid, but link to no studies that deny it, interesting.  This 2020 Canadian study says the opposite.  It is almost like they were told to do a study to deny the other study?

-This study also says getting a flu shot can make getting a severe Covid more likely, warning, not sure if this is a good source.

-This0112 Oct.2020 brand new study says Seniors are more likely to die from Covid19 if they had a flu shot. The author looked at 39 countries.

-This article describes how the 2009 Swine flu pandemic vaccine caused narcolepsy in  Europe.

-This article is about a new flu shot for the elderly called Novavax, says “modest increase in local adverse events”. 

-This CNN article describes how they make the flu shot, and grow on eggs.

-This shows Ontario's Minister of health faking getting a flu shot.  It is funny, but really?? Notice the plastic housing was being pushed into her arm creating a depression in her skin, if there was a needle you would not push it like that. Then when the so-called needle was withdrawn, the nurses hand covers it up so you cant see. Thirdly you do not see the nurse's thumb going down which would happen if you were injecting something.

   I don't blame her though, I would not want a flu shot either.

-This government site shows the number of flu cases a year for last 20 years in Canada.  Notice that flu cases go up as the uptake of the flu shot goes up, though it is not as simple as I make out. 

This says flu shot uptake doubled from 1996 to 2001.  Notice that this government site tells us everything but what we really want to know, it does not tell us if the number of flu cases drop as the uptake of the flu shot goes up.  They are always careful to never tell us that. Even today, they never ask people who come to the hospital with the flu if they had a flu shot or not.  If they do, they keep the data secret, they do not want us to know how poorly the shot works, if at all.

-This says that this year, 2020, the Covid-19 year, they are having the largest up-take of the flu shot ever.  Check the flu death totals at end of season and see if down. And here.

-This 2001 suggests getting some vaccines including a flu shot might help prevent Alzheimer's disease.  Funding from Phizer and some pharma groups.  This new study says flu and pneumonia shots may help prevent Alzheimer's. Can't find funding source.  

-This says 13 dead from flu shot in S Korea this year 2020. Now 25 dead. Now over 32 dead.

-This 2020 CBC news article says 3 neurological injurys from flu shot in NewBrunswick. And this CBC article says transverse myelitis, GBS, and bellys palsy.

-This 2020 study says facial paralysis following flu shot more common than other vaccines.  found   250 cases over 4 years. Did not take under-reporting to VAERS into account.

-This shows 1340 cases of facial nerve palsy or bells palsy over 20 years and 140 from the 2009 h1n1 flu. Again, no mention of under-reporting.

-This BC CDC report, Page 1 and 3 shows the LAIV flu shot is causing some cases of vaccine strain flu.

-This shows Ontario Nurses union wins against mask or vaccinate law for 2nd time.

-This is a great article on influenza over the years and how infectious it is and more.

-This says a record breaking 24% of Israelis in Israel got the flu shot this Covid year.

-This is Pfizer executive while talking about Covid vaccine says at min 27:45, says flu shot gives very short term protection, but getting the flu gives long lasting protection.

-This shows that the UK only recommends the flu shot for seniors and kids, shows uptake.

-This shows flu shot uptake in the US in Covid year 2020/21. 53%

-This NY Times article says there was no flu season this year because of Covid, suggests only one virus can dominant. 2020/2021, still wants you to get the fool shot.

-This lancet study says up to 18% of unvaccinated get influenza each year but most cases of flu are asymptomatic.

-This 2022 CBC article says "Skowronski released a study in 2010 showing negative vaccine effectiveness during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic that found those who had a flu shot were more likely to get infected with the influenza strain than people who hadn't, which was later proven correct.

-This from the US CDC says the flu shot was not effective at all for 2021/2022 season. And there was no community level of transmission this year in Canada because of covid-19. Note, on the cdc effectivness page they just changed 21/22 season to 34% from 14%, sleezebags, this still says was not effective.

-This says the flu shot was 52% effective overall for the 2022/2023 season. Euroseruvaillance


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