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Can we Trust the CDC and Health Canada

 -As I did this research I gradually realized the CDC

and Health Canada will say and do anything to "protect

the vaccination program".  They will not let anything

scare you from getting your shots.  They will fib, hide

data, fear monger, and ignore studies that do not suit

their point of view.  They believe this is justified if it

keeps the vaccination rates up. This attitude has been

in place almost since the beginning of vaccines. 

We are long past the original infectious diseases, they

are applying this same attitude to all the new vaccines,

some of which barely work, don't last, and are not that

important.  Watch some of the ACIP meetings on

YouTube and see how they get much of their

information directly from pharma and completely

ignoring the fact that most pharma science is slanted or

biased.(Tab F)                                                  

Everything stems from the FDA and CDC, and the CDC gets its recommendations from the ACIP(Advisory Committee on Immunization practice) within the CDC.  So whatever the 15 members of the ACIP says, is what we get. Below I talk about the ACIP and many investigations for conflicts of interest.

Unfortunately, to get the vaccine expertise the CDC needs, they have to be found in industry. So most of the experts they get, have past or current ties to pharma. People who think little of side effects of their product.



 Think about this: Trust and the CDC:

- Why do we have 13% of parents following an alternate vaccine schedule?(Link #12 on home page) If they trusted the CDC they would follow the schedule.


- If the FDA and CDC were doing their jobs, prescription drugs would not be the 3rd leading cause of death in the US.(Links #3a. on Home page)


-Why has the CDC and FDA allowed 99% under reporting of adverse events to VAERS.(Link #24 on Home page)


-They are using the "right of authority"(the CDC), rather than the "right of science" to push so many vaccines on us.


NACI -National Advisory Committee on Immunization(Canadian), similar to ACIP in US.   They are an un-elected body of 12 who have no over-site and meet in secret, you cannot view their meetings, and they have numerous conflicts.
- This link gives a brief bio on each of the members of NACI.  One member is a Canadian Pediatric Society rep and liaison, and another is a Pharmacy rep.  Another is past chair HIV Pharmacists network.  Aren’t these conflicts of interest?  Others are medical health officers whose job it is to push vaccines and toe the party line. 

As you read through the bio’s here of top experts, you realize this is a list of industry heavy weights, fully vested in vaccines.  

Can you imagine one person here saying anything negative about a vaccine?  Peer pressure alone would stop any negative comments on vaccines.  No one there to represent your kid.
   We will never get the kids vaccine schedule reformed with this hardcore group of vaccine advocates.

-This shows NACI members conflicts of interests etc.  Three of them have received direct funding from GSK, Pfizer and or Sanofi in the last 5 years.  Four of them are Representatives for various trade organizations like the CPS and CFPC, how can they possibly vote no to a vaccine, they would be kicked out of their position.  No one there to represent your kid.

-  ACIP application and qualifications needed to apply, and link to members.  One qualification is they must represent a range of professional affiliations.  If you are representing a group, you cannot step out of line, you toe the party line, "yes to all vaccines".

Pharma funded AIM and IAC, both described below, they sit on all the work groups and influence ACIP work groups.  There stated mission on their home pages is to increase immunization levels. (Safety takes a back seat.)


-  Page 3 or 1955, right column, says ACIP(CDC advisory committee) has been investigated numerous times by Congress,consumer groups for conflicts of interest, by office of Inspector General, and has been a specific focus of several inquiries.


-  Committee on government reform investigates the two vaccine advisory panels, ACIP and VRBPAC(with FDA), finds numerous failings.


-  This is a newer investigation of the CDC advisory committee’s. Nothing changed, still numerous failings of conflicts.


-  CDC hiding data and not cooperating when has lab accidents.

-- Shows CDC buys $3.5 Billion in vaccines for kids every year!!! Isn't that a total conflict of interest? They do push vaccines on us very hard. If they buy 3.5 $Billion worth of vaccines every year, how can they also monitor vaccine safety, it is a clear conflict.

This is 2019 ACIP meeting.

-  See min 0:29  Why are all these trade organizations on ACIP work groups?  like the AAP, AAPA and AAFP, they all get some pharma money, they exist to protect their members interests, not our little kids.  

Then there is 2 members from AIM whose soul purpose is to push vaccines and they are heavily funded by pharma, see here.

It is time for ACIP to clean house and get independent doctors on these groups.

Then at min 1:01 this is a joint venture with Merck and Sanofi.  Wow that's reassuring.

Then at min 4:00  says Merck will give the presentation on the safety and immunogenicity of this new vaccine. Great the company that is going to profit from this is in charge of safety. 

-min 17:42 shows large percentage of kids got side effects on both control group(not a placebo) and their new vaccine. New vaccine Vaxelis had higher rates of all symptoms, but how much are they lying.  min19:27 shows way more serious side effects but more people also.  8 people out of 3500 quit the study due to a serous adverse event. both the control vaccine and Vaxelis are dangerous.

-At min 23:40 says the 6 month dose in study was not tested in combination with flu shot for safety.(that when kid given first flu shot) There were also 2 SIDS deaths. 

--   Health Canada has been protecting pharma for years, that may be about to change. This 2018 article says Health Canada now must release pharma data on drug studies, up to now researchers had to sign confidentiality agreements and keep their findings secret.  Shows you could not trust HC.


-  This from the CMAJ shows how bad the FDA is with conflicts of interest.  Remember it is the FDA that does initial vaccine approval.

-  Conflicts  are common in Health Canada and the US. 

Conflict's of interest in Canada.

-Immunize Canada, another organization trying to push vaccines on us.

-  Notice that Immunize Canada's "sponsor" partners are five pharma companies, Merck, GSK, Sanofi, pfizer and Seqirus.  Then click the link for sponsor guidelines, seriously?  They will take their money though.

    Then click the "About link", says "To engage the media in campaigns to promote immunization."   Also they say their mandate is to push immunization on everyone.

-More organizations in Canada pushing vaccines. Canadian Center for Vaccinology, here. and get funding from Sanofi.  And VIDO here, who want to make more vaccines.

-This link shows CIRN, Canada's Immunization Research Network has 5 partners and 3 of them are GSK, Sanofi, and Pfizer.  This link shows that about 50% of CIRN's funding comes from Industry.  Conflicts of interest??

-this link shows the CFID or Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases is funded by industry.

-This link shows the CPHA Canadian Public health Ass is funded partly by pharma.  See this link, scroll down to Lucy Bucci, she says CPHA gets funding from Merck, Pfizer and Sanofi. 

This is an example of NACI making vaccine decisions on virtually non-existence science. See "IV.4 Simultaneous administration with other vaccines".  No science on whether live vaccines interfere with one and other.

-This shows the 2020 Canadian Immunization Conference was sponsored by Pharma, see bottom page.


These next few links blew my mind. I never realized how deeply intertwined pharma is with the CDC and all the different organizations there are making sure your kids get every vaccine.  Here is 3 organizations, 1.CDC Foundation,  2. AIM  and 3. IAC, all described below.  Since pharma can't directly influence the CDC, they do it through other organizations, like the ones below.

-1.The "CDC Foundation". This is their website.  Merck, Pfizer Sanofi and other vaccine makers are all donors to the CDC Foundation. This has a feel good page, and I am sure they do some good work, but read next link below for truth.  This is the paper work that set up the CDC Foundation. Some say the Foundation is the "money laundering arm of the CDC".

-  This from the BMJ in 2015. Says the CDC has been taking funding from Industry since 1983 and officially since 1992.(Page 1 rite side) which is affecting its policy and recommendations.

 The "CDC Foundation", also takes “targeted” donations from Industry, for example this says “in 2012, Genentech earmarked $600,000 in donations to the “CDC Foundation” for the CDC’s efforts to promote expanded testing and treatment of viral Hepatitis. Genentck and it parent company, Roche, manufacture and test kits and treatments for Hepatitis C.

Article gives many other examples of Industry paying off the CDC.  Using the CDC Foundation to get to the CDC. See next links of the CDC foundation.

The Inspector General found that the CDC has a systemic lack of oversight of the ethics program, 97% of disclosure forms filed were incomplete and 13% of advisors at meetings filed no form at all.

 Page 2 explains how Roche paid off the CDC to push Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) for the flu.

-  This is 2018 article is another damming report on CDC Foundation still taking secret money from Industry and doing Industry funded studies.  They are not following the rules about conflicts.

-2.  AIM or Association of Immunization Managers. These guys have their fingers everywhere, there whole purpose is to push vaccines.
-Click “Corporate alliance” tab or here, and you see they are partly financed by all the Vaccine makers, Sanofi, Merck, GSK etc. Also these pharma companies provide "their" experts to work with AIM. AIM alwasys has members sit on ACIP work groups.

As list here shows, AIM has it's people on all the ACIP work groups to make sure they get their agenda presented.

-  “Association of Immunization Managers”  This shows AIM has members on all the ACIP works groups.  “AIM membership and staff participate in a number of groups and initiatives to help formulate national immunization policy.”

-  AIM also does Leadership development training and Dr Paul Offit(a vaccine maker) is a speaker, and the fine print above the meeting notice, says "Merck paid for it".(Make sure all doctors think the correct(industry) way)



-3. The Immunize Action Coalition or IAC.


-  This is the IAC or Immunization Action Coalition, an extension of the CDC, and their "Mission statement", Similar to AIM's, is to increase immunization rates, to push and promote vaccines. They also provide information to health care workers, make sure they all think the correct way.

Notice, All the pharma companies contribute to their funding and anybody else with an interest in vaccines.(next link)  And suppling their biased expertise.


- This shows IAC's funding,  all the Vaccine makers, Merck, Sanofi, GSK and more.  The CDC gives some funding for special projects.

-  Read this article.Most of the data here, not science, is slightly skewed, skirts around the problems.  See page 3. This is the CDC's and IAC response to getting too many vaccines to soon. As you can see they have no idea. This is what doctors learn in school. Notice they go on and on about all the antigens, that is not the real problem, it is the adjuvants, like aluminum, preservatives and contaminated cell lines etc, that is the problem, but they ignore all that.  

-Here is another organization pushing vaccines and pharma funded.  The NFID National Foundation for Infectous Diseases, Here.  See pharma is there main sponsors.  I see Dr. Willian Schaffener is there representative.

 Then they say it is dangerous to delay a vaccine, again silly, they are treating all vaccines the same.  Some you can delay, some you should not. is your kid going to get polio if you delay, no.
The new big combination vaccines are making it harder to skip or delay vaccines.  She ignores the fact that many countries do not even have all these vaccines on the kids schedule, as I showed on the home page.  She does not realize there is little "good" science out there on vaccines(Home page)

Tabs J and N cover all the problems with the vaccines, hopefully you have already read them.

-  Shows how the IAC, Immunize Action Coalition mobilized the whole industry to get the Vaxxed documentary removed from the Tribeca film festival. They say it is a anti-vaccine film, which it is not.  Good’ol William Scaffner, the “paid Industry spokesman" is quoted as usual.
   None of these people had yet seen the movie. I have seen it. It is about a whistleblower in the CDC that says the CDC was fudging data on some studies about mmr vaccine and autism.(see appendix for autism section).  The movie never says not to vaccinate, or spouts anitvax propaganda, it does give you food for thought. I could not see why they censored it, other than to protect the Industry.
     Please read this article and look at the response the IAC created, then you will understand why no one is doing legitimate  studies on vaccine safety. You will be slaughtered if you do.

-Here is another example of nonsense from the IAC. Here they are trying to tell you there cant be too many vaccines.  Notice they just talk about Antigens, and never mention the real problems in vaccines which is the adjuvants like aluminum and the preservatives and neomycin, polysorbat 80 and others. 

    At bottom of this page it links to the IOM report.  Notice it only mentions autism, it mentions none of the bad things that I cut and pasted from the report on the Home Page under Link #2 on this site. Things like "there are 50 diseases that may be caused by vaccines and there is little or no research to form a conclusion", and "there is inadequate system in place to track vaccine side effects", and more.

    Everything said on this IAC web page is missing important facts.

You also see links to several videos, the one by Dr Offit is hilarious, same thing, just talks about the antigens rather than all the nasty stuff in vaccines.


-  ACIP members are suppose to hand in conflict of interest disclosure statements, but these are often ignored and they can also get wavers and vote anyways. Some of the members are good, but remember they are “victims of their training” and take Industry side, or have just lost touch, “we have to have a vaccine for every disease”, no matter how un-safe.

   So thanks to the ACIP we have gone from 8 vaccines to 16 vaccines since 1986 when vaccine makers were absolved of liability(you can’t sue them). Counting all the booster shots, your kid will be injected 32 times by the time he is 6 years old. Dozens more are on the way. 

-  Shows vaccine schedules for past years, you can see how the number of vaccines keeps growing.


-Goto YouTube and watch a few ACIP meetings. You soon see they get the majority of their information directly from pharma, they never question the accuracy of the data.(see section G)  They seem to be more interested in protecting pharma than us. For example watch the 2018 ACIP meeting where they approve the live nasal spray flu vaccine again.  This vaccine had been withdrawn 2 years ago because it did not work, now they want to bring it back.  ACIP approved it 13 to 15 votes in-spite of the fact they said they did not know if it worked yet.   


-   2007 most ACIP experts had conflicts of interest.


-  CDC takes pharma funding


-  CDC accepts corporate funding.


-NIH or National Institute of Health is getting royalties from Merck and GSK for the HPV vaccine. See here,  NIH did much of the initial science on the HPV and then Merck took over and got the benefit of it and pays royalties to NIH.  So this is a huge Conflict of interest. And see here,  click the "Royalty" tab and then "Information for Licensees" then can see how NIH accepts payments for Royalties.

-  Headline of this article from “The Hill” says“The CDC is being influenced by corporate and political interests.”
   A group of more than 12 scientists in the CDC put forward a list of complaints in writing, including "cooking data". 
Studies done by the CDC are just as bad as Pharma studies, much of their stats are suspect as well, like flu death totals.  

-This link shows again how the CDC is taking Industry funding.

-This shows the CDC has over 50 patents on process making vaccines. So this is more conflict of interests on vaccine safety.  Not, this is a so-called anti-vax site, but it has all the links to the CDC patents. 

-  HHS is dysfunctional and highly political.  the CDC, NIH and FDA is under the HHS.  We all know how poorly long time old Federal institutions function.


-This video  "Full measure News" show how corrupt NIH  National Institute of Health and it's doctors are as they totally fudge a major study on alcohol drinking, and get illegal funds from alcohol industry.

-This CBS article shows how the CDC wastes money, does crappy studies like the obesity study it mentions and more here. Director Julie Gerberding incompetent.



  More CDC lying and coverups, about lead in drinking water in DC.



 In October 1999, after 15 reports of such incidents against the Rotavirus vaccine, the CDC withdrew its recommendation for the vaccination -- not because of the problem, the agency claims, but because bad publicity might give vaccines in general a bad name

A four-month investigation by United Press International found a pattern of serious problems linked to vaccines recommended by the CDC -- and a web of close ties between the agency and the companies that make vaccines.

Critics say those ties are an unholy alliance in a war against disease where vaccine side effects have damaged, hurt or killed people, mostly children.

"The CDC is a disgrace. It is a corrupt organization," said Stephen A. Sheller, a Philadelphia attorney.

Much more here. MUST READ


-  This is a congressman introducing a bill to remove vaccine safety from the CDC.  Says they have a enormous conflict of interest within the CDC and vaccine safety needs to be moved to an independent office, as currently they are a low priority within the CDC.


-  2009 CDC ignoring conflicts of interest and not tracking it.


-  CDC's push's Tamiflu aggressively while FDA says the science not support Tamiflu's claims. (Read responses tab as well)



Financial relationships between organizations that do clinical guidelines hidden a lot.  Read first sentence under heading “Methods and findings”.

-This says that since FDA advisors have to disclose conflicts of interests before a vote on a new drug, they now reward them afterwards rather than before, then they do not half to disclose anything.

The media has been told to not say bad things about vaccines. See here.

-  Here is quote about 3 paragraphs from bottom, when Readers Digest asks US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebeliu, “What can be done about public mistrust of vaccines?”  She say’s Quote: 

  “We have reached out to media outlets to try to get them to not give the views of "these people" equal weight in their reporting to what science has shown, and continues to show about the safety of vaccines.” 
   If your reading this you are one of "Those People".

     After you follow this vaccine issue for a while you see that the media almost never says anything bad about vaccines.  They never report new studies showing vaccine problems.  "Must protect the vaccination program"


--  This is 2011. The AAP(American Academy of Paediatricians) does not want any research done in regards to vaccine’s and autism.  The government is trying to pay for more research but the AAP is fighting it.  They are not there for your kid. Can't trust them.  Is pharma, who gives them much money, behind this?
This link and the link below have the AAP relying on old science from years ago. They do not want to investigate vaccines any more. 


-  This is 2017. This from the American Academy of Paediatricians in response to Trump wanting a Federal commission to look into vaccine safety.  This has the AAP  saying any claims that vaccines are unsafe have been disproven. 3rd paragraph. They do not want further investigation!!

How come they did not say "we welcome more studies to make sure vaccines are safe for your kids." 

There is tons of new vaccine science coming out that needs investigating!  Make sure you have read the first 5 links of the Home Page of this site, to see how bad the science is. 

We must remember, these are pediatricians.  Their training shows none of the science I show on this website, so is their problem, corruption or ignorance?

More on the AAP.

-  At minute 1:47:30 this talks about how the AAP went after a bunch of doctors who were going to sit on a panel to discuss vaccine safety and they all chickened out.  Shows the AAP is not much better than a criminal organization.
    Actually watch this whole 2 hour video, interesting.

-This is Dr. Paul Offit giving misleading information on vaccines, notice he just talks about the antigens etc.  Not once does he mention the aluminum adjuvants and other nasty stuff.


Here is a great article on the media and people who have questions about vaccines. Written by someone who actually know's how to write, unlike me.(This is supposedly an anti-vax site, I disagree.) 

-This from the BMJ says there are "Financial ties between leaders of influential US professional medical associations and industry". Lists all the different medical organizations including the American college of Physicians, all corrupted by industry.


Example 1.

-  About half way down this, it addresses the issue that the flu shot can make you more likely to get a respiratory illness.  They deny this can happen fro the the flu shot.

This is the section title: "Is it true that getting a flu vaccine can make you more susceptible to other respiratory viruses?"   Notice in only refers to one study back in 2012, where as I show four studies including a new 2018 study that show this problem.(in flu shot tab)

   Now for a laugh, notice the CDC's one study they refer to that deny's this problem is a pharma funded study. Goto bottom of this study and you will see it is funded my Medimmune, which is the research arm of Astra Zeneca a vaccine manufacture, and the two lead authors receive funding from Medimmune, thus a junk study.   See my flu shot section for more on this, shows package insert for a flu shot that says young kids have a 4.8%(1 in 20) chance of a upper respiratory infection, so much for the CDC, I guess they never read the package inserts.LOL  Bottom of their page says last updated Sept/2018.

    As a side note, one of the lead authors Dr. Edward Belongia who recieved funding from Medimmune was also on the ACIP for years. Conficts?

Example 2. This is the research that the CDC has on aluminum in vaccines.


     This talks about aluminum and what vaccines you find it in.  Then it has a link called "research on aluminum exposure in vaccines". I clicked it expecting to find many studies.

 One, there is just one study!!!  The infamous Mitkus study from 2011, that has been debunked over and over.   Goto my Appendix, aluminum section, you will find about 23 studies showing serious problems with aluminum in vaccines.

(Note there is actually one more study the CDC uses, not sure why they don't have it here, but it is been thoroughly debunked as well, and is pharma funded. Maybe that's why)

-Example 3. This link shows how the CDC lied about the IOM report.  At bottom it says "The findings indicate that these vaccines are very safe and that serious adverse events are quite rare".  That is the CDC's summation of the 600 page IOM report.

   Read pages 525 to 598 of IOM report for example on the DTaP vaccine, says there is no good science to say whether or not the vaccine causes Autism, SIDS, and about 20 other diseases. Why did the CDC not mention any of this, lie by omission? 

    This is also a lie because page 629 says "the committee does not make conclusions about how frequently vaccine adverse events occur".  So how can the CDC say adverse events are quite rare?    Page 629 also says "This report is not intended to answer the question “Are vaccines safe?”.  Report does show how bad the science is. 

 Example 4.  -Another example of CDC goofiness. Is in my Autism tab R,  They say "vaccines  do not cause autism" and then only show evidence that the mmr does not cause autism.  There has never been a study on any of the other vaccines, as the IOM report shows. So can only say the MMR vaccine does not cause autism. 

-This shows some of the AAP American Academy of Pediatricans pharma partnerships with pharma.  Click the "Corporate Relationship" link at bottom of page, to see how the children's fund is done.  So Merck gives money to the AAP and the AAP will push the HPV vaccine saying it is for the kids benefit, or okay a Hep B vaccine at birth.


-The WHO,  World Health Org is heavily influenced by pharma, and take money from them.

We can not trust recommendations from them.  See following links.  WHO is receiving many contributions from pharma. 

-  Says “it appears the pharmaceutical industry has gained control over the WHO system, leading to an extreme bias towards the use of not only ineffective and unnecessary influenza vaccines and medicines, but also antipsychotic drugs.”  They recommend a fundamental revision of the WHO.

-This also shows pharma has too much influenze on the WHO.

-This 2019 news story shows again how the WHO is heavily influenced by Industry.  The WHO is in bed with Purdue pharma pushing oxycontin. 

-This 2017 news story from the National Post says the UN loses staggering sums to corruption and management also gives example of WHO corruption with pharma and the UN not follow up on. 

-This article says  "Why the Corruption of the World Health Organization (WHO) is the Biggest Threat to the World’s Public Health of Our Time".  Give this link to the next person that quotes that headline "Vaccine Hesitancy is among the top 10 threats to the world".  

    This headline is repeated over and over and not true.  With virtually no deaths here and only 74 in Europe, how can this be in top 10.  Pharma influences the WHO.

-This shows more conflicts of interest at WHO and SAGE.  This article shows how the WHO and Purdue pharma spread bad information about opioids. This article in the Guardian news, backs the Purdue pharma and WHO corruption up.

-This article in Forbes describes how the WHO faked the 2009 H1N1 pandemic.

-This amazing link shows those that contribute to the WHO.  Notice that Sanofi contributes almost as much as Canada does.  Merck and Eli Lily there and Gilead.  Then notice that Bill and Malinda Gates foundation is the largest contributor to the WHO  now that the US has pulled out.

-This shows China is now pouring Millions into the WHO, and says WHO chief is compromised.  This shows the WHO changed the definition of Herd Immunity. Removed "Natural acquired immunity". Here.

Are our public health officials at home, naive when it comes to trusting pharma studies and the WHO?

-This shows again how little we can trust the FDA. They hide reports on medical devices that malfunction. Serious on-gong issue.

-This from Stat News says "All but one FDA commissioner over the past 38 years has joined the board of a pharmaceutical company after leaving the FDA".  This is Elizabeth Warren going after the Latest FDA head who went over to Pfizer.

-This  shows that FDA drug and biologic reviewers get 80% of their wages from pharma in the form of fees. (this is from JAMA, so they probably think this is ok) This shows that almost half the FDA buget comes from Industry.(near bottom)

-This shows that a major pharmaceutical lobbyist, Alex Azar, was put in charge of HHS in 2018 by Trump. Says Alex Azar was Eli Lilies top lobbyist and then became one of their vice presidents, and then president of their US operations, and this says drug prices rose substantially under his leadership.  (Now he is head of HHS,Wow, only in the US)

   Note, HHS is over top of CDC and NIH.

-The "Vaccine Confidence Project"  another world outfit there to push vaccines. See this link to see it is funded by GSK,  Merck and IMI, click "partners and funders" tab at bottom. . 

This shows IMI is funded by pharma, read 1st paragraph.

-This and this,  shows Dr.'s Mark Loeb and Allison McGeer both receive lots of pharma funding, see bottom under financial disclosures.

-This shows funding for "Voices for Vaccines" and "Task force for Global Health"

-This shows Dalhousie University gets lots of funding from pharma. See under footnotes "competing interests".   It also shows the Canadian Institutes of Health has a  Research- GlaxoSmithKline Chair in Pediatric Vaccinology at Dalhousie University. Pharma is everywhere. And funding from Sanofi here.

    This shows GSK contributes to Canadian institute of health- last paragraph.  Dalhousie is a major vaccinology research center.

-Canadian Public Health Association is funded by Industry, CPHA see here. Funded by Sanofi and Innovative medicines Canada which is a pharma company, and Schulich Medicine.

   And they give money to CANVax- Canadian Vaccination Evidence Resource and Exchange Centre, note that Immunize Canada is a partner of CanVax.   As you read everything on this page you realize there is an astounding number of organizations trying to push vaccines on us.

-Stronger is another organization pushing vaccines.  These guys are "way out there" and are trying to stop any talk about vaccines and so called mis-information. See the About page to find their partners. Bio is one see  This shows they are pharma funded, see very bottom of this, all the pharma companies.  And PGP or Public goods project is the other, funded by industry.

-Click the PDF tab on the left at this link.  The middle column of page 255 of this 1984 FDA document, or page 23007, word search  says  “any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, about the safety of the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure that the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent consistent with the nation’s public health objectives.”  (Use your word search function to find statement)

   This was about the polio vaccine, but this statement is still the attitude of the CDC and HC today.  They will say and do anything to get you fully vaccinated, you can not trust them, and after 5 years of research, I firmly believe this.

-This shows Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation run Gavi whose goal is all vaccines for everyone, and vaccine mandates everhywhere. It is frightening the sheer amount of money going into this from one person.

-More here, for Bill Gates "Decade of Vaccines".  This shows Gates supporting Monsanto and Cargill, I dont trust him.

This shows Gates is buying the media, BBC, ABC and others.

This shows Bill Gates is the 3rd largest contributor to the WHO, that is scary, and shows GAVI is the 4th largest. Remember GAVI is run by Bill Gates as well.

-This Immunize BC link says flu shot is 60 to 80% effective. Another example of lies from our health officials.

-This shows Health Canada gets 90% of its funding from Pharma fees now.


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