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Should you delay getting a Covid vaccine?

Updated: Mar 8

Why I will wait 2 years before deciding to get one of the mRNA Covid vaccines. I believe anyone who is at Hi-risk from Covid should get the vaccine now.

At the moment, up to 50% of younger workers are refusing the vaccine, and here. The reasons why are shown below. And it is not because of mis-information. That is a media boogy-man, they think we believe everything we read, and want to make us look silly by saying we are falling for mis-informtion. Yes there is some nonsense floating around about the vaccine, like the vaccine injects micro-chips or there are fetal tissue in the shots. But most of us a smart enough to ignore it.

Below I show the real reasons we are delaying or skipping the vaccines that only have "interim approval", or emergency authorization.

The media and our health officials say there were no short cuts taken and everything done properly. Not true, the shots were rushed to market. If they weren't rushed they would have full approval. But none of the 4 shots out now have it, they only have "Interim approval" for emergency use, as this shows. Look at the clinical trials, they were cut short by a year or two depending which ones. Example here. The clinical trials for both mRNA vaccines had weak endpoints. As this article in the British Medical Journal describes. Here, and here.

These vaccines only have "Emergency Authorization" use. This is the fact sheet for the recipient of the vaccine in the US.

https://www.fda.gov/media/144414/download Page 3 Says "the Pfizer vaccine is an Unapproved vaccine", it only has Emergency Use. It also says "the duration of protection is unknown". Side effects are on page 3 and it shows what they dont know about the vaccine.

I do not want to take a rushed, unapproved vaccine for a disease that is highly unlikely to kill me. I will wait and see. Is that irrational?

Pages 5 and 6 explain "Emergency use" and that the product has NOT gone thru a proper review and is only for emergency use.


This is the Canadian package insert. Page 1 Says the product only has authorization under an "interim" order. Not approval. Page 13 shows the severe side effects, like some needing intravenous hydration after severe diarrhea, the media wont mention any of this. These vaccines have emergency approval only because we are in desperate need of something. The world's economy's are crashing and they are willing to try anything, "cross your fingers and hope it works".

Once the vaccines got their emergency approval, the job of the public health officials is to "sell" the shots to us and convince us to take them by whatever means necessary, even if they have to fib a little, like saying the vaccines were not rushed. Example of fibbing here, says no serious adverse reactions. I guess they missed this, she almost died needed CPR, and this.

https://www.fda.gov/media/144245/download This is the "FDA briefing document" for the Pfizer vaccine. It shows all the things we do not know about this vaccine. Things we would know if the trials had run to completion.

-We dont know if the vaccine is effective for more than a few months. Pages 46 to 48

-We dont know if the vaccine stops transmission of disease or just symptoms. Page 48. (Edit, it is starting to look like they do stop some transmission, not sure how much yet.)

-No data on long term harm of mRNA vaccines.

-Concerns about disease enhancement with waning immunity, see bottom Page 49 at above link. More on this at bottom.

-"Get the vaccine to protect others", why, does not there vaccine work?

-We are also told that after receiving the vaccine, we still must physical distance, wear masks and follow the lock-down rules. Why? Because they still dont know how much the vaccine protects you or stops transmission. They would know it if the vaccine had not been rushed and the clinical trials short cutted. As this hilarious article describes. Yet they still want to inject this vaccine in me. How can they write an article like this on one hand, and with the other hand tell us the vaccine was not rushed and no short cuts were taken?

This says the vaccine was not rushed. In journalism, is this called "spin".

And this, it says "as they learn more, they will be able to 'optimize' the vaccines". I think I will wait and get one of the "optimized" vaccines. They are now working on new shots for the variants and will be out this fall. and here.

Getting both the original vaccine and then later the optimized one may be a problem. Similar vaccines can interfere with each other. Like the 'serial flu shot problem' for example.

So if you really want a shot now, wait for the fall, and by then you probably dont have to wait the ridiculous 4 months between shots they are now doing. And if you have to mask and distance anyways, it makes even more sense to wait.

-Given how little we know about the vaccine, is it worth the risk if you are at low risk of dying of Covid? In BC where I live, there has been no deaths from Covid under the age of 30 as of Feb 8 2021, Here See page 8.

-We have been asked to totally trust data from one source, that being companies that have raced to be first and will make $Billions. Remember, these companies have all signed deals that absolve them from liability should their vaccines damage you.

-The CDC and Health Canada are monitoring what happens now as they roll out the vaccines to answer all the above questions. If you take the vaccine now, your are part of the clinical trials.

-Many health care workers agree with me.

https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/many-frontline-workers-refuse-covid-19-vaccines-distribution-rollout-struggles-n1252617 This says 60% of Front line workers in Ohio are refusing vaccine for now and 50% of front line workers in a county in California are refusing the shot. This says 60% of nursing home workers in North Carolina are refusing shot for now. Same here in texas. And here in Canada, 50% refusing. There is lots more of these links.

Our Canadian media reported none of the above stories until Jan 6 when they could no longer ignore it. And only one media source reported it so far. -The front line workers are refusing to get the vaccine for now for the same reasons I am, they looked and saw the same science, or should I say, lack of science and lack of data that I did. There are too many unanswered questions. To me it seems totally irrational, at this point in time, to inject this product into a healthy body that has almost zero risk of dying of Covid. People between 40 and 60 should think about getting it and those over 60 should definetly get the shot, especially over 70 or if you smoke, or over-weight or health issues. -More on "Vaccine Disease Enhancement".

How likely is it? The above FDA briefing document, page 49, says "however, risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown and needs to be evaluated further in ongoing clinical trials".

And here, an ad hoc WHO expert work group is also concerned about vaccine enhanced disease. After SARS they tried to make a Corona Virus vaccine. As this analysis of 4 vaccine with different technologies shows, they all caused disease enhancement in lab animals, and the vaccines were abandoned. Here as well. This 2007 study talks about a RSV vaccine they worked on that caused dangerous disease enhancement in children and says this is why there is no RSV vaccine yet.

Every time I post this information, I get total silence from our officials, they dont want to hear about it. "This is a pandemic, we need a vaccine, cross your fingers and hope for the best". Remember the Dengue vaccine which they spent 15 or more years developing, it caused disease enhancement in the Philippines a couple years ago killing many children. Can read about it here, here, and here. And this from the WHO, https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/dengue-vaccines Click the 4th point down, it shows that it can take over 30 months for this problem to materialize.

Health Officials, can you now understand why some of us want to wait a year or 2? It has nothing to do with anti-vaxx, it just seems like common sense to me.

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