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Why some might not want a covid vaccine

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

-What is the risk of dying of Covid-19?

Is the risk/benefit ratio of getting the vaccine in your favour? The Infection Fatality Rate depends on your age, health and location. This meta analysis, and now a WHO document, shows the overall IFR is around .05% to .3% depending on locations.

You can also get an idea of how likely you are to die if you get covid from the data here. This is British Columbia, you can select the week you want and then table on page 9 of the reports shows weekly accumulative totals for each age group. I print this table out every week. You can compare chance of death or hospitalization with case numbers. I believe the case counts are low, as not all cases are tested and counted.

-What is the risk from the covid vaccine?

In-spite of the rhetoric, " the vaccines were thoroughly tested and not rushed", that is not true. What else can they say? The clinical tries were not finished, see the completion dates on them. They had weak endpoints. Here and Here. If they had not been rushed we would have know about the blood clots risks, then later the myocarditis. What else do we not know yet?

This is latest document sent to the FDA from Pfizer on Aug 23/21 the day the vaccine got full approval, and changed its name to Comirnaty. Page 25, shows they are still worried about the risk of Vaccine Enhanced Disease, or ADE

-Risk of Myocardits and Pericarditis? This same FDA/Pfizer document at top of page 24 says the risk of myocarditis is up to 200 cases per million or 1 in 5,000.

This Health Canada page 2 initially fudges the data by saying there was 204 cases in Ontario out of all the doses given, that is not fair as myocarditis is almost all in the young, so it should be 204 cases out of how many young people there are, not watering it down using total number of shots given. Then this says the Moderna shot gives rates of myocardits up to 263 per million, that is 1 in 3,800. Also says risk of myocarditis is rare(not very rare) at a .01 to .1% rate.

This data from Israel says risk of myocarditis is up to 1 in 3,000 to 1 in 6,000. This says myocarditis can take 5 to 94 days to show up. This article says 275 cases out of 5 million or 1 in 18,000. this JAMA study says risk 1 in 2,700, first paragraph under results 27myocarditis and 37 pericarditis per 100k.

This Guardian news story, and links to study, says risk of shot is higher than risk of covid is for boys. This news story says 100 kids have been sent to hospital with Myocarditis in Toronto. This is the BC CDC fibbing, says rates of myocarditis is 1/100k, not true as I showed above.

The risk of the vaccine may be greater to the kid than covid. And lets not ignore all the other side effects the kid could get. Thats next.

Other serious side effects.

-This says there is risk of blood clots from the Pfizer covid vaccine. Here, more blood clot cases in Pfizer shot. And here. and here Pfizer shot.

-Lymph nodes swelling after shots. And here, lymph nodes swelling even more common after 3rd dose.

-Full body rashes and shingles and covid toes, love how they down play it. And here. More here reactivates shingles, and here.

-Health Canada adds Bells palsy as a side effect.

-Kidney disorders and rashes possible, here.

-Women's menstrual cycles messed up, very common. Here and here, and

-This is Health Canada's adverse event reporting page. They have always had huge under-reporting. The doctors recently said it is too hard to fill out forms.

This page at bottom shows the following serious side effects to covid vaccines:

-GBS or Gillian Barre Syndrome, Cardiac arrest, Myocarditis,

-Deep vein thrombosis, Acute kidney injury,

-Transverse myelitis, Anaphylaxis, Spontaneous abortion,

-Death, and more.

While the above is not that common, add them all up the risk is not that insignificant.

-This is the US VAERS adverse event reporting system just for covid vaccine and you can read individual reports here. Actual VAERS site here. There are YouTube videos that show you how to use it.

This shows over 15,000 deaths reported to VAERS, and 100's of thousands of other side effects, the CDC is not verifying these reports, their swamped. There suppose to use VAERS to detect a "signal", a sudden increase in an event. The signals are screaming, but there being ignored.

Example, look at past flu shot event reports in VAERS, there is about 40 deaths a year reported for the flu vaccines with about 150million shots given each year. The covid vaccines have a 100 times that, 8,000 deaths reported in 12 months, something is going on, it is being ignored. Interesting list of news stories on deaths and injury here. And here 1000, of storys, yes anecdotal, but so many?

You have all heard the media nonsense, "just ignore VAERS the data not verified or reliable"

If that is true, then your telling me the CDC and FDA have no idea how many side effects there are, and that, is real scary. This shows VAERS is the CDC's main source of tracking side effects.

-The current covid vaccines appear to have 10 times more side effects than our old traditional vaccines. Just compare the side effects now with old VAERS reports and Canada's CAEFISS reports.

So is the risk of covid greater than the vaccine? I think for those under age 50 and healthy, it could be, we dont know for sure yet as there are still unknowns. Like the risk of cancers and risk of ADE mentioned above. As you can see from all the different side effects above, the shots hit the body hard.

And we should absolutely not be giving these shots to people under age 20, that is a crime. This shows that Alberta had its first death under age 20, Sept 22/21 after 18 months of covid, your car or his bicycle is more dangerous to the kid than covid is.

-Can we vaccinate our way out of this pandemic? No.

We know now the covid shots fade out in 6 to 8 months, Here and here, and is why we're giving boosters to seniors after 6 months and Israel is giving everyone a 3rd dose after 6 months.

Even with Canada 100% vaccinated it will not stop the spread of covid.

"We cannot vaccinate our way out of this pandemic.

We know the shots fade out in 6-8 months. And it would take a year to vaccinate even half the World, so you would have to start all over before you are even half done as the shots have faded out. And this leaves lots of time for new variants".

The shots also do not stop transmission of disease very well, especially as they fade out in a few months. That is why masking and restrictions are coming back. The vaccinated can spread covid to. Here and here, and large spread of covid in vaxxed here and here.

Herd immunity is no longer achievable, here and here and here. Covid-19 will be endemic, we must learn to live with it. Covid zero, like Australia and New Zealand are trying is crazy, just delaying the inevitable, and destroying their economy.

The Propaganda machine

Why are case counts and covid death totals reported every day on the news? That is deliberate. That is propaganda 101, "Keep them afraid and there easy to control".

Then you have the constant Anti-vaxxer, Anti-vaxxer rhetoric in the media, they use the word as often as they can. 80% of the people not getting the new covid shots are not against vaccines and most have taken other vaccines. They are worried for all the reasons I posted above. Calling 6 million Canadians anti-vaxxers is not helpful, and shows a propaganda machine at work.

Think about it, do you really think calling anyone who does not get a shot, an anti-vaxxer over and over will change their mind? This is media brain washing propaganda, trying to divide us, what is really going on?

The media is dividing the public, pitting friends against friends, us against them and many are falling for it, "victims of the propaganda machine".

Examples of propaganda and how it works. Two 2015 articles here and here, I can't use anything from the last year as it is all censored and twisted and part of the propaganda machine.

President Biden to spent $1.5 billion to get you to vaccinate, later increased to $4 billion. And all the media have become part of the propaganda machine, they will say almost anything to get you to inject, the heck with the truth. No one can say anything negative about the shots no matter how true it is. Doctors have lost their licenses and careers doing so.

Part of the propaganda machine is to show daily stories of someone dying a horrible death from covid, daily case totals, hospitals overflowing, even though often there not, at least not with covid patients.

This is an Older CDC document, a "recipe for fostering high vaccine demand", many of these tactics used today, Pages 7 & 8 interesting, this is how Propaganda works.

In British Columbia we have more deaths from drug over-doses than we do from covid, but that is hardly talked about it, there is no daily death toll shown, no tears for them, and these are mostly young people. Half our citizens dont realize how there being manipulated.

They think the vaccine is going to save us, as I showed above, herd immunity is not achievable, and I showed we can not vaxx our way out of this pandemic.

Get vaccinated for the "greater good"?

Seriously? That's the propaganda machine hard at work. Are they saying we should just all ignore our instincts and fears and just get a shot that has 10 times the side effect, a shot that fades out in 6-8 months, a shot with still unknown risks, a shot that does a poor job of stopping transmission, just because they say so. They" being officials that have lied and mis-guided us so many times.

And knowing we cannot vaccinate our way out of this pandemic? No way.

Here is a good article on the Propaganda machine in New Zealand, raises several good points. This may not be a "preferred source" but the article is good. Mainstream media wont print anything that does not "toe the party line".

A Third booster

The science is all over over the map on this. We have FDA committees disagreeing with the CDC. Israel has already given a third of its population a booster shot. The US is giving it to just those over 65 now. Your next, there saying no now in Canada, but not for long I am sure.

The current booster shots or 3rd dose, are still the same product, they have not been tweaked for Delta!!

Immune exhaustion is a possibility with booster shots, "are we doing ourselves a favour"? as discussed in the last 2 paragraphs of this New York Times article. and here.

Natural Immunity

After you have a case of covid you have robust, long lasting Natural immunity, far superior to the vaccine. And for every disease we have vaccinated for in the past, Natural immunity is always superior. The CDC even says if born before 1957 you do not need a measles vaccine because they assume you are immune, as everyone got measles back then.

The problem now is that our health officials refuse to recognize Covid Natural immunity. You must still vaxx.

There response when asked about it is "well, we dont know how long it lasts". Seriously? Neither did we know how long the vaccines last, but that did not stop them vaccinating everyone. We know now that natural immunity lasts at least at least 18 months and probably for years. This Washington Post article says "Natural immunity powerful, policy makers seem afraid to say so".

This article with study linked at bottom shows long lasting immunity in the bone marrow. More studies that show Natural immunity better than vaccination. Here, here, here, here and here, and, here, maybe life long immunity, and.

This mainstream news article says the opposite but gives no study, media supporting Industry.

Some countries now give you a 3 month credit if have natural immunity to get a vaccine passport. Nope, what they should do is give permanent credit for natural immunity until they actually see it failing.

The fact Canada and the US give no credit to Natural immunity shows there is something not right going on, and another reason not to trust our Health Officials.

Is it something so stupid as, "they cant be bothered to track or test people with natural immunity", so they don't want to acknowledge it? There now appears to be an active campaign to discredit Natural immunity.

Mandating covid vaccines and "Passports"

-Maybe, you could make a case for the vaccine to be mandated for health care workers, but I disagree with that as well. Forcing someone to put something into there body they dont want is, well evil.

Do we really need to protect the vaccinated from the un-vaccinated? That does not say much for the vaccine.

Before you accept mandates. Think. Do you really want to lose the right to decide what goes into your body? Forever? Do you?

It may seem okay this time, but next? Do you trust the government and Pharma lobby that much? We allow it once and and we will never be able to say no again. Booster #3 coming, force that? Boost #4? 5? Then?

Once shots are mandated there is no reason for pharma to improve the shots, why spend the money, you have to take them.

I am amazed had how many Canadians meekly accepted the "vaccine Passports" or as I like to call them "permission passes". You have to show your permission pass to be allowed to go out to eat. Some try to fool themselves by saying "well it is just like a drivers license". Nope. The only way to get a permission pass is to inject into your body what ever the government and Pharma lobby tells you to.

Boycott the passes, do not download. Notice they did not tell us for how long they will be around, this could be forever. Right? Will need them for boost #3 coming soon, the 4, then will they expand it to the flu shot? Until covid started, only 33% of Canadians got a flu shot. Well they now know how to force that to.

There are another 200 plus vaccines in the pipeline, now they can force those to, you have allowed it. By the time there finished with us there will be hardly a healthy human left.

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