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Dealing with "Vaccine Hesitancy"

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

To doctors dealing with Vaccine Hesitancy

I am "Vaccine-hesitant", not anti-vax, and not a doctor or university educated.

I really hope you will read this.  I have read some of your articles on how to deal with me. Here and here, and here, are examples.  You have all said, "what your are doing is not working".

I can also tell you that they will not work on most of us. I have read your pieces and am still "Vaccine Hesitant". (and no, I am not anti-mask)

-Doctor Heidi Larson with the Vaccine Confidence project at a recent WHO meeting on Hesitancy, said "vaccine hesitancy is growing at a rate of 500%". Here. That is a phenomenal growth rate, and proves your tactics are not working.

-Vaccine hesitancy defined.

The World Health Organization defines vaccine hesitancy as a “delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite availability of vaccination services." That is not quite correct, that sounds more "Anti-vaxx.

My definition is "one who is worried about vaccine safety and will delay or skip some vaccines and get shots one at a time for themselves or their child."

-Professor Maya Goldenburg wrote an interesting article called "Public Misunderstanding of Science? Re-framing the Problem of Vaccine Hesitancy”. Here. Well done!  Thank you for defending us “ignorant public”  you made some interesting points. For example, she says she invites new corrective measures like: "Government self-scrutiny by our scientific and governmental bodies regarding their own credibility as well as

investment in dialogical rather than didactic communicative outreach to vaccine

hesitant members of the public".

She raised several other good points, but then unfortunately got bogged down in the Wakefield incident like much of the media does, not realizing it has little to do with vaccine hesitancy today. That will become clear as you read thru this blog post. Maya and the media should be aware that Wakefield did NOT start the vaccine-autism connection in 1998.

See this 1976 study, says "Vaccination is recognized as having a starter function for the onset of autism". This is 22 years before we ever heard of Dr. Wakefield. This 1991 IOM report, 7 years before Wakefield study, also talks about DTP vaccine and autism.

And the package inserts for the DTaP vaccine have had autism listed in the post marketing list of side effects a long time, like here, page 11.

I am not getting into vaccine autism debate, I am just saying the concept has been around long before the Wakefield study, quit blaming it on him.


-Doctors, please do not mix up Anti-vaxxers with Vaccine hesitancy.  Most media article constantly mix-up the two all in the same article.

1. You must stop treating vaccination as an "all or nothing issue".

2. You need to stop ignoring our specific concerns, in other words, "listen to us".   For example:  When we say there is 96% under-reporting of 'serious' adverse events, here, don't ignore it and then talk to us like we're 12-year-olds.  Yes, I know this link from the Canadian Medical Journal refers to drugs, and vaccines have different reporting systems like IMPACT and CAEFISS, but it's all the same doctors.  You can't tell me that they are 96% better at reporting vaccine side effects than drug side effects.

  And the VAERS system in the US has a 99% under-reporting rate for vaccine side effects, as this CDC funded report says here, see page 6. The above shows they have no idea how many side effects there are.

     "Vaccine side effects are not rare, just rarely acknowledged".

Why do you think there are so many anti-vaxers? I am not one of them, but I understand them and support their choices. Most so called anti-vaxers, are actually ex-vaxxers. They vaccinated their kid until he was, what they believe, seriously injured by a vaccine. Maybe a few are coincidence, but I believe most are real, a mother knows their kid.

Here is some real world data to peruse. It is from the US VICP vaccine injury claims. This is just the tip of the iceberg remember.

3. IMPORTANT!  This is a fact. You cannot stop vaccine hesitancy. 

       Vaccine hesitant people are usually that way because they have educated themselves on vaccines and what they see worries them.  You cannot un-educate them. Remember, we are talking about hesitancy not anti-vaxxers. 

Dr. Heidi Larson said, "We need to build trust so people are willing to put up with a certain amount of risk because they believe in vaccines". Here.  She is correct, look at me, I am vaccine hesitant/vaccine educated and I am still willing to give my kid a MMR vaccine if I was doing it over, but it would be at 15 or 18 months, not 12 months old, like much of Europe, and because the science shows the vaccine will work better and it is safer as well. Here, and safer here. But I would Never give myself or my child a flu shot. Here, section F1.

4. Our health officials need to stop being dishonest about vaccine side effects if they want to build trust. Yes they are dishonest. We all know that except you doctors. I show this fact over and over below. They use the word "downplay" side effects so we don't worry. When does downplaying become lying?

5. Vaccine hesitant people are all different. For myself ,I would not give my kid 4 or 5 of the vaccines on the kids schedule including the flu shot. And never more than one shot at a time, see below for more on this.


First, let's look at what the Health Canada website says here, about vaccine side effects.  It says the usual sore arm stuff, and that there is a chance of a low fever", then it says "there is a small chance of an allergic reaction(less than 1 in a million)".  That's it!! That is all it says! That is dishonest and misinformation, and why we go to the internet for our information rather than Health Canada. (Edit, HC has since re-edited this page and now commits to no specifics, just says side effects can happen, not how often. So no useful facts) The sad part is that this is also what most doctors are taught, and why there is so much under-reporting of side effects, they don't know the real facts.

Bad info at Health Canada, so I Googled "Vaccine safety Ontario" and got this site. Again no useful facts, just fluff. I clicked the "Vaccine safety and effectiveness" link and nothing there either. I then went to "Vaccine safety city of Toronto" again nothing.

NOW FOR THE REAL FACTS our officials will not tell us:

-This study from Pediatrics says there is one additional febrile seizures for every 2,300 doses with the MMRV.  And with just the MMR and Varicella it is 4.3 seizures per 10,000 doses.  So MMRV has twice as much risk, are parents told that? 

Our health officials say, "dont worry Febrile seizures are safe", Nope, depending on how long the seizure is, that is not always true as these recent studies show. See here and here and here and here .

-This and this says the risk of ITP is 1 in 22,300 doses. By the way, Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura is an autoimmune disease, as is GBS, for those who say vaccines don't cause autoimmune disease. See here. While most people will eventually recover, shouldn't this be mentioned on the Health Canada website, along with the 1 in a million chance of an allergic reaction?

-This GSK study comparing 2 versions of MMRV says one version had 2.9% with a serious adverse event and 1.9% for the other version. So that is 1 in 50 with a serious adverse event. The GSK version had more fever. 'Serious' means hospitalization or worse, were they all caused by the vaccines? We have to trust GSK's interpretations.  

-This new 2020 study says 6-month-old kids are more likely to have asthma and eczema if they have more inactivated vaccines. I have 3 other older studies that say the DTP vaccines does this as well.

-The American VICP injury compensation program has encephalitis, encephalopathy, GBS, chronic arthritis and more, on the table of injuries they compensate for.Here. They are rare, but considering the poor tracking of adverse events and the fact you need to get past your doctor, they may not be as rare as they say. None of this is on Health Canada website.

-This Canadian study says Febrile seizures dropped 79% when they switched from the DTP vaccine to the DTaP and HHE's dropped 63%. That's huge. Guess that old DTP was not as safe as they said.  This says Hypnotic Hyperesponsive Episode occurs in 1 in 2,800 doses to 1 in 14,300 with the acellular vaccine or newer DTaP.

The lead author on this study once said "vaccine side effects are a coincidence". I would like to ask her how coincidences can drop 79% when you change vaccines??

-This says 1 in 20,000 to 1 in 100,000 kids get intussusception from the Rotavirus vaccine. Another omission on Health Canada's side effect page.

-This Canadian study, under results, says almost 1 in 100,000 had a 'Serious' Adverse Event from the chicken pox vaccine. 'Serious', means hospitalization or worse. So very rare events if no "under-reporting", but added to all the above, adverse events are not that rare.

-This from Merck says .1% of 1 year old kids who get the Hep A Vaccine(US only) have a SAE. That is one in a 1000. Our infants dont get a Hep A vaccine yet thankfully. It should be for older people, not infants. Risk worth the benefit?

-This 2017 meta analysis says vaccination increases risk of lupus and Rhumatoid Arthritis.

Both are autoimmune diseases.

-This from the FDA and NCI, says "Whether this residual cell-substrate DNA can induce tumors in vaccine recipients and thus represent a risk factor has been debated for over 50 years without resolution". This 2020 document from the FDA also wonders about tumors and shows how little we know about all this. More here. Long term harm that is not tracked? More from FDA here. Scary stuff, and why we do not want to rush the vaccine making process.

-Unlike any other product, vaccine manufactures and those that give them have no liability.  That applies to Canada as well as this Globe and Mail article says. 

The reason the manufacturer has no liability, is because they were getting sued so much with all the adverse events that they were going to stop making vaccines. So the US government removed liability in 1986. The old DTP was the worst vaccine and is still given to much of the 3rd world. Shameful. Yes I have also seen the Dr. Aaby studies, that you all ignore.

-Read the last sentence of above Globe and Mail article written by Andre Picard, says " “The Canadian Pediatric Society 'estimates' that of the 400,000 children immunized each year in Canada, five will suffer a Permanent Injury”.  That is one in 80,000, not the one in a million our officials tell us. And this is just what the "trade" organization, the CPS admits to.  How come this is not on the Health Canada site?

You tell us to only look at reliable sources for vaccine information. Is the Globe and mail and the CPS reliable? I just showed above that Health Canada is not a reliable source.

Note that I could put more studies here showing serious problems, but I think you get the idea.

Our Health Officials have always downplayed the risk of vaccines to "protect their vaccination program". Rather than be honest, they have got Facebook, YouTube, and the media to censor the above. That is shameful. Do they justify their fibbing by saying well we must make kids get vaccinated because it is safer than the disease? How do they know that if there is 95% under-reporting of side effects and Pharma does most of the clinical trials?

Sure the measles, polio, pertussis and diphtheria vaccines did good for us. But now we are up to 15 diseases we vaccinate our infants for. More are on the way. When is there too many?

We were doing OK in 1996 when we only had 9 vaccines. Click 'Prior Immunization' schedules here. Then vaccines started to get very profitable, prices rapidly rising, so they keep adding more and more of them. The new ones selling for over a $100 a shot and cost only 2 to $4 to make.

Thanks to the internet you can no longer get away with giving mis-information.

I have learned that our Health Officials will "say and do almost anything to protect the vaccination program".

So given all the above, why would we believe anything you say!!!   More of your deception below.

-I am not saying to not vaccinate, we just want the truth, until you admit the truth we will not get safer vaccines.

-Do not assume the whole population wants to risk every vaccine you guys invent.

-Yes, I understand risk/benefit ratios of vaccines, probably better than most.

And unlike most doctors, I know exactly what vaccines have done for us. I have done the math. I looked at each of the 15 diseases we vaccinate our kids for and looked at how many died in the last 10 years before each vaccine was invented.  See my math on my site at Tab G, it is not what you think. With no vaccines in a 1st world country like Canada, we would hardly have any more deaths than we would from Car accidents.. See here, 2nd half of page for the facts.

I know I did not take into account the other problems infectious diseases can cause like encephalitis and the cost of hospitalizations. I am just showing that the world will not end with no vaccines, and I am definitely not saying to not vaccinate, just a reality check. Actually I would skip several of the 15 vaccines we have now.

No! Skipping a few vaccines is not crazy! See here, this is the Denmark vaccination schedule. Four less vaccines than we give our kids. No Heb B, Rotavirus, flu shot, chicken pox. Sure get a Hep B, but dont give it to 2 month old kids. Most of Europe does not give flu shots to those under 65, and half including the UK, dont give a chickenpox vaccine. Denmark is doing fine they are not all dying with 4 less vaccines!

The Big Lie. The "Antigen thing". 

-Maya Goldenburg, Page 7 of your article has 3 points from Dr. Paul Offit.  Your 3rd point about vaccines over-whelming the immune system.  Offits says don't worry, "Antigens are not a problem your kid can handle 1000's. That is also what doctors says when parents ask if there are too many vaccines. Yes, that may be true, but the antigens are NOT the problem!!!!

Not picking on Maya, because all our Health officials say this antigen thing. Here is an example and here. Interestingly, the one place that does not say it is the US CDC website, I guess they know the truth.

That is like me saying "You can drink all the Coke and Pepsi you want because the water in the drinks is harmless".   Notice that I completely ignored all the other ingredients in the drinks.

     Doctors!  The Antigens are not the problem!  The problem is the aluminum salts, the phenol, the WI-38 and MRC-5 cell lines with human DNA fragments, the polysorbat 80, the Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, the neomycin in vaccines and more, that’s the problem.  It's the adjuvants and preservatives that are injected over and over into 2-month-old infants. The above is from this CDC ingredient list here. How much is too much?

And you can't say these ingredients are harmless. Did you forget the links I showed you above?  What is causing the Febrile Seizures, the Encephalitis the HHE's and the ITP I mentioned above? Paul Offit says it's not the antigens.

What caused the 1 in 80,000 permanent vaccine injuries every year that the CPS admits in the link I showed above? If it's not the antigens, it must be the other ingredients.  Maybe they are not so harmless?

Or is it the combination of all of ingredients together that is the problem?

Or are the adjuvants over stimulating the immune system more than normal?

I have been exasperated for the last 3 years over this "antigen thing".  How can so many smart people fall for this?  Is it because it came from Dr. Paul Offit? Or is it because it's what you wanted to hear, confirmation bias?  Or a lack of critical thinking? I know that doctors are not shown vaccine ingredient lists when in school.  

You do realize that Dr. Offit is a "paid industry spokesman" don't you? An example, he is paid by Merck to speak here and here(word search "Merck").

-Another tip when trying to convince us of anything. Never quote Dr Offit or Peter Hotez, they have no credibility with us as they are industry spokesmen. You will just get a eye roll from most of us.

-Another fib our Health officials tell when parents want to spread out shots.  They say 3 shots in an infant at the same time is no more dangerous than getting one shot, and no science to support not doing it. Not true. And they tell us the "antigen thing", your body can handle 1000's of antigens, and as I just said above, that is not the problem.  

That defies common sense.  If something is a little bit dangerous, getting 3 times as much is more dangerous, simple common sense. 

They say there is no science to support this?  Wrong!

    See here, says if MMR is given with the DTaP/IPV/Hib shot the kid is more likely to end up in the hospital or with a respiratory infection. And see here, and here, and even this package insert, page 8, says if given with other vaccines there is more fever.  I have a dozen more studies on this on my website Tab N.

   Parents should get shots one at a time, we know that our medical system is against this because of cost concerns and worried that some parents will forget to get some shots. The heck with safety, right, the disease is still more dangerous than the vaccine.

Our officials also like to say that "it is dangerous to delay vaccines", making vaccines "an all or nothing issue" again. That's patronizing. It depends which vaccines. Dont delay the Pertussis vaccine. But delaying a Polio or measles or Hep B vaccine 6 months or a year is harmless. Your kid is NOT going to get measles, mumps, rubella or polio in Canada if you wait 6 months. The vaccine has rid us of the disease. If there is a measles or mumps outbreak in you area, then maybe don't delay, use common sense. Even if he got measles, "most" of the time it is not a big deal. I had measles as a kid, I am over 65.

-There is No science looking at long-term harm of so many vaccines as this from the CDC IOM report says. The last paragraph under ‘Health Outcomes’ heading says, “studies designed to examine the LONG-TERM effects of the cumulative number of vaccines or other aspects of the immunization schedule have not been conducted”.

-In the US where they give the Hep B shot at birth, studies show that 43% of kids now have at least one chronic health condition, many reasons for that I am sure, but do so many vaccines given so early in life contribute to this?

-I think one reason you doctors say so many wrong things about us vaccine hesitant people is you read media articles which always get everything wrong. And you may have fallen for your own propaganda.

-One of the worst things was when they say, "we get all our information from Celebrities and Facebook". If you have looked at the links I have presented above you can see that is not true.

-And do not assume that we believe everything we read. I read lots of crazy stuff put out by anti-vaxxers. Some is good and some is crazy. I research and weed the good from the bad. You do not need to censor it for us.

-Also realize the mainstream media always dives to the bottom of the barrel and only writes about the extremists that make us all look bad. In the last 3 years, there has never been an intelligent article written about us, and they routinely mix-up anti-vaxxers with the vaccine-hesitant with every paragraph.

-Most of us do not have horns or breath fire, we are ordinary people.

-I recently heard the chief public health officer of New Brunswick say "her mandate is to increase vaccine uptake". Should not your mandate be to improve the health of our kids? Our health officials seem to have a single minded goal, and nothing else matters. Tell the WHO with it's vaccine uptake goals "to take a hike" please. The WHO is now under heavy influence from industry. Here and here and here are just a few.

And this shows Bill Gates is now the 2nd largest contributor to the WHO, doesn't that worry you? This also shows Sanofi contributes almost as much as Canada does to the WHO.

-I would like to dwell more on the amazing influence of the Industry on medical science and why you doctors believe their science over independent science.   I would like to write about the fallacy of Scientific consensus in the medical field.  Dr John Loannidis asks “Why most published research findings are false”.  But this is long enough, maybe another time.

-Our Doctors only get a half day training on vaccines.

Both doctors Heidi Larson and Dr. Noni Macdonald have said this in the last year. Here and here at min 1:59:25.  You tell us to talk to our doctors if we are worried about vaccines.  Can you tell me how that is going to work?  Most vaccine-hesitant people have hundreds to thousands of hours studying vaccines. It is our doctor we have to educate, but obviously that would not go well.

-Our doctors are a "victim of their training".  I detail this with many supporting facts on my site see tab K, here.

Instead of putting dogma and "Fluff" information for us on Health Canada web sites. You should put all the science that was used for the approval of each vaccine on your sites. And add any on-going science that looks at their safety, and not just the science that supports your point of view.

You can not just say "trust us, take all your vaccines, we know what we are doing". Government officials have never been trustworthy since before the Roman empire, it is just a fact of life.

-I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. We are partly correct and you are partly correct, we need to reach a compromise. -Doctors, most Vaccine Hesitant people already know most of what I have put here, so don't worry about it getting out, it is out.  It is you we need to get you up to speed.

As a “Vaccine Hesitant” person this is my wish list: 1. Health officials more honest about vaccine safety and effectiveness issues, until we admit there is a problem, we will never get safer vaccines.  We already know about all the problems with vaccines, your censorship has not worked, so you might as well join in. 2. Stop all talk about Mandatory vaccination, because that is what is driving people like me to get organized.  I would disappear if there was no threat of forced vaccination.  Argentina now has mandatory vaccination even for adults, you cannot renew your driver license unless fully up to date, insane.      Once mandatory is in place, there is no need to test vaccines for safety, you have to take them, why waste money checking for safety. And it is easy to keep adding more and more vaccines to the mandatory list, and then bring in adult mandates, we will soon all be a bunch of sick farm fish if industry and some doctors get their way.  3.NACI, National Advisory Committee on Immunization currently is an "un-elected, secretive body, with no accountability".  All their recommendation meetings need to be opened up to the public, like ACIP meetings are in the US, and they must also accept submissions from the public.  This is a democracy.  I talk about NACI and its problems and conflicts on my site, Tab Q. 4. The breaking up of the current Pentavalent and big combo vaccines so people have more choice in delaying and getting vaccines one at a time.  The measles vaccine should also be separated from the MMR. Then people can get either.

5. The separation from Health Canada of those that are trying to increase vaccine uptake from those responsible for vaccine safety. It is clearly a conflict of interest for Health Canada to do both.

6. A true vaccinated versus unvaccinated study, and not done by pharma or our health officials. Yes I know it is not ethical. BUT you can use the 1000's of parents kids who dont vaccinate. You can still blind the study by not telling the doctors who do the study which are the unvaccinated kids. None of the above will happen until we get Industry out of the driver's seat and some of our old-timer doctors retired. I fear that some of the old timers reading this will just try to plot how they can discredit or come up with tactics to off-set the facts I point out, rather than be honest. Which of you is honest and which of you has the mindless drive of everyone must get all vaccines all the time regardless of the facts, we must "meet our quotas". Which of you is working for industry?

A mantra for our Health Officials to say in front of the mirror every morning.

"I believe in magic, a world with medicine that rids us of major infectious disease, a medicine with no side effects. I believe in medicine with neurotoxins and other nasties that can be injected over and over into small children without any harm. I believe in magic, I believe. Vaccines, unlike any other medication, Risk Free, Totally Harmless, pure magic, I believe in magic. I believe, I believe in the magic of vaccines". Amen

If any of my information is wrong, please tell me. Otherwise I will assume everything I said is correct. (Edit: This article has now been clicked on by over 40 doctors and 80 members of public and I have heard nothing, so can I say it has been peer-reviewed and passed?)

Disclosures: Nothing to declare. I receive money from no one, except my government pension check. I pay to host my website out of my own pocket. And no ads on my site. Have a great day Frank Parker  Not my real name, I am too frightened of you guys to give it.

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